Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Preschool Starts Friday!

Ah yes, we finally found a preschool for Kian that doesn't cost an arm, a leg and part of your soul per month. lol

Kian and I previewed the class today. It's small and it's just starting up, but I think it will be a good fit for him for now. I do plan on pre-registering him for next year at a school I have heard a lot of good things about. Thankfully I will be able to do that in March for next fall :P Mom is on top of things!

For now we are going to finish up our Mommy and Me classes - which ends in March - and if Kian really likes the preschool we will bump him up to going twice a week instead of just on Fridays.

It's funny because a lot of moms feel sad about their little ones going off to school and growing up. For me, I just feel proud! I'm so happy that he is old enough to be on his own and I look forward to all the new things he learns and hear about what he has done on his own :) And really know it will be good for the both of us to have that time away from each other.

I am very excited for him :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kian if he were a cat

If this were Kian he would look like this but be saying "I no can do it.....hmph!" LOL!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No More Binkies Thanks to the Binky Fairy!

Ever since I read a post on my playgroup's message board about the Binky Fairy I have been talking to Kian about her. In case you aren't familiar, the Binky Fairy comes and takes the binkies, when big kids are ready, and brings them to babies who need them. She leaves a big boy toy in its place. The first day I told him about the Binky Fairy said he was ready, so we gathered up his binkies and put them in a baggie. He has two faves and said, "these stay home" so I said, ok well these we are going to keep in the baggie for the binky fairy and I put it on his dresser where he could see them.

We have talked about her off and on. Kian has said he wasn't ready.

Today we went to a Ped dentist who was AMAZING. I said I was concerned about Kian's bite and they said it was from the binky and it could have lasting effects on his bones YIKES!!! After the appointment we had to go to Walmart and Kian saw this big (and ugly) monster truck called the Grave Digger and said he wanted that. I told him that the binky fairy would bring him a big boy toy like that if he gave up his binkies. The look on his face was priceless...somethign TOTALLY clicked for him. All he could talk about was the binky fairy and that darn truck lol!
We get home from shopping and a while later get ready for a nap. He told me he was ready so we got the two binkies and he said he wanted the monster truck. I was gasping because well, i'm at home alone and well, I wasn't going to run back to Walmart to get him this thing! ROFL So I told him that we need to make an appointment with the Binky fairy and she only comes at night (ROFLMAO!). He decided not to nap and when I went in to get him he asked for his binky...I told him I already called the binky fairy and she was coming tonight. He was cool with that. PHEW!

So, last night I went to Walmart and scooped up the Grave Digger. When I got it home DH was SHOCKED at how big it was! lol! When I got home Kian was asleep! And in fact when DH put him down the only thing he mentioned about the blinkies was that he was going to get a monster truck!!! He also slept ALL the way through the night without any issue!

This morning he woke up and both me and DH went to his room - the binky fairy left the monster truck right outside his door. so I opened the door and said, "Kian, what is this?!?" and he couldn't get out of his bed fast enough!!! He ran over and said "MY MONSTER TRUCK!!!" He was so excited it was like Christmas all over again :)

So, this morning he's been playing with this truck - which btw, is bigger than his tonka dump truck! And I took a few pictures of him...and honest to God the poses are his...in fact, he wanted more photos after I was done with new poses ROFL!





Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday Break

PHEW! It was a great 12 days or so of having Jamie home full time. What did we do? RELAXED! We went out on a few shopping outtings but other than that we all just did what we wanted when we wanted. It was very nice to be able to do that!

Jamie and I rang in the New Year on our own with some sparkling wine while watching Dick Clark's New Years show. It was a nice, quiet evening at home but we enjoyed ourselves :) I made my mom's famous bean dip and smokies - we munched on that all New Years Eve and Day...it was something that made the day feel special :)

It has been hard to get back into the swing of things though. Kian is SO ready for his classes and speech to start up again! Speech - that reminds me that Kian has seemed to take yet another leap in the amount he's talking and being understandable. It's amazing to hear what is going on in his little head throughout the day - gives us all some chuckles here and there ;) As for class, well I am trying HARD to get him into pre-school. He goes to a pre-pre-school right now where I attend class with him. Both Jamie and I feel like he's ready for the next step. I have a call into two different places and I am HOPING AND PRAYING that there is a spot at the first place we want him to go to. They have a NO NUT policy (woot!) and after seeing the structure of the class lined out on their website, I feel like this might be a better fit for him all the way around. We will have to see....right now I am leaving it in God's hands, but I really feel like he needs to be at class without me before he's thrown into pre-K classes next fall. We will have to see...but man it's weighing heavily on my mind (funny how things completely out of your control can do that to you!) I digress!

Jamie's Project Change

Jamie is back at work full time now and as of last week found out he was moved to work on Godfather II. A move he's not real happy about, but at least it's temorary...we are trying to keep a positive out look on it even though it means that Jamie will be home at about 9PM or later every night (Kian will be in bed by then) and that working even longer hours is just around the corner (most likely this summer). We are bracing ourselves and making changes as needed. I just feel bad for Kian not being able to see his Daddy much at all during the weekdays.

The San Francisco Storms

Well, we braved the storms that came through late last week. Thankfully Jamie wasn't feeling well on Friday and stayed home - I would have been VERY afraid if he were driving in the conditions that were outside! The wind was gusting strong and rain was coming down hard off and on. One bridge crossing the Bay was even shut down because of the winds!!! Some things on our patio got wipped around too - I even had to take down my new shamrock wind mobile that my grandparents got me for Christmas for fear it would be blown away and lost forever!

We got pelted with three different storms and more are headed this way GAH! At least the there was no damage to be seen near us...but many places in the area suffered power outages and the thread of flooding. Hopefully the other storms are not as bad as the last few.