Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lessons of the Week

In the past few days I have learned that the curve ball life throws you when you're not even ready for it can turn into something way better than you had thought. And those scraped knees....well, I've learned a lesson. Painful one at that but it's learned. Now it's time to move on.

There's nothing I can do about curve balls or the actions of other people. But there is something I can do about how I handle what comes my way.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It's a Beautiful Week...

Sometimes you're driving along and a speed bump is suddenly in your path. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you're not even ready at the bat. And sometimes you're walking along a familiar street to be knocked down by a passerby. These moments conger feelings of shock, anger, sadness, and just plain walked upon. And it's moments like these that real friends reach out with a hand to help you up.

It's only Wednesday and that's been my week so far. I've moved passed the speed bump last night - that's all it was, a speed bump in my life. But I'm still trying to accept the curve ball and find a new way to deal with this pitcher. And my knees are scraped from being pushed down.

"It's a Beautiful Day" is now the running mantra in my head. I am reminded of it every time I look at my right wrist where I have 'beautiful day' tattooed in Gaelic. It's the reason why I got the tattoo in the first place. It reminds me that when things are rough there is always something to be thankful for- to keep you rolling on in life.

So why is my week "Beautiful"?
1) I'm alive
2) I am loved and cared for
3) I have a wonderful son and an amazing husband who have been awesome this whole week

To quote another U2 song: "it's just a moment, this time will pass."

And until then every day will be a beautiful day - no matter what.