Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nope, we aren't sick of the snow yet!

In fact, we got more snow today and I was so happy to see it coming down! I think we are the only people in the midwest liking the snow!

The only thing I have to get used to is starting out earlier to scrape my car and let it warm up a bit before heading out. Other than that we are really liking the snow :) Personally, I know that where we used to live in California that they are having much warmer weather...but to me January should be cold - even if it means 17 degrees or colder ;) No, I am not crazy lol I think I just appreciate the seasons much more after being away from them for so long.

The bummer with winter is that illnesses come our way. Kian is now on his second ear infection - he is finishing up some antibiotics for it since I believe it lingered from the double ear infection he had last month. Of course in Kian-fashion you would have no idea anything was wrong with him...well unless you tried to talk to him on his right side. He was having issues hearing at first out of that ear - poor guy! Anyway, he seems to be on the mend. He is enjoying school (when it's not cancelled because of weather!), playing with his good buds Nicholas and Daniel, and wrestling with Bailey.

Speaking of Bailey, it's hard to believe he will be 5 months on Wednesday! He's getting big and to me seems more like a dog than a puppy. He is definately very vocal which reminds me a lot of the dog we had growing up named Sam. Jamie is trying to teach him how to "say" 'I love you' and he's actually sounded like he was saying it a few times! Don't get me wrong though, Bailey is not always cute...he can be a sassy puppy sometimes. That comes with the territory when you are a teething puppy ;)

We are finally feeling really settled into our house here in Champaign now. We finally unpacked our pictures! It's amazing how different the house feels with personal decor on the walls. It definately feels like we are where we belong.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today We Witness History

I am honestly in awe as I watch the pre-inaugural tradition unfold before my eyes. I honestly never thought I would see an African-American become President in my lifetime, but I am proud to say that I am witnessing it now!

As someone who appreciates history greatly, I am honored that this is happening in my lifetime. It is a moment I will never, ever forget.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A visit from Grandad and Papaw Jay

This weekend Kian got to see Jamie's dad and grandpa for his birthday (the 17th) and for his dad's birthday (the 19th). Kian was so excited to see them :) And Papaw Jay was tickled when Kian remembered him - the look on his face when we asked Kian who he was and he said "Papaw Jay" was priceless :)

Unfortuantely I was sick and unable to really hang out with the Durall men - but it sounds like they had some good time hanging out together, watching football, having Cracker Barrell, and enjoying the time they had together.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I woke up this morning to see that it is -14! The high is predicted to be 0! YIKES! I'm so glad that Kian and I played in the snow early yesterday before this bitter cold headed our way.

No school today because of the bitter cold - so it's a day of fun at home and with friends :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We finally got a good snowfall! This morning Jamie woke up and let Bailey out and came back to the bedroom and told me we got several inches of snow!

Kian and I went outside and attempted making a snowman with the snowman kit we got for Christmas. The snow was so fluffy that nothing would stick together! So in our yard is just a snowball lol oh well!

We all had fun even though the snowman didn't work out. Bailey came out with us and had a blast in the snow. I think he finally wore himself out - well at least for now. lol

Our snowball - at least we had a good start to a snowman!

The antenna ball on my car. The only way there would be snow "on" Disneyland ;)

Our 40lb snow puppy who is almost 5 months old.

The snow "boys" taking a break for a quick photo.

A video of our crazy time in the snow. As you can see both Bailey and Kian loved it!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Soup Beans and Corn Bread!

Tonight this Yankee had a victory with Southern cooking! Thanks to Jamie's mom (Jane) for the recipe and Jamie's uncle Norwood for the green tomato relish, I was able to make Soup Beans and Corn Bread for dinner and it was darn good!

I was so proud of myself that I had to take some pictures. Below is the family enjoying the meal - Kian tried the soup beans but was not so fond so had a hot dog and corn bread instead.

Below is my bowl of soup beans...sour kraut on the left, green tomato relish on the right and of course corn bread sprinkled throughout.....YUM-O! (yeah, I know, doesn't look so pretty but it's goooooooood!)

2008: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

2008 was bitter and sweet. Filled with goodbyes but also beginnings.

We said goodbye to our first "baby," Toby. Then two months later to our sweet kitty, Allie. Even though it's been about 6 months since our last goodbye to both of them, my heart still misses them a lot. I often expect Allie to come walking in the room with her tail in the air "questionmarking" back and forth. And for Toby's nose to greet me in the face right away in the morning. I think of them both every day and miss them incredibly.

We also said goodbye to California. We said goodbye to the family and friends we saw fairly often. We said goodbye to our house and left it in the hands of a management company to rent out for us. We said goodbye to the 405 freeway and all its traffic. Goodbye to Jamie's long commute. And goodbye to EA.

The end of 2008 brought our family a lot of new beginnings. We moved to Illinois where Kian has experienced two seasons already. I had to explain to him what icicles were (he called them spikes since he never had seen them before). And snowfalls are like getting presents at Christmas all over again.

Kian is beginning to know his extended family members on each side of the family and we got to spend our holidays with them! He got to meet his only cousin, Christopher Race, this Christmas. Met his Great Grandpa, "Papaw Jay," for the first time. And had a blast with all his second cousins, that are around his same age, during Thanksgiving in Wisconsin.

Kian also began preschool this year and with the move he is now going a half day every day. He really looks forward to going. I can't believe how big he's getting!

We all quickly made new friends after the move. We found a family who has a lot of the same hobbies as we do - even on down to the kids :)

Bailey, our yellow labrador puppy, entered our family this November. He is probably going to be about as big as his "big brother," Toby. Before the end of the year, he weighted just as much as Kian!

Jamie is actually home for dinner most nights! To most this might not seem like a big deal, but before he wasn't home until after 8PM - and that wasn't even when he was in crunch mode and working late. Now we actually sit at our dining table and eat as a family! Jamie also gets some good time with Kian before bed - which was impossible before.

This year we welcomed 2009 wtih new friends and in a new way. The chapter of good things continues for our family this year. I hope that many more good things are coming our wayin 2009.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas in Kentucky 2008

We all had a good time in Kentucky. Here are some photos of our time there :)

Four Generations of Durall Men! And Kian got to meet his Papaw Jay for the first time :)

Playing cards on Christmas Eve. Kian was helping Uncle Bubby here - well at least he thought so hehehe

Now on to sitting with his only cousin, Christopher Race :)

Our friends Michael and Jamey came to see us while they were in town. We met each other kids for the first time! Cambria just turned 3 and Kian and her had a blast together :)
Above is a photo of the two of them together - after Cambria told Kian to sit next to her, he sat a bit away from her and she scooted right next to him - how sweet is that?!?!

Kian is one of the luckiest kids in the world. His Uncle Rusty is a policeman! He had to work on Christmas Day so he brought his cruiser up to the house and let Kian take a look around.

The video above is of Kian's first part in the car - and hearing the siren which he thought was super cool!

Now Kian gets to use the loud speaker on the car in the video above.
As you can see in the video, he might be a good partner for Uncle Rusty ;)