Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kian's First Soccer clinic!

Last Saturday Kian had his first Micro Soccer class. The kids are just learning the basics of playing and learning to control the ball. Kian LOVES it! Finally I got a slideshow together from last weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Day 10!

Today was Kian's 10th Day of school and to celebrate they all made hats with the number 10 on them. Kian wore his for the rest of the day at home :)

When we were walking in the house after we got home from school Kian said with a big smile, "I love school."

BTW, this was the last day he needed to wear his name tag and it's a darn good thing because it's was in pretty bad shape lol!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Flu Shot

Kian got his shot today (he's had one every year since he was 6 months old). I of course told Kian that he was going to have a shot before we got there. He started to cry when we started walking for the door. So I told him I would take him to McDs afterwords for an ice cream cone.

When we waited out in the chairs there was another little girl who started to cry with kian because she was getting a shot too lol! I told him that no one liked to get shots but they were important for us to get so we could stay healthy. The little girl and Kian quickly made friends and talked about all sorts of stuff. It was a good thing because Kian's mind was swayed from thinking about the shot.

The nurse called him back and Kian was fine. He got up on the table and the nurse asked me to sit next to him. Kian watched her roll up his sleeve and even watched her give him the shot! Then he cried lol! The nurse thought he was so cute she let him have 5 different Sponge Bob stickers.

So we came home with ice cream and Sponge Bob and ready to battle against the flu virus :P

The nurse will just need to do it and it's pretty quick. I also took him to McDs for an ice cream cone because he was upset he had to have a shot :( I told him before we got there. But he did awesome, even watched then cried afterwards lol The nurse thought he was so cute she let him have 5 different sponge bob stickers lol!