Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Video Shoot, Kian Growing, More Words, and Kian's Birthday Plans

Video Shoot

A lot of things have been going on in the last few weeks! Two weekends ago Jamie had Full Sail come and video record our family for the entire Saturday! It was pretty crazy to have a camera crew here! Kian was very interested in the camera and the camera guys were very accommodating to his toddler curiosity. They were only at the house for a few hours and then they took off for EA with Jamie to do some shooting. It was kind of weird to have people interested in our boring lives here lol But they wanted to capture what it was like to be in the game industry and have a family so they can show the tapes to students.

Kian is growing like a WEED!

Last weekend we discovered that Kian’s feet had outgrown his shoes. I had been checking them every few weeks and he seemed to have a good amount of room left. Well, I checked his feet on Saturday to find out that his toes were all the way at the end of his shoes! I think they have been that way for a while and I never noticed because I believe he was curling his toes every time I checked!

Kian has wide feet (so do Jamie and I so that’s no surprise) but that limits our choices of shoes to expensive or expensive lol I ended up taking him to Nordstrom’s on Sunday to get measured and get a new pair of shoes. Thankfully we saved a lot of his money from Christmas gifts so we could do things like this for him without going broke. The shoes are super cute though…I am just hoping they last him more than just a few months!

Right before Christmas Kian started outgrowing most of his 6-9 month pants so we were transitioning him to 12 month pants. Well, now it looks like we might be making the next step up fairly soon! I am keeping my eyes out for 18 month (or 12-18 month) jeans on ebay. I already have a nice selection of shorts in that size so I hope those will help him make it though summer! I just can’t believe how much he’s grown! He’s getting to be a little man.

Experimenting with sound

Kian is really making an effort to say some new words. He says yogurt “go-go” and snack (which is also the same for lunch and dinner) “nah” and Blue’s Clues which is “boo-boo.” And he’s trying out a lot of other sounds too! Right now we are working on animal noises with him and he tries his best to make the noises lol Most of the time they don’t sound close to what they really make but he is consistent with the sound he makes for those animals. Thanks to the Little People Farm and See-N-Say he got for Christmas he’s having a ball with it :)

Planning for Kian’s 2nd birthday!

Can you believe that in just a few months Kian will be 2! Time has flown by so quickly! I already started looking for things to buy for his “party.” Of course we are having a Blue’s Clues theme. I got a great deal on some party stuff on ebay! I plan to get the other things I need at the local party store…but we do have most of it now. I am also planning to make Kian’s birthday cake. Since most bakeries use peanuts I don’t think I we can risk having Kian’s cake made anywhere else but home. Right now my main search is for little Blue’s Clues things to decorate the top of the cake with – I’m not good with art so that is not an option hehe

Jamie and I are also trying to come up with things that we can do with Kian that he will enjoy on his special day. The San Francisco Zoo isn’t too far of a drive for us so that is definitely an option as well as the San Jose Children’s museum. We have several months to figure out what we want to do as a family, so we have plenty of time to decide :)

On a side note, thankfully Kian’s birthday is almost a week before Mother’s Day so I get to have my own day to myself…the first two Mother’s Days I had were not all that great or relaxing for me (the first one I was in a hospital bed fighting for my life and the second one was on Kian’s birthday so I honestly feel like I have never had a Mother’s Day – this will be nice for a change).