Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CORN and Kian's first Crush

Kian LOVES corn…I mean LOVES it!!! He loves to eat corn on the cob and canned corn – it’s the point where I have to hide the fact that we are having corn or he won’t eat anything else! When he’s done gnawing on the cob he has to say “bye corn” to it before I can throw it out (or he would just keep eating it!). Tonight he had canned corn at dinner. When he finished eating that he asked for more corn. I told him it was gone (because he needed to eat the main dish on his plate) and he said “bye corn” hehe He’s such a cute guy! Who would have thought a little kid would love a VEGGIE so much!

Speaking of being in love, Kian has his first crush……on Minnie Mouse! This summer The Disney Channel came out with a show called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that has all their main characters: Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Jamie and I thought it would be a great intro for him to Disney since we hope to take Kian to Disneyland in the next year or two.

A few weeks ago I started noticing that whenever Minnie would show up on screen he would say “Mee-mee” and have a grin from ear to ear. I thought it was a fluke but he does it EVERY time she comes on screen! I also found a Disney coloring book and the only thing Kian wants to color is “Mee-mee” which is frustrating for both of us since there are only a few pages with Minnie on them lol

I guess we will see how long this lasts lol For now it’s so cute :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fall is approaching!

It’s not time for the dreaded sort through Kian’s fall type clothes and see what we have to buy for him. I’m amazed at how many times we have to buy a full new wardrobe for this little man!

Luckily he’s slowed down is his growing a bit so now I can take pretty good guesses as to what he will be wearing for the following season – I have been shopping the clearance racks at stores we go to and scoop up t-shirts for Kian. Last year I bought shorts for him thinking he would be in that size this summer but he wasn’t there yet, so hopefully those shorts will fit him next year. If not, we are only out about $2 each pair. There are so many cute pairs I sure hope they don’t go to waste next year!

Tomorrow I will be headed out shopping on a girl’s day out with my friend Lisa. Outlet mall here we come! I’m hoping that the trip yields some good fall finds for Kian – including maybe a deal or 2 at the Stride Rite so I won’t have to give my arm and leg for a pair of tennis shoes for the little guy.

Man, kids are expensive!!!! But they sure are worth it :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Pillow and the Coloring Fiend!

Kian is getting to be more and more of a big boy! Jamie and I thought it was time for him to have a pillow. I’ve been so leery of letting him have one with the risk of SIDS…although at this age it’s just something in the back of my mind that never leaves! (yes, I still check to see if he’s still breathing every night before I go to bed). Anyway, Kian has been pretending to sleep downstairs with a blanket and pillow and lately I have seen him curled up with a blanket and pillow watching TV – pretty much like what you and I would do lol

So, this weekend Jamie and I bought him a pillow. Last night was the first time he slept with it. I thought it might think it was a novel idea and have a hard time sleeping but he went to sleep right away! When I checked on him a few hours later, the pillow was on his back and he was back to sleeping how he normally does lol Jamie went to get this up this morning and he was on his pillow again :) Apparently he does like it :) Hopefully nap time goes well with it too.

Kian is a coloring FIEND! I bought a new book coloring book for him last week and he’s colored on almost every page! If there is even a hint of crayon on a page he’s done with it! I’m hoping I can make this book last for the rest of the week – well – he’s just going to have to deal lol Buying coloring books on a weekly basis can be an expensive endeavor even if they are only $1.25 each! Not to mention, his So Big crayons by Crayola are looking very worn lol Good thing I have another stashed away! I think total during the day he spends at least 2 hours coloring! He loves it :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thank you Crayola!

Kian’s new favorite thing to do is color! He doesn’t care about staying in the lines or even staying on the paper for that matter! lol Thankfully Crayola figured out that Toddlers needed BIG crayons that are washable. The crayon comes right off of where ever he misses the page (although he does know he needs to color the paper and not the table hehe). He doesn’t care much about what he’s coloring either. I bought him a cheap coloring book at Target and he just flips around making his mark where ever he sees fit. He does the same in his Blue’s Clues coloring book – so I save that for special coloring sessions lol I’m amazed at how much he knows of his colors. He pretty much knows all of them in the box except for green, orange and brown. He really like black which he calls “BLah” and there is “YELL-no” which of course is yellow and one of his favorites to identify and the CUTEST to hear him say!

I’m really glad he enjoys coloring so much since with my bummed knee chasing after him or even walking to the play area in our complex is near impossible. Jamie has been doing some trigger point therapy on my leg and it really helped it today. Hopefully it just continues to get better.

Other than that, we are really enjoying the cooler weather we are having and haven’t had to turn on the AC much at all….which is a GOOD thing seeing our electric bill was through the roof last month because of all heat wave.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Official!!!!!

It’s official! We have a big boy in the house! Friday I brought out Kian’s booster seat, cleaned off his highchair for the last time and put it in storage! He’s now sitting at the table like a big boy (with a Spiderman placemat to help keep his mess a little more manageable hehe). I remember the first time I put him in that high chair…he was not even sitting up unassisted and we had him strapped in there to the hilt lol Toward the end we weren’t using the seat belt anymore and his legs were starting to get too long to even put on the foot rest! It’s amazing how time flies!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

House and Kian Update

House Update

This weekend was a house weekend…we just stayed home and worked on stuff that needed attention. Jamie did A LOT of work putting on child locks, putting together a bookcase and taking a load to storage. There was a lot to be done to feel more settled, but we finally have some pictures on the walls! I think the last box will be unpacked tomorrow (or this evening depending on how long it takes me to fold laundry) and we will finally be settled in! Jamie and I talk about how surreal it is to own our own place FINALLY! We love the area and we love our new place – especially now that we are making it more like ours :)

Decorating more intensely will come with time – I am doing an Ireland themed bathroom downstairs that needs a few more things added to the walls. We hope to do some kind of an animal theme in Kian’s bathroom – which that will take some saving up to do but of course Kian doesn’t mind that it has no theme :) We still need to get Kian’s room Blue’s Clue’s-ified lol We have the stuff but just need to get it up! now that we finally have things where we want them boxes unpacked, we can really start concentrating on the little touches :)

Kian Update

Kian is getting bigger and bigger all the time! Sometimes I look at him and wonder where the time went when he was just a baby in my arms to now being a little kid! He is so amazed at the world around him and it’s amazing to watch him interact with everything :) We are starting to consider potty training, thinking about switching over to a booster seat and now have the gate to the kitchen area down because I feel he’s trustworthy and will listen to me when I tell him no (ok, most of the time anyway lol). He’s always on the go and I have to steal little hugs and kisses when I can….I sure enjoy the snuggles right after a nap when he’s having milk or right before he goes to sleep when we rock for a bit.

Kian has also become quite the socialite. This weekend he started a new thing of saying “hi” to everyone that passes by him in the store. We were at Costco today and he yelled “hi” to everyone who made eye contact with him lol It was cute but a little scary to see how friendly he is with strangers…. Not to mention the fact that he YELLS it lol He definitely has the Zuelzke/Zimmerman genes in him – poor kid! ;)

Well, that’s all the news we have here for now! Next weekend we get to play and take another trip to Great America with our friends Steve and Lisa. All three of us enjoy spending the day there :)