Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Saturday and some Updates

Thursday I took Kian to see the podiatrist. He had Kian walk up and down his hall...he did this all the way on his toes. Then he asked him to run and as he was running the doctor turned to me and said, "Mom, he's fine." PHEW! A wave of relief went over me! He does want to see Kian in 6 months to make sure he's "not liking walking on his toes." So I scheduled an appointment right away.

Thursday mornings is the usual day that I have my treatments done on my toe every other week. Since Kian had his appointment Thursday and I had to be able to walk and drive about 20 mins (it's really hard for me to even sit in a normal foot has to be propped up) I had it scheduled for Monday morning. This actually worked out good because I can actually walk on my foot right now. Saturday Jamie was able to take the day off and we all went to Discovery Kingdom (the amusement park that has animals). We all had a great time. It was SO good to be able to get out of the house...I seriously have been locked inside almost full time for over the last month. We were going to try to go to some different shows this time around but Kian really wanted to see the dolphin show so we went there...we have been every time we have gone to the park lol He LOVES watching them so of course we had no problem with going. Thomas Town was also open so we all got to ride Thomas the Train and Jamie rode with Kian on a helicopter ride that was also a Thomas thing. Jamie and Kian actually rode a bunch of rides together and played on some climbing structures. I think we all had a good time although Jamie says his legs are sore and I'm just beat hehe But I know we are all glad we went especially since it will be another two weeks until I can do anything again.

Saturday was pretty much our weekend. Jamie headed back into work Sunday morning - luckily he didn't have to go in last night after we got back from the park...that was a big possibility for him. Today my goal is to clean the house and shop for the next week and a half at least. Standing for more than 30 seconds is VERY painful so I am trying to get microwavable or quick fix meals for us over the next week.

If you think about it, say a prayer for me because I think I see two warts coming back into the new skin area :( I will know more tomorrow but I sure could use those prayers.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Medical Alert Bracelet is On the Way!

Well, my nervousness of Kian's allergy sent me searching for medical alert bracelets. I talk to Kian from time to time about his allergy, but he still has very limited understanding...and I'm sure it will be a while before he really grasps it.

I scoured the net for a bracelet that well...didn't look like the bracelets I remember kids having to wear when I was growing up when they had diabetes or epilepsy or something along those lines. I found a place that sells ones that have a band on them with different scenes! This is the one we though Kian would enjoy the most right now:

The band will fit him now up until his wrist is 8 inches around (it's a little over 4 right now). We also have the ability to order other bands like soccer themed, bugs, camo....there are a lot of choices so when he wants something we can order it for him. I am now praying that it fits good AND he won't be bothered too much by wearing it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

When Food Kills

The link below is only about 10 mins of a video about food allergies and the seriousness of them. Please watch. Thank you.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Bye-Bye Training Potty and Hello preschool!!!! YIKES!

Since Kian started using the "big" potty we took removed both of his training toliets. He seemed to notice but not care at all about the change. He hasn't used them in over a week and it's nice to have that floor space back.

This week I realized that we will be able to enroll Kian in preschool because he's fully potty trained now (well, during the day anyway). Kian and I will start a class in September where I attend preschool with him. I feel like that will be a good transition for him and I can help him understand what is going on and what he will be doing for about 4 hours a week starting this winter.

I have to say that I am EXTREMELY nervous about sending him off to preschool where he will not be under my watchful eye. I'm sure that during that two hour period there will be snacks. I am for sure will be checking in with the teacher before he starts to make sure they are aware that he can have reactions to odd things that people wouldn't think are processed near nuts (like the cinnamon sticks I mentioned in the previous post). I seriously have visions of something terrible happening to him - nightmares - because of someone else's inability to understand the severity of this allergy or just deciding I'm an overbearing mom gone crazy about this issue. When Kian goes in for his flu shot this fall, I will be requesting a presciption for another Epi-Pen so I can leave it in his cubby at preschool. I'm praying for a teacher with understanding.

What I am looking forward to is having that time to do work and do other things that are hard or impossible having him with me as well as seeing him learn and grow in ways I feel I cannot provide for him at home.....especially in the area of having playmates. Although it's such a huge step in my mind...he's still my little guy!!!

Late Hours....Again

Are you sick of me saying this lol! I seriously cannot wait for this project to be put to bed as those in the newspaper industry say. We have about 6 weeks until Disneyland. I am starting to talk to Kian about seeing Mickey and Minnie and I am REALLY looking forward to going myself. We are also starting to plan out legistics of getting down there with Toby in the back of my Matrix. My Aunt Lori and Uncle Dave have GRACIOUSLY offered to dog sit Mr. Toby - he's going to be so spoiled lol It will be like a vacation for him!

Toe Update

Last week I had more treatment done to my toe. Same stuff put on top of new skin feel s WORSE than the initial treatment. I've been sitting on the couch so much over the last week I think my butt is imprinted on it now. Poor, poor Kian. I feel stir crazy so I can only imagine how he feels. We ventured out on Tuesday when my foot feelt pretty good....well, I think that did me in. Since then I haven't been able to walk really or do much of anything else. I can't even sit without my foot level with my body without it throbbing with pain.

I am not looking forward to going to back a week from Monday. But I am hoping there will be only a few more times of going back and I will be done.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Big Boy and Other Stuff

Kian's Gaining in Big Boy Status!

Wednesday Kian wanted to go potty on the big potty. So, I pulled over the stool he uses for the sink. Kian had yet to do number two on the potty so I thought maybe this would be a great transition for him to do that. The next day Jamie stayed home from work and when Kian told us he needed a Pull-up (for number two) Jamie asked him if he wanted to use the big potty. Kian pooped on it for the FIRST time and that's been the only place he's done it for the last 2 days :) Let me tell ya, we are all very happy that there will be no more poopy pull-ups!

General Update

Thursday morning I went back to the dermatologist to retreat my warts. (If you are squeamish you might not want to read on).

She cut off the dead skin which was most of the bottom of my big toe. Then she reapplied this nasty stuff that causes the blisters to get rid of the ones that were still there. Putting that on new skin hurts like HELL. Well, it doesn't hurt right away but it sure does after about 10 hours. Friday was the worst...I woke up because I was in so much pain...and since Jamie is working late I am on my own with Kian in the evenings....I barely got him to bed...standing hurts the WORST.

So, right now I am sitting on the couch and I am parked here for as long as I can be. Poor Kian is mainly on his own - unless we are sitting on the couch reading stories and that lasts only so long for my active little man. Luckily Jamie is working today and staying home Sunday - I am hoping that he can do something with Kian because I know the rest of the week will not be good for outings in anyway.

Poor Jamie has been working a lot lately again. Weekends and late nights will be the normal around here for the next month at least. It really stinks the timing of the stuff with my foot and work...but we are trying to make the best of what we have. Also keeping in mind that we have a little less than two months before our Disney trip!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our Little Scare Sunday

Jamie's been working some crazy hours. In fact, he had to work on Sunday all day but was home for dinner. We decided to order a pizza. We found a deal through the place we like to get pizza from where we could get a large specialty pizza, cinnamon sticks and a two liter of coke for under $20.

Kian has had this pizza many times before. He LOVES it. We weren't sure on the cinnamon sticks because well - it was a new thing for him and we were unsure of where things were processed. I gave him a small bite of a cinnamon stick. He didn't seem to have a reaction so we gave him a whole stick (about two inches long). As he was eating the last bite he started making a weird fact....I thought he was just goofing around. Well, he wasn't. It was then that I noticed hives forming on his face where ever crumbs/cinnamon and sugar landed. Jamie made a smart move of having Kian spit out the food - which Kian gladly complied. I went to the medicine cabinet to get the benedryl to find it was expired!!!!!!! Jamie grabbed the bottle and headed to Target so he could make sure he got the right stuff. I got Kian wiped off REALLY well and sat down with a new cup of water and read stories until Jamie returned.

It was quite a scare! I have been SO careful monitoring the food that Kian has that he hasn't had any sort of reaction is probably a year. It's funny because people think that if the item does not have nuts that it's ok for him to have....these were just cinnamon sticks. Pretty much a churro...they were good...but they were also apparently processed near nuts and will never cross the threshold of our door again.