Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Summer

So far this summer has been a hit - and is going by fast!

Kian has kept us busy with a myriad of activities. So far he has done a week long soccer camp and is currently doing t-ball and swimming AS WELL AS a reading class in the mornings for 2 hours! phew! It's the first summer I have worked outside the house, so it has made things interesting in getting Kian to and from activities plus doing the normal day-to-day things around and outside the house. Kian really does enjoy all his activities and if he didn't have them I am pretty sure he would be bored :p

Kian playing first base

No only have activities in town kept us busy, but things out of town as well. A few weekends ago we had the honor of attending Jamie's cousin (and Kian's godfather) wedding in Pennsylvania. Martin, the groom, has waited and searched for the right woman for a *long* time. Having found the right woman he snatched her up and married her while being engaged for only 6 short months - when you know it's right you know it's right :) Our long drive to and from IL to PN was worth it ;)

Martin marrying his beautiful wife, Lisa. Notice Jamie in the far right - a groomsman.

Then the day after we got back from our trip Jamie headed down to Orlando with some guys who worked on Red Faction: Armageddon to speak to the students at Full Sail University. To read more check out Jamie's blog.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Recalculated my Disney Vacation Ticker and....

I am shocked we are leaving in 67 days!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah - we just went to WDW in January and I haven't even finished posting the highlights from our trip (heck, I have an empty frame on our wall that I still need to fill with photos from our trip!).

So, why another trip so soon? Well, every year we get seasons passes to Great America or something like it. When we lived in Cali, it was Discovery Kingdom which was nice because I could look at animals, see an animal show and forgo the rides that make my motion sickness kick into full swing. :p When we moved to Central IL we got GA seasons passes. I gotta say, I hated it and sucked it up for 2 years....being the stroller pusher and lady-in-waiting for her guys to get off a roller coaster. Last summer I finally let it out that I really didn't enjoy going up there for a whole weekend - something I still feel guilty about.... So this spring, when GA was emailing us about the cost of seasons passes I was hoping that Jamie and the 7 year old would go on their own...after some glares I could see that was a no go.

"Why don't we do something we all enjoy?" was my suggestion in the hopes to avoid another summer of being the stroller lady-in-waiting. Once again I was met with a steely gaze and the question of 'like what'" So I suggested that the money we would spend on parking, passes, food, and hotel handful of times we would go up to GA, that we put that money towards another Disney trip. That was met with silence followed by some clicking on the computer key board so I went to go and do my own thing.

About an hour later Jamie was telling me about deals with Disney and how much a trip would be.... yes, we get to do something we ALL love - not just like!

So in 67 days, Jamie can thank my motion sickness and determination to forgo my crown as the stroller lady. Those days are over! :)