Monday, November 17, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We had our first snow fall since we arrived in Champaign. Jamie and I drove Kian to preschool this afternoon and the snow started to really come down - it was so pretty! Jamie asked Kian if he could see the snow and he said, "Yeah, it's from Santa!"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week with Grandad and Nan and Bailey's First Vet Visit

Monday Jamie's dad and step-mom arrived for a short visit. Kian had a great time rough-housing with Grandad and read lots of stories with Nan (mainly I Spy books). We all enjoyed having them here. Even little Bailey who was almost puppy-napped by Grandad ;)

We took Bailey for his first vet visit and shots. He is healthy in every way :) He weighs 20lbs even and the vet said that at 4 months she can triple the weight and that will be about how much he will weigh full grown....he will be around 70lbs - so a big boy!

Bailey also has caught on quickly to a lot of things (although he still has a lot of things to learn) but he already knows how to shake! He is such a good boy, we are very lucky to have him in our family :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

School Pictures 2008

We got Kian's school pictures back last week. They turned out pretty good - I can tell that in some of them he's smiling and saying CHEESE (like in the one right below this text lol!) I just thought I would share some pictures of our cute guy :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Kian and Bailey :)

Things have been going really well with Bailey. He is a very loving guy. He also is very smart and takes well to redirection. Kian and I went shopping for lots of chew toys for Bailey. Kian's favorites were a slice of pizza and a hamburger. Bailey would chew on them then carry them around for a while. He would laugh and laugh!

I took some pictures of Bailey and Kian while they were playing on the floor. They both love each other a lot :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Since we lost our Toby we have been wanting to get another dog. But we knew a move was possible for us so we put a search on hold. Today Jamie and I were talking about getting another dog. We wanted a yellow lab for he was looking on craigslist and found this CUTE puppy! We emailed the lady who had him, drove an hour, and picked him up!

He is a 9 week old white lab (his parents are a white lab and a yellow lab). He weighs about 18lbs right now. We decided to name him Bailey (yup, just like the yummy Irish liquour lol!)

He is so sweet! He loves to give kisses and follows Kian all around :) I know they will be best friends! He is actually pretty mellow for a lab puppy - which is nice although I am not sure if it will last lol He is a lab ;)

The photos below are the ones that we saw of Bailey that drew us in :) I will take some more later on for sure. But we wanted everyone to meet our new family member!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I hear them through my open window! An occasional car drives by. But really the only sound I hear is crickets. It's been a long time since I have lived anywhere that was this quiet! It is so nice to be back in the MidWest!

Halloween 2008!

We had a big day yesterday! First, Kian went on his first field trip with preschool. They went to a Nature Center, walked some trails, talked about autumn and animals. It was a lot of fun (I went too - I volunteered to drive).

When we got home, we grabbed Kian's costume and headed to Volition for their Trick or Treating around the office. Kian got quite a haul of candy from that - even after i picked through what was not safe for him to eat (processed near nuts).

After that we were home for a short time and then all three of us headed over to one of Jamie's co-worker's house. They have 2 little boys. Another couple and their little guy was there as well. We ate pizza, the boys played (yep, they are all boys) and I think we all had a good time!

Then it was time for Trick or Treating so it was costume time.

Kian wanted to be a sword wielding Batman - we had him leave it behind ;)
My Handsome little Batman

All the Trick or Treaters

Kian mid run to the next house - he ran the WHOLE time with his new friend Nicholas.

Here are Kian and Nicholas running to the next house!

The local fire department walked down the street with the fire truck and gave out candy to the kids - how cool is that!

Trick or Treating at our new friend's house ;) Not like the kids needed more candy ;)