Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas at the Durall's

This Christmas was very nice :) Jamie's Dad (Grandad) and Step-mom (Nan) came for a few days and spent Christmas with us! It was very nice to have family here for Christmas :) I made a nice dinner for us all (that gave us A LOT of left overs) and I think that everyone really enjoyed the ham with my special glaze (I was pretty proud of that - even Kian loved it!)

Kian had a great time opening gifts - although he really wanted to look at and play with each one so it took a lot of coaxing for us to get him to open them one right after another. We asked Santa to put all the gifts outside of the gate (we have a gate surrounding our tree) so that Kian could get to them. Kian didn't want to drink his morning milk on Christmas morning because he wanted to get to his gifts! Also, Santa brought him a basketball hoop that was Santa assembled and had under the tree. Kian LOVED that an still is enjoying it :) Grandad and Daddy sure liked it too ;) He got so many toys that we decided to open a few at a time so he could really enjoy each one - I am about to go into his stash to open another box for him tomorrow :)

Kian also had a bit of a language explosion of sorts over the holiday. He is now saying "please" among other things (I can't think of exacts but he's really trying hard to say everything we ask him to). I sure wish I knew what he was saying most of the time hehe but I know that we will in time :)

Right now we are all recovering from the holidays. Jamie has had off for the last two weeks which has been great! Me, on the other end I have been sick so I have been in bed most of the time :( Jamie sure has been a great help in that department though! He's been really keeping up with the house and with Kian wonderfully! I wish I had words to thank him for being such a great Dad and Hubby!

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I can get back into the weekly updates - it's a New Years Resolution ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kian didn't like Santa :(

We took Kian to see Santa today...he's been a bit cranky lately from the last of his teeth coming in, so part of me wondered if he would cry.

This Santa was awesome! He had a real beard and everything! When I sat Kian on his lap, Kian bawled and bawled! So Santa told ME to sit on HIS lap with Kian LOL So, we have a photo of me sitting on Sant's lap with Kian on mine with a binky in his mouth and screaming bloody murder...the lady taking the photo wanted him to look at her...I was like...we took 5 photos already! This is like torture! So, we ended up picking the best one (considering the situation lol) and I figure it will be good for Kian's scrap book....

On a side note, I am on a message board for Mom's who had babies in May 2004 and there were several kids there that freaked out at Santa. I felt good knowing we was not alone! Although, you have to admit it is a little strange to tell you kid that it's ok to sit on this oddly dressed man's lap lol!

Sorry we don't have any photos! We could not take any with our own camera but Jamie did get some video of it. I plan to take a photo of the picture and see how that turns out to post.

Hopefully next year it will be better.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome to the World, Cambria Dawn!

Jamie's best friend from High School (Michael) and his wife Jamey just had a little baby girl on December 4th! She is so cute!

Congrats Michael and Jamey on your new little addition to your family :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kian has more signs!

Kian is on a roll with being able to do sign language! He did the sign for I Love you not long ago (see previous post) and now he's doing the sign for "Hot" (we do as blowing - like on food) and "Thank you" which is .

The other day Jamie was said, "say thank you" and did the sign to him as he handed him a wagon wheel and he did it back! Then a few days ago I warmed up some food and put it on his tray..I said it was hot. He touched it and then started to blow on it! He's so smart!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Jamie always shows Kian the "I Love You" sign when he says I love you and he does it at least several times every day. Well, a few days ago we noticed that Kian was trying to do it too! He was just using his index finger and thumb though...but this morning Jamie said I love you and showed him the sign and Kian had his thumb, index finger AND pinky up! I said to Jamie, "Did you see that?!?!" Jamie agreed that he had done it! And later on Kian did the sign again! I didn't think he would be able to do the sign right for a long time because it's kind of difficult lol!

In case you aren't familiar with this sign here it is:

Also, on a side note... My mom has always used that sign with me and my sister. When I would go away on long trips to places instead of waving we would show the "I Love You" sign. I used to travel a lot by plane and when I would get in my seat I would put the my hand right up to the window and do the sign so she could see where I was and she would know I could see her too (our hometown has a VERY small airport). It's something that is special to us and I am proud that Kian can now do it too :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Update a month overdue!

Well, it’s been a while since my last update! Our home became grand central station over the last few months! Jamie’s sister came to visit for 9 days then his cousin Martin was here for a weekend soon after that and a week after that my mom arrived to spend Thanksgiving with us PHEW! lol! We sure have loved having the company though! :) I have been trying to do Christmas shopping and get our Christmas letter ready so my time has been pretty limited. All of that on top of taking care of a household and a toddler along with trying to do my warranty company work has left me with little time to spare. So, needless to say I haven’t had a lot of time lately to bring my blog up to speed :)

We are all staying well (for the most part). Kian’s wheezing is pretty much under control thanks to the steroid he’s using when he’s sick. We did have to pull out the Albuterol (for wheezing) a few weeks ago but we didn’t have to use it for very long which was great!

The Godfather: The Game is wrapping up soon and Jamie is getting ready to head to a new project – I don’t think I can say what it is yet but everyone will have an idea of what it’s about once it’s revealed. You can also take a look at Jamie’s blog for other interesting news at EA or just daddy stuff hehe

Kian is doing great! He seems to be learning more and more everyday! He finally did the “dance around in a circle” dance at gym kids on Monday! He was quite the little show off too because he was the only one doing it by himself! He even does the part where you kick your leg and hop hehe He’s so cute!

He also can point to his belly, head, hand (he gets those mixed up sometimes though!), foot and nose! He still enjoys playing with his cars – which he plays with ALL the time. He also applies the “finished” sign to pretty much everything – stories, songs, dances, playing or when he’s just plain done with a toy or going to stop something you told him “no” about a million times lol And at times I believe he’s becoming more of a toddler everyday lol A trip to the grocery store can become Mom’s worst nightmare! In general he’s very well behaved – I think this is all apart of him discovering where the boundaries are and how far he can push.

Kian’s new tricks include standing in his highchair and being able to reach things on the counter – even though he’s a small fry he can still reach things pretty easily!

Kian’s Stats!

I forgot to post Kian’s stats from his last visit to the Ped for a well check! It was for his 18 month appointment (at the beginning of November). Kian’s height was 30 ¾ which puts him in the 10-15% and his weight was 20lbs 15oz. and that puts him in the 3-5%. The Ped was not concerned though and said that these are the right numbers for Kian and his growth is making the proper curve. I figure someone has to be in those percentiles – it just happens to be our little guy!

Winter is here!

Yeah that is a little exciting because it means that things are finally cooled off and we can bring out the long sleeves! Our winter consists of rain pretty much and things get cooler. Today it is POURING outside – Thank God we don’t have anywhere to go. The last few rains have brought my flowers outside back to life – yeah, I know that sounds strange but its true! I have kind of neglected watering them toward the end of the summer (forgetfulness combined with a doubled water bill when I was watering them several times a week).

And with winter comes Christmas and decorating for the holidays :) We have our prelit tree up already and we will decorate it this weekend.

Kian is up from his nap now and I need to go and spend some time with him :) Signing off for now but hopefully I will be back to weekly if not biweekly updates ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kian’s New Tricks!

Last week was our last week at Gym Kids and we had a make-up class with my favorite teacher (Vicki). At Vicki’s class Kian started to show signs that he’s catching on to things! Every class is pretty much the same – same structure and everything. When we arrive we play on the equipment for about 30 mins and then the teacher rings a bell to let us know it’s “circle time” and all the kids get a bell to ring for a few minutes. In circle time we sing a song that usually has movements, then we do the Big Bird Song which the kids LOVE and has movements, then we get out a parachute and sing songs and do fun things with that, and then we say goodbye with little Gym Kid Clown puppets and sing a song.

Well, last week Kian heard the bell of a second (Vicki rang it a tad early) and ALL the kids stopped in their tracks! It was amazing to see that Kian knew EXACTLY what was going to be next! After that we sang our song and got out the parachute – the kids are invited to go on top of it when we first get it out and Kian immediately jumped on without my prompting!

Then on Saturday Kian started do the movements to the Big Bird Song! One of the song’s parts says “Dance around in a circle” (I spin him in a circle) “we all fall down!” (and we fall to the ground patting the floor with our hands). Well, Kian started turn in a circle himself! So I started to sing the song and next thing I knew he was down on the ground patting the floor! So now he spins in a circle and then pats the floor hehe It’s so CUTE!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kian will be Blue for Halloween

I bought Kian's costume on ebay for more than half off the retail price! I was really excited and it is very cute! I JUST fits him now so I am hoping he doesn't grow too much so he can wear it for Halloween :)

I thought that we might take him around our Condo are Trick-or-Treating and earlier in the day take him to our friend Erik and Angela's place for some candy.

Although, I don't know what Mr. Allergic-to-Peanuts can have from the candy basket so I will have some Gerber Wagon Wheels for him.

Even so, we will still carry around his Trick-or Treat pumpkin that Great Aunt Lori got him last year. It has his name put on it melting letters - very cool!

New Blog

Well, I decided to start a new blog for more of just my random thoughts and's a little goofy but I think it helps me get out the stuff I have floating in my head throughout the day. Check it out when have some spare time (or maybe you don't and just need to waste it LOL)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

MORE teeth, Dancing, Fall? and Allergy Upgrades

Houston we have FOUR teeth!

For the last week or so, Kian has been whiney and complaining a lot. That’s usually not like him! Last week I noticed a tooth was getting ready to poke through…one that is next to his top two front teeth. Well, a few days ago I got a chance to look in there again and noticed a molar had poked through and he is getting his eye teeth on the bottom…from what I hear those eye teeth are some of the most painful. From what I can tell he has about 4 bulges right now in his gums! Gosh! I can’t wait for all this teeth to be in!

Kian could also use your prayers...he's got a runny nose and an on and off fever I think from teething...he's miserable at keep him in your thoughts.

Kian’s new tasks this week are…

Every week it seems that Kian is into something new! We have sliding doors that hide our washer and dryer and he has recently learned to open them. I am waiting to hear screams from him getting his fingers stuck…but he actually hasn’t so far…I am thinking about trying to get something so he won’t be able to open it at all.

He also has learned to climb on top of our shabby-sheik trunk! He likes to throw his toys behind it and once he was trying to get one of them and he climbed on top! Once he was up there I could tell he was a little scared being up there lol! To be honest, I was scared too! He’s quite a daredevil!

He’s a Dancin’ Machine!

Yeah, Kian has finally learned to dance! My friend Angela noticed him dancing one day a few weeks ago so no when I see him bobbing up and down I encourage him to do it more hehe It’s so cute because he dances to EVERYTHING! The music on toys..I never thought he would get down to “I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad,” music that is played over head in stores, music that’s on TV….we sure had fun when Bon Jovi was on Oprah last week! He really liked that!


Please, autumn hurry up and get here! Today it was in the 90’s! Is it really the end of September or is it July!?!?! It cooled off for a while up here and then it warmed back up again. They say it will cool off into the 70’s this weekend and I can’t wait for it! I just went out and bought Kian’s fall wardrobe and now all those nice new things (and nicely used items I got on ebay) are just waiting for him!

Allergy Upgrades

Yeah, we did all our allergy upgrades for our Mr. Turkey Toes. I am so thankful that we have a subscription to Consumer Reports because the air purifiers that people were suggesting to me (Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image) was rated one of the worst out there (mainly because it puts out a toxin from it’s exhaust…yeah, weird that an air purifier would pollute the air!). Anyway, I am glad we did our homework! We ended up getting a great deal on the purifier we got through (it wasn’t in stores). It has a HEPA filter which is what the allergist suggested.

We also got a new vacuum! Thanks to a nice 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond I saved us over $50 on it! We needed to get a vacuum with a HEPA filter on it since I am now vacuuming daily (well, I try to!) This vacuum was rated #1 by Consumer Reports and I have to say that it was worth it! It’s so much easier to use than my other Hoover (both our new and former vacuums are Hoovers) and all the tools are on board so I don’t have to go searching for anything!

We feel like Kian has already made leaps and bounds of progress…now if his teeth would stop this runny nose thing from happening I could get him off the Pulmicort for a while! Good news is that he hasn’t had any wheezing at all! :) That makes us all very happy!

Stain Removal Recipe

Wow! An online friend of mine shared this receipe for stain removal on our message board and IT REALLY WORKS! I used it on some of Kian’s clothes that I was unable to get stains out of and they were gone right before my very eyes! I also used it on a shirt I got for him from ebay that had a very small stain on it and now it’s gone!!!

The reciepe is as follows:

You need Oxyclean powder and Boiling water (yeah, I know it’s weird).

Wet the stain
Rub some powder on it
Pour the boiling water over it and let it sit for a while
Wash like you normally do

That’s it! No fading or anything! I actually did this in my kitchen sink and I saw the stains disappear right as the boiling water hit them! I let the water cool down until I could handle the clothing…not only did it get the stains out but it also gave me a clean sink LOL

I will be using it on EVERYTHING! This even worked on some clothes I had put through the dryer! Amazing!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on Kian’s Allergy Tests and other things

Update on Kian’s Allergy Tests

Jamie and I went to see Kian’s allergy doctor yesterday. Kian is HIGHLY allergic to peanuts as well as dogs and cats :( The doctor said that these are usually life long allergies.

With the peanuts we have avoid ALL nuts since they might be processed in the same place with peanuts. And ANY products that say they are processed with peanuts or nuts. That might even mean that if Kian goes to a birthday party that we bring our own cake and ice cream for him because we know it’s safe (that is something the doctor said that parents do). :( We are also supposed to not let Kian have ANY fish of any kind until he’s three as that can be a high allergen too. He was not allergic to any other foods that he was tested for.

As for the cat and dog allergy, the doctor gave us ideas of what we can do to keep the dander and things down in our house. We have already done a lot of these things and they have helped A LOT. (those things were keeping the animals out of Kian’s room and keeping the door shut all the time as well as vacuuming more often.) We saw the significance of that over the last few weeks because I got a cold (for the first time before Kian) and Kian got it but did great and had no wheezing thanks to the Pulimcort to prevent that. We are now looking into buying an HEPA air filter and a new vacuum with a HEPA filter too. I will be vacuuming everyday now.

We feel right now that things are significantly better but in a few months we are going to reevaluate everything to make sure that Kian is thriving.

Funny thing that Jamie brought up a while ago is that before Kian was born and we knew he was a boy we called him "Peanut" - isn't that strange! lol! I guess we will need to be careful with a nick name next time...maybe not after a food! ;)

Fall is Quickly Approaching!

Well, this week we started to pull out our long sleeved stuff. It’s starting to get cooler around here. In fact, I just went though Kian’s things and tried on some shirts I thought would still fit him and he only had ONE long sleeved shirt that he could wear! Thankfully last weekend there were quite a few sales so I was able to pick up some stuff for him…and I also won an auction on ebay for some shirts too. I’m trying to gear myself up for a little bit cooler winter than the one we had in San Luis Obispo.

Our New Friend :)

Yes, I made a new friend :) Her name is Angela and she is the girlfriend of one of the guys who worked at Oddworld and went to EA before it shut down (he helped get Jamie’s foot in the door at EA). We have been getting together every week for the last month or so. It’s been nice to have someone to get together with, talk and go and do things with. She is so nice and Kian LOVES her :)

Well, that’s all the update I have so far from our boring little lives here in Sunnyvale.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Mommy and Daddy's non-weekends and Kian's Eventful Week

Last week has been a pretty stressful one (and to be honest Monday didn’t start on the right foot either). Jamie is working lots of hours to meet an upcoming deadline. He worked through this weekend as well (and did last weekend). It’s really hard on all of us because he doesn’t get a break and neither do I. I pretty much do the same thing I do during the week which is stay home and talk to my 15 month old who really is no conversation at all :( Ah yes, my life seems pretty sad… Annually making friends is no picnic and is getting harder and harder for this introvert to do.

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s Monday. It feels like it should be Saturday. I cannot wait for this project to be over so I can have my husband back along with our weekends together!

This last week has been an eventful one for Kian though.

Kian’s Molars

Kian currently has 2 molars (on the left side) that are almost all the way in and the top right one is coming through right now. Those molars are pretty painful for him and he’s had many wake ups at night because of it. Poor little guy! The bottom right molar is bulging too so I have a feeling it will poke through soon. I can’t wait for him to have all his teeth for now! Wow! What a crank he is during the day! For now we keep the Tylenol flowing and the Hyland’s Teething Tablets going.


Kian has figured out how to climb up our leather recliner. Yesterday Jamie told showed me he had gotten up there. I figured we would just need to keep an eye on him and I was happy to see that he was getting down off of it backwards as I have taught him. Well, later on yesterday I was watching a TV show and noticed he got on the chair. I when back to watching my show and then turned back to him and saw him climbing up the back of it and almost getting over the top part of the recliner! I almost had a heart attack!

Since I can’t be in the living room all the time, Jamie and I decided that we needed to up to something up to block him from getting up in the chair. Jamie found a box that would fit in the recliner and put some heavy books in it. There was still room for Kian to move the box so we too two 12 packs of soda and squished them into the seat lol It’s actually worked so far! He has tried to move the 12 packs and get up on the chair but he has yet to succeed. lol I hope he doesn’t because I have no idea what we will put there!


Since Kian was bout 6 months I started doing the sign in sign language for finished. I would do the sign when he was done eating and a lot of times I would ask him if he was “finished” and he would do the sign to tell me that he was. This is what it looks like: He finally started to do it himself at about 9 or 10 months and then used it at the right time (not when I asked him if he was finished) at about 11 or 12 months.

Well, this last week Kian started using finished for things other than mealtime! He was having a rough time napping. I thought I would let him cry and see if he would just fall asleep again – but he didn’t. So, I went in his room and picked him up and said to him…”what’s the deal?” and he did the sign for finished! LOL I almost died laughing although he was very serious! He did it again yesterday morning when I went to get him after he woke up. I have to put the cat outside and I get his sippy with milk warmed up before I get him so he cried a little bit and when I went in there again he showed me the finished sign….it was like he was saying “I’m finished sleeping, Mama” LOL It was so cute!

I have been meaning to show him other signs but keep forgetting to look them up or do them consistently. So now I am teaching him the signs for “drink” which is: and the sign for “more” which is:

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kian's 15 Month Photos

Here are most of the photos we had taken at JC Penney at the begining of August. We had some problems with our order and the real prints are going to take up to another 3 weeks to come in! I am hoping its not going to be that long.

Anyway, I wanted to share his shots :) He has had a hair cut since so he looks more like a little boy than anything now! I can't believe how much he's growing!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Kian's bed time stuggles

For about 2-3 weeks Kian would play, talk....whatever at night for 2 hours after he went to bed....YES TWO HOURS! It was driving me mad! I was checking in on him to make sure he didn't poop and then sometimes he would scream becuase he threw all his binkies and blanket over the side. He can't sleep without the both of them.

I tried all different things....more soothing environment when I put him to sleep...whispering to him while I get him dressed.... That didn't work.... Then I tried putting him to bed later because I thought he wasn't tired yet....that didn't work! Finally I brought out a basket of board books and cheap little regular books...he loves to look at books and I usually set these aside so he won't wreck them.

I bring out the basket about a half hour before he goes to bed. My plan was to read to him the entire time but he won't last more than a I read him a story and then he unloads and looks at all the books! It worked like a charm (that along with the calming environment stuff) and he falls asleep right away now! I might just hear him a little bit but nothing more than 10 mins! I am so glad because I know he was really wearing himself out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Events of the Past Few Weeks

Kidney Stone
Well, first thing is a few weeks ago Jamie passed another small kidney stone. He wasn’t in as much pain as the last time but it was very painful. Thankfully he passed very quickly! He brought it in to the our Dr.;s office for testing and we get results on it in a few weeks.

Allie the Outdoor Cat (well, now she’s doing it part time)
Second thing is that Allie (our cat) has bit Kian. She did this a few weekends ago…she bit him on the hand and then on the head the next day….both times she left marks. She didn’t do this to be viscous…she was protecting herself from Kian who was pulling on her tail…the thing is that when Toby gets annoyed he leaves the gated area…when Allie gets annoyed she stays for more action!

After the last bite, she was locked up in Kian’s bathroom (where her food is) for the day until we could find a new home for her. Unfortunately its kitten season so no shelter would take her (well no no-kill shelters anyway). We were told by one of the shelters that with her history they the pound would put her to sleep. They also offered other suggestion of what to do with her and the best thing for all of us was to put her in our fenced in patio during the day. Our patio has 6 ft high fences that are totally made out of wood…no way for her to get out or in besides through the house.

For the last two weeks she has been out there and she loves it. In the morning before I get Kian out of his crib I open the door to outside and she actually just walks out there on her own. She has a little litter box, food, water and even a little shelter we bought her and put an old blanket in.

Kian’s Allergy Tests

Kian’s testing went fine today. They did not do a skin test because I guess he’s too young. We were prescribed Epi-Pen which is a shot I give him if he is having an allergic reaction. After I administer it I have to call 911…pretty scary. Anyway, I am glad that we will have it now.

They are doing a blood test on him for all different allergens. Let me tell you that the blood draw was no picnic especially because they couldn’t find the vein and searched for what seemed eternity before trying the other arm. I felt so terrible! Although I think I am more traumatized by it all than Kian was. He’s fine and I still thinking about it lol

We have an appointment on September 19th for the results. I am PRAYING he is not allergic to the dog or cat because if he is it could be the reason why he is wheezing when he gets sick :( The Dr. told me that we might want to start considering what we would do with our animals if that is the case. I guess we will find out more answers on the 19th.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue them as we wait for the testing to come back.

Phew! I guess that’s it for now! I seriously hope that our next few weeks are pretty uneventful…. I know we could all use it!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Photos 8/11/2005!

Yes, I know we are once again long over due for posting photos and videos lol

Here a link to the photos:

I have no listed under the photos what they are (takes a lot of extra time) so I am posting here what is on each page of photos.

Kian Walking 1 –

Photos of Kian eating Mac and Cheese for the first time! He eats it all the times now! And there are photos of when Kian’s Great Uncle Joe was in San Francisco before he went on his bike trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a fundraiser for a cure for AIDS! We were so glad to meet up with him for a short visit :) The photos of our visit with my Uncle Joe are continued on page 2.

Kian Walking 2 -

Visit with Great Uncle Joe continued
Movie is of our visit with my Uncle Joe
Kian pushing around his tricycle (that he likes to run Toby over with lol)
Movie is of Kian pushing around his bike with a little help from my Mom
Kian playing with the magnets on the fridge
Our visit to the Golden Gate Bridge
Kian being silly hehe

Kian Walking 3 –

Kian with my Mom
Kian pushing around his “car” which is the laundry basket
Movie is of Kian pushing his “car” and steering around objects
Kian in his “car” hehe
Kian wearing the cute frog outfit that Aunt TyTy got him

Kian Walking 4

Kian’s frog outfit continued – and he found the empty catsup bottle lol
Kian eating with Mommy
Movie is Kian in his high chair doing more talking than eating lol
Kian’s first time in his pool
Movie is of Kian in his pool
My friend Martina and her boyfriend Paul on the 4th of July

Kian Walking 5
Kian on the 4th of July
Kian in his “EA Baby” shirt…but he kept blinking when I was trying to take the photo!
Kian eating lunch and being cute

Kian Walking 6
Kian eating lunch continued
Movies are of Kian eating lunch with two hands…he eats like he’s never had food before! The other movie is of Kian being silly at a different meal time
Kian starting to walk!
Kian being a busy guy playing in the kitchen and the living room
Three short videos of Kian playing - one where I tried to get him walking and the other one is another attempt but he was more interested in the camera than in walking hehe

Kian Walking 7

Another movie of Kian playing
Kian in his first U2 t-shirt that Mommy bought him hehe
Kian eating lunch…what a messy guy! Notice his eyebrow is full of food hehe

Kian Walking 8
Messy lunch continued
Movie of Kian having the hiccups from giggling about this messy meal hehe

"Meh-meh," Toby and more teeth!

“Meh-meh” and other words

That word might not sound like much to you…but it’s actually what Kian calls Jamie (meh-meh) LOL Kian is actually calling “Daddy” by his first name! Since I noticed that he was doing that this weekend I have been trying really hard to call Jamie “Daddy” when Jamie is around. He does say Da-da and on Monday was looking for him and calling “da-da” so I will take that as a good sign hehe

Kian is learning more and more words every day. I bought him a play phone and he will put it up to his ear and say hello which sounds more like “eh-o.” He will also put a measuring spoon or any other object to his ear (well, the back of his head lol) and say “eh-o” hehe And the yesterday as he was eating he tooted and I said to him, “say excuse me” and he said something like “mu-meh” and is trying really hard to say it lol He’s so cute :)

Kian’s Favorite Past time but not Toby’s lol

Kian LOVES to push his little tricycle and hippo that eats peek-a-boo blocks around. This week we started to figure out that if he runs toward Toby with it he will get up and jump out of the way in a hurry (believe me, I would too! I have been run over by those things before lol). So, now Kian likes to chase Toby around the house with these toys and giggles and giggles about it. Toby actually likes it (most of the time) too…Toby is so good with Kian and I know that they both enjoy having each other as playmates. I knew that Toby and Kian would be “friends” someday but I didn’t realize it would start this soon! Hehe

We have another tooth!

Kian I think started to cut another tooth last night! It’s one of the four front bottom teeth. He got the other in the pair several weeks ago and just today I saw the fourth one poking through. Kian woke up a few times last night (but quickly put himself back to sleep) and I thought that maybe his arm was bothering him from his shots….but now I am pretty sure that tooth was involved. He also has two of his one year molars in on his left side (one on bottom and one on top)…those are NO fun for anyone when they come in lol

After this tooth pokes through Kian will have 8 teeth and many more to go lol

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kian’s 15 Month Check-up

Kian has his 15 months appointment today. He got two shots :( But he did great! He even stopped crying before we even left the office! The Dr. also told me that he was shocked that Kian wasn’t crying when he was looking in his ears and his mouth…I figure he’s like that because it happens at least once a month with the amount of Dr.’s visits we have had hehe
The great news is that he was weighted and measured (weight is a naked weight so it’s pretty accurate).

Weight: 20lbs 4 ounces (7th percentile) - up from the 3rd!
Height: 30 1/4 inches (15-20th percentile) - up from the 10th!


Kian is walking all the time now :) He’s a pretty busy guy! I have taken advice from friends that say to not let your child out of the cart or they will not want to sit in it when you shop...basically he doesn’t realize that he can walk in the store if I let him lol I also did that at the Dr.’s office today because I didn’t want him to throw a fit when I had to bring him back to the room and I knew he would want to touch everything in there anyway lol
He's also moved on from Baby food completely! LOL Of course about 2 weeks ago I bought a TON because I had coupons and it was on sale :P I am going to try to return it since I still have the receipt. If they won’t take it back I hope to at least get something for it on ebay or something!

Allergy Testing

I requested a referral from our Ped to have Kian seen by an allergist. The ped didn’t say much about the referral…just that he would give us one… I was so afraid he would say no because he told us in a visit about two weeks ago that we can’t do anything about allergies and that it would be a waste of our time. But for me, I am starting to get afraid of giving Kian fish, strawberries, eggs or anything that is considered a high allergy food. Not to mention, he’s been sneezing more than usual lately and I am wondering if he’s allergic to dust, pollen or something like that so I can watch those things and know that he’s not getting sick he’s just having a reaction that I need to watch incase it turns to wheezing.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Kian and Blue, Walking and Growing!

Kian Loves Blue :)
Kian is SO cute! The other day we went to Toys R Us and I saw some Blue dolls (Blue is the dog in the TV show Blue’s Clues) that talk. I showed one to Kian.... I have never seen a child's face light up so much! lol He was hugging and kissing her and saying "bubububu" lol Which I think is him saying Blue :) He loves it when I play it with Blue and still gives her hugs and looks at her like he’s surprised to see her…he loves Blue :)

Kian’s walking more and more!

Kian's also walking more now! I would say he's walking about 50-70% of the time now! I finally went out and bought him a new pair of Robeez because he outgrew his other ones. He hasn’t worn shoes at all this summer as there wasn’t really a need. But now there is! He’s walking now up to about 3 feet lengths and growing! He’s bound and determined to get as far as he can and then he almost immediately gets up and starts again…although he does crawl at a lightening speed so if he wants to get somewhere fast that’s what he does. He's doing so good and so quickly! I would say he started walking a bit on his own on Friday...and then he's just taken off! Its bitter sweet in a way...he's growing so much!

Speaking of growing…

Kian has already out grown his size 12 month PJ’s! I’m dreading what is next….I feel like we are always buying him clothes! lol His diaper has been leaking through a lot lately and I think it might be due to his shorts being too tight…so tomorrow the hunt begins. I am hoping to find a consignment shop here that I can get some at…I found some when we were in SLO at a consignment shop and they did us well :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

No PB&J, No Fluffer Nutters....No Peanuts for my Peanut :(

Tuesday I thought that I would give Kian a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich for lunch. He has never had PB before so I spread it on pretty thin...I could see the bread though it. He started eating and I noticed that the look on his face was one that he wasn't enjoying it....but I thought I would let him go at it just to see if it would grow on him.

Then he started to rub his eyes...and he was rubbing a lot! So, I got a washcloth to wipe his eyes because I thought that he got something in them. As I started to wipe, he started to get bumps all around his eyes where he was rubbing and all on his mouth and face. I called the pediatrician and the Dr. got back to me and said to give him Pulmicort and Albuterol and then some Bendryl (which I didn't have) but he said to give him the breathing treatments first before going to the store. As I am preparing his breathing stuff, I heard him crying and thought he is just complaining because I wasn't in there. I checked on him and saw that he vomitted all over the recliner and floor :( I called the Dr. back and he said if he vomited again to take him to the ER. He said that it was good that he got it out of his system. Thankfully he didn't vomit anymore...

Kian's eye was a bit swollen for the rest of the day and for the entire day yesterday. Tuesday morning I had made an appointment to get his pictures taken (yeah we are two months late for doing our one year) so I had to call and cancel. The last time I made an appointment was before Father's Day which was when we were in the ER with Kian with an asthma attack! I'm a bit afraid to make our next appointment! lol!

We did have an appointment with our Dr. to talk about Kian's breathing issues and he did talk to us about the peanut allergy that Kian had. I am glad that the Dr. got to take a look at him and his eye. Kian's doing fine now...but I'm a bit shook up about even having peanuts or peanut butter in the house! I don't think I have ever been so scared in my entire life :( It all happened so quickly...

A word of advice, make sure that if you give your kids a new food that could be a high allergy food...make sure you do it early in the day and on a week day so you can call your Peds office! I am so glad that's what we did or I would have spent extra money and time at the ER.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

We Bought A New Car!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday we went to the car lot just to look….Jamie had to go to work so we figured if we found something we would come back on Sunday. Well, we found a deal too hard to pass up! We bought a 2005 Toyota Matrix! It’s silver and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! hehe The salesman took a photo of all of us with our new car and is suppose to be emailing it to us – once I have it I will post it here (if it’s any good!) But here is what a Matrix looks like in case you haven’t seen one:

It took us about 4 hours from start to finish. Kian was past a nap (although he did fall asleep for about a half hour in the Matrix while we were test driving which had me SOLD pretty much! He NEVER falls asleep in the car!) And then the only things I had for him to eat were Geber Wagon Wheels and Beechnut Toddler Banana Cookies (which he LOVES). So, I gave him as many as he wanted until we could get home. He actually did pretty well considering that he has a cold and his teeth are bothering him.

One other GREAT thing is that they took our ’86 Volvo! Take a guess at the blue book price….$238! Nice huh?!?!?! They said they would give us that for it but that they would take out charges for the smog and some other stuff so we ended up getting about $50 for it! lol! I figured it was worth the $50 just to put toward the loan and not have to worry about the car later on. I have to say I don’t miss that car but that Volvo was my very first car that I purchased myself. It served us well – no problems at all over the last 5 years.

Michael and Jamey Are Having a GIRL!

I am so excited for Michael and Jamey! Michael was in our wedding and Jamie was in his a few months after ours! They just found out on Saturday that they are having a girl! Her name will be Cambria Dawn…how pretty :) We are SO excited for them! If we can get them to live a little closer, Kian would have a little girlfriend ;) We can’t wait to see little Cambria in December!

More Tooth Drama

Kian (aka Mr. Crank E. Pants) has been a bear to deal with this last week. Today he was laughing and tilted his head back and I saw that he has the other end of the molar poking through now….boy oh boy are those things really hurting him :( I have been keeping him on Tylenol and trying the Hyland’s Teething Tablets but the tablets don’t seem to be working for him…I give them to him anyway incase they do anything…right now I just want to help him in any was possible.

Friday, July 08, 2005

What will Kian be When He Grows Up?

Someone posted this question on one of my message boards. She said, based on their current interests, what would your baby want to be when he grows up. One person said her son would be a hairstylist because he's always playing with people's hair, another said her daughter would be a dentist because she's always sticking her fingers in people's mouths hehe

I said Kian would be a driver of some kind...maybe a race car driver....a driver of pretty much anything would please him! He pushes literally ANYTHING around that he can LOL A laundry basket with clothes in it (which he will unload along the way), Leggo box, dump truck, car, empty box....whatever he can get his hands on he will try to push around lol!

In fact, a few weeks ago at Gym Kids the teacher got out a bin with balls in it of all different kinds for the kids to play with. Guess what Kian did.....he took the bin and pushed it all around LOL I had to take him away from it because none of the kids could get the balls...and heck there are other things to do.....he can push stuff around at home LOL I guess it could be worse ;)

One Small Step for Man............Houston, we have a tooth!

Ah, it was a day of milestones today! First, Kian got another tooth (to make 5 1/2 - he has half of a molar) and the one that came through today is right next to the two bottom ones :)

THEN! Tonight I was on the computer and he was cranking to get my attention (he can't come in the computer room) and I walked over the gate to him and was standing a bit away from him. He stood on his own (he has started to actually free stand more lately) and then took about 4 steps toward me! I was in shock! I called Jamie immeditaly to tell him the new :) I hope that Kian can save some of those steps for Daddy when he's home :) I have a feeling that Kian won't really be walking for a while...but those first steps are always a milestone :)

He does push things around a lot and can actually walk pretty well...he pushes around a dumptruck a lightening speeds around the house (he really doesn't have much to hang onto when he's doing it so I know he can do it without it!). Right now he just needs a little more confidence :)

Hopefully now that that tooth has poked through Kian will be a little more like himself. He's been SUPER cranky over the last few days...although those teeth come in pairs so I need to brace myself for the other half of the molar, it's partner, and the tooth on the otherside on the bottom...phew! hehe

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Battle Cold #206:(

Kian was up until about 2AM last night. I went in there to tend to him about 4 times in an hour and finally I asked Jamie to go in there…usually he will stop if Jamie goes in…and sure enough he did! We all didn’t get much sleep last night….and we all are still battling this cold thing…how in the world do we get colds in the summer time! Unreal! I swear, if someone has it we get it :(

Kian is starting not to eat very well. I can understand how he feels as I have no appetite either. He is drinking a lot of fluids though which is great. I gave him the Pulmicort again this morning and we don’t have any wheezing at all…thank God! Seriously! I have decided to hold off on calling for a referral for a while. I want to see how Kian responds to this treatment plan we have now and do some praying about it for various reasons. Please pray that I have wisdom to make the right choice for Kian.

Keep us all in your prayers too as Jamie is working those long hours (16 hour days at least for the next week or two) and we are all sick and run down :(

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Free Standing, Teeth/Cold and Gym Kids

Free Standing!
Kian is now free standing more often and for longer periods of time! I think that going to Gym Kids has really helped him since he’s seeing other kids his age walk. I seriously expect him to stand more often and start walking in the next few months :)

Today was our second to last day of Gym Kids. It doesn’t start back up until the end of August! I can’t believe that it will be that long! I know that Kian really likes it! He actually was venturing off without me for most of the day today! He really is doing great!

Kian has another tooth!

Today Kian was looking up with his mouth open so I took the opportunity to take a look and sure enough there was part of a molar sticking through! It’s on this top right side and only half of it is through. I also gave a bit of a feel to make sure it was a tooth and not just something white and I felt a few more bumps where teeth are getting ready to pop out…also molars. Not looking to the fun of those coming through and I am sure he’s not either! But I know he needs more teeth than the 4 (almost 5) that he has now :)

4th of July
My friend Martina and her boyfriend Paul came over to celebrate the 4th with us :) Martina is a friend of mine from college and she lives in Denver right now. Paul lives in Fresno (which isn’t far from here)….they met through eHarmony :) Paul is a really nice guy and we all had a great time together! I can’t believe that it’s been about 3 ½ years since I have seen Martina! We had a lot of catching up to do! Not to mention, she had to get used to the fact that I have a baby! lol! I sure wish she lived closer, but I am so thankful for the time that I did have with them.

Kian’s cold/teething
Kian has a bit of a cold or it’s symptoms from teething…right now I am not sure. He has a really runny nose and a bit of a cough. He’s also been really cranky…so it could be sick and teething at the same time. Last time I thought he was teething he ended up in the hospital with respiratory problems. Kian’s Ped told me that if he started to show signs of being sick I am to give him the Pulmicort…we just stopped it on Saturday :( I can’t believe that I am going to be giving it to him again. I am going to give him a breathing treatment with the steroid (plumicort) tonight before bed. Tomorrow I am going to put a call into the Peds office for a referral to a respiratory specialist…hopefully we can get this looked into more and see if there is something more we can do or what the best way of treatment is. I would feel better talking to someone who just handles breathing issues.

So, if you think about it, say a little prayer for him and for Jamie and me as we have this cold too (runny nose, cough…)…Jamie’s been battling it for about a week now and I just started getting it a few days ago.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Update 6/27/05 and PICTURES!

Kian’s Health
Kian is doing MUCH better. He stopped wheezing on Saturday. The Doctor told me that once he had a full day or not wheezing that I should do the Pulmicort (steroid) twice a day for a week. So we are now on that regimen.

Pictures FINALLY!
We finally have some new photos up on our site! Sorry about the delay in getting them up! I didn’t realize how long it had been!

I have also decided not to label them – it takes a long time to do that and that is what was stopping us up from actually posting them. So, in order to have them up and ready to go right away, we decided to skip that part :) What I will do is post a few in my blog and tell what is going on – some are pretty self explanatory.

Here is a link to the photos:

The photos labeled Grandad’s Visit are from when Rod (Jamie’s Dad) came out to visit us for a week. We all had a great time :)

are photos of our last Mom’s group in San Luis Obispo. Kian and I were the hosts and it was St. Patrick’s Day! Some of the photos show Kian and Danielle (Gina’s Daughter) kissing…how cute!

The first few photos in Sink Bath are me trying to show off Kian’s two bottom teeth that he had just cut (that seems like ages ago!) Then there photos of Kian giving me kisses. Photos of Kian in his St. Patrick’s Day outfit and then some of Kian having a sink bath after a major “explosion” that he had in his pants.

Eating Fries 1 has photos of Kian and Erik (Samantha’s Son) playing on one of their visits to our house :) And Eating Fries 2 is all photos of Kian’s first experience eating French fires which he really likes (although he doesn’t have often).

Kian’s Birthday 1 has pictures of Kian right before we moved from San Luis Obispo. There are some of Daddy getting Kian’s bath ready. And Kian having a GREAT time splashing in his bath :) You can see little water droplet floating through the air! At the end there is a photo of Kian with Dr. Bravo and one with him and his favorite nurse in the whole, wide world, Stacy. I sure miss them and I know that Kian does too! There seriously cannot be to Dr. Bravo’s in the world…although I wish there could be!

Kian’s Birthday 2
have some photos on moving day…Kian is about to be packed in a box! hehe Then there are photos of Kian on his birthday! We had several signs – the one that is in red my Aunt Lori had specially made for Kian and the other one I put together from a kit. Granna and Papaw (Jamie’s Mom and Step-dad) came to visit right on Kian’s birthday and stayed for about a week.

Kian’s Birthday 3-5 are photos of all of us at the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose. The mansion was built 24/7 for about 30 years so it took about an hour for us to get through the place. The owner thought was an heir of the Winchester gun family and thought she was being haunted by the ghosts of people who were killed by Winchester guns. A psychic told her to build and house and keep building and that would keep them away. It was pretty neat.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Update 5/24/05

You know you do a lot of updates when you have to start dating them to tell them apart!

Update on Kian’s health
Kian did much better today than he has been lately. He usually starts wheezing about 15 mins after he wakes up but today he didn’t start until about 10:30. I have him a treatment at 10:45. I am just hoping that his wheezing just gets better and better every day. I really want to stop putting this stuff in his body! But I certainly don’t want him back in the ER so for now we will do what is necessary and preventative.

Gym Kids

Wednesday we went to our second Gym Kids class. Gym Kids is a parent/child participation class where they have all sorts of things for the kids to climb on and experience. We also sing songs, count, dance, and play with a parachute. It’s so much fun! The first time we went, Kian was really clingy and unsure of the environment. It’s very colorful in the room and I think it was a little overwhelming for me at first too! But I encouraged Kian to do different activities and didn’t force him to do anything. I just gently encouraged and we had a great time.

The second class Kian started to really feel more comfortable being there – although he wasn’t feeling well from the meds that I had to give him before we left home. He was starting to interact with the kids more and want to do things and climb than cling to me like he did last time. I am so proud of him :) Especially because I know he didn’t feel very well.

Mom Flew Back to Wisconsin
Mom and I had a great visit. She was so helpful – she was more helpful that I can actually say! She played a lot with Kian and basically took care of him while I unpacked more of my boxes, got my desk area straightened up and did some organizing in our bedroom. She also helped me with our plants and gardening – I have never taken care of things like that before and I learned a lot from her. I seriously don’t know how I would have made it through the last two weeks without her. It was a real blessing to have her here.

The Godfather and long hours :(
The Godfather: The Game is now reaching its final stages of production so that means we see less and less of Jamie. It will all be over in the next few months. For now Jamie spends as much of his mornings as he can with Kian. And I figure out what to do flying solo for dinner most nights of the week. I am starting to get back into a groove of doing things pretty much on my own. I can’t wait for Jamie to be through with the game and move back over to the Sims team.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kian's doing much better!

I don't have much time to write but Kian has been doing a lot better since yesterday! Yesterday we spent our morning and afternoon running around to the pharmacy, the Dr.'s office then back to the pharmacy. It's been a pretty busy day to say the least!

Anyway he’s much more like himself…he’s eating and drinking a lot and playing a lot too. Kian is taking Zithromax (antibiotic), Albuterol (breathing treatment) and Pulmicort (a steroid through inhalation). It does seem that he has asthma :( The doctor said that if he starts showing signs of a cold that I should start the Pulmicort which is a preventative measure for his lungs to not become inflamed and close up on him (which causes the wheezing). If he has more episodes like this, we will be referred to an asthma and allergy specialist. We also asked the doctor about our pets and having to get rid of them…he said that would be an extreme measure and that most likely won’t happen. Just to keep them out of Kian’s bedroom. So my mom vacuumed very well in his room and we are keeping the door shut.

That’s all I have time for for now…Thanks so much for your prayers! We really appreciate them!

Also, I wanted you all to know that I have received your phone calls and emails and I REALLY appreciate them - it's so great to know that everyone cares so much about Kian. I will reply when I get a chance...for nowI wanted to make sure everyone knew how Kian was doing.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Kian spent Father's Day in the ER :(

Well, we just got home with Kian about an hour ago. We spent about 6 hours in the ER tonight. He was having a lot of labored breathing even after I gave him a breathing treatment and wasn't sleeping well or drinking anything. He started out with a runny nose on Thursday, a cough on Friday added to the runny nose and then it all got a little worse yesterday. Today he was really bad and finally I told my mom that I was a hair close of taking him to the ER - when Kian woke up from not being able to sleep from his nap she held him a bit and said she could tell his breathing was we took him to the ER. He was given a steroid and 3 breathing treatments about 20 mins apart. He had an IV and they did all sorts of tests on him. He also has ear infections in both ears :( So, he's on Zithromax - he will start it tomorrow because he got a strong antibiotic through IV while in the ER. It's been a long day :( No Dave and Busters for us – we were going to take Jamie there after Kian’s first nap...Father's day really stunk :(
Please say a prayer for Kian because I am still really worried about him. He's still breathing badly but not as bad as before and all his numbers were good before we left the hospital. I am so worried about him :( Hopefully we will know more tomorrow when we see our Pediatrician.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Great Uncle Joe and A Weekend with My Mom :)

Visit With Great Uncle Joe

Kian got to meet his Great Uncle Joe last weekend! He’s my Dad’s brother and he lives in New York. He was in San Francisco for a biking tour/trip to raise money for AIDS research…he was BIKING from San Francisco to LA! YEAH! Pretty crazy!

I was so glad that we got to meet up with him and for him to meet Kian :) I wish we would have had more time to visit but it was very good to see him. Hopefully we will have some photos to post soon of our visit (that’s once Jamie has time to upload them).

Golden Gate and Ice Cream

Yesterday we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We could see Alcatraz from the bridge – we hope to go and visit there the next time that Mom is comes back. We took some pictures – I hope they turned out well :)

Today Kian had his first taste of ice cream :) My Mom and I decided to go and get some since it was such a hot day today and it’s hard to eat anything in front of Kian that he can’t have since he’s been eating really well with whole type foods. We got a small scoop of vanilla for him…when he had his first few bites he made a funny little face LOL He’s never really had anything cold like that before so it was very interesting to him but he wanted more :) He did really well :)

It sure has been nice having my Mom here. I have really been able to catch up on some things and get some unpacking done. It's also been great to have someone here to help me out with Kian in anyway possible. I'm so glad she came....I just wish she didnt' have to leave :( At least we will have another week of her - I know Kian will enjoy all the time he's been playing with Grandma and getting lovers from her.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Little Landon :(

WARNING: Loss of a child is mentioned (not Kian btw)

I was debating if I should make this post or not, but I decided to anyway. Last week on one of my message boards for Mom’s who had babies in May 2004 someone posted about a mom in Louisville, KY whose baby was diagnosed with AML (Luekemia) in April. Little Landon lost his battle today – he was two and a half months older than Kian. Landon had been undergoing treatment while they looked for a bone marrow donor. Between rounds of chemotherapy, Landon slipped into a coma and the doctors told the mother that he would be dieing soon. She decided to stop treatment and take him home to be comfortable. For about a month this single mother cared for her son with no support from her family (her mother would lay guilt trips on her for her decision). Anyway, I was hoping that you all would join me in praying for Landon’s Mom or sending some positive thoughts her way. She could really use them. Landon died at about 7PM her time today. My heart breaks for this woman. Ever since I heard about little Landon she has been weighing heavily on my mind and in my prayers. I was hoping that Landon would hang on until tomorrow because today is his mother's birthday...oh the pain this mother is enduring. Here is their website if you would like to read more:

Did you know….

that frozen peas explode in the microwave? LOL They do! lol I bought a bag of peas and carrots (got that great idea from my friend Samantha – thanks Sam!) and I wanted to give some to Kian to see how he would do. Well, I started to heat them up and one exploded LOL So I put it on defrost and another one exploded…I jumped about 3 feet away when it happened too! Luckily I was able to get them warm enough in those 7 seconds of warming and Kian loved them :)

Yes, I know…those of you who know me know that I HATE peas and wonder what they are doing in my house LOL (Yes, Angie I know you are probably falling out or your chair reading this!) You see, Angie and I were roommates in college and every once in a while she would like to have a bowl of split pea soup. Well, the smell would make me gag so badly that she would have to eat it at someone else’s place LOL Seriously! I didn’t even think I would be able to feed them to Kian when he started out on food because I hate them so much! My friend Gina let me try feeding Kian some of Danielle’s peas….I could stand it and Kian loved them. So, now we have peas in the house…but only for Kian hehe! If the kid didn’t eat anything green he would be more orange than he is now lol!

Grandma and Kian's Eating :)

My Mom is Coming Today!

Yeah, that’s right! All the way from Wisconsin! She took voluntary lay off for the month of June so she will be here for about two weeks helping me with Kian and helping me unpack and things like that. I know her and Kian will have a great time together – my mom played with him pretty much the whole time she was here over Christmas. She’s the one who really started to get him sitting well on his own – I wonder if she can work her magic on his walking lol He’s a little chicken when it even comes to him free standing…but he’s getting a little bit bolder every day as I work with him on it.

Kian’s Eating

Kian has been eating more things lately! I am so proud of him! He’s doing really well! So far he’s had Mac and Cheese, buttered whole wheat bread and pieces of cheese! He’s really doing well eating those things and has actually been eating A LOT lately. I think he might be going through a growth spurt! He is eating all of what I am giving him for finger foods AND the jarred food that used to only feed him! He is really moving up and I am so proud of him!

Also, I have discovered that he has a texture aversion to things like peaches and pears…so we just try and try with them :) I think he doesn’t like the soft, slimy texture.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Update - Been a little Long - Oops!

I realized today that I have been slacking in my responding to emails (sorry everyone!). I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I get them, I just don’t always have the time to respond and if I don’t right away then I forget to do it (oops!).

Well, last Friday Kian had his immunizations. He did have the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR vaccine - so far not problems (knock on wood) and hopefully the next week we will be clear too – this is the time when it could start showing signs of problems.

Kian’s One Year Appointment

At the appointment Kian weighed 18lbs. 2 ounces (which is a pound up from about a month earlier!) and he’s 28 inches? Sorry, I can’t remember exactly what he was! But our new Ped (Dr. Brummer) spent a good amount of time with us and talked to me about everything in detail. I really like him a lot :)

Kian’s Eating
Kian is still having some problems eating whole food versus pureed. There are some textures he’s ok with and others he is not. If this is still an issue in about 6 months, Dr. Brummer said they have oral therapy that can help Kian out in this area since he might have a problem from the NG tube he had when he was in the hospital.

Today he had Macaroni and Cheese for the first time and LOVED it! I am trying to branch out a bit in what he will eat but trying not to push him too much. He really enjoyed feeding himself and so did I as it gave me some time to do somethings in the kitchen while he ate :)

Things have become a little busier these days for us for many different reasons – I hope to do a weekly update when possible! Thanks for stopping in :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things…

  • How Kian nestles right up to me after Jamie finishes his bedtime story and hands him over to me for the final stage of his bedtime routine
  • Kian rubing his eyes with his blanket that has become his “lovey” – I used to swaddle him in them
  • Kian’s kisses and cuddles (the kisses he is stingy with!)
  • Kian laughing so hard at Toby that he falls over! (especially if Daddy is playing with Toby)
  • NAPTIME! hehe
  • Frosties from Wendy’s!
  • A shower on the weekend when I can take my time and know that Kian is safe having Daddy time.
  • How shy Kian gets when people talk to him when we are out and about – he smiles and then hides his head on my shoulder
  • Playing peek-a-boo through his “house” door
  • Kian’s cute little laugh that makes his whole body shake
  • Curling up in bed with Jamie at night and just talking about the days events

Granna and Papaw Hedrick, Kian sick again, and other things….

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. After I updated my blog the last time, Jamie’s Mom and Stepdad were here visiting for a week and a half. We had a wonderful visit with them. They arrived on Kian’s birthday and were able to celebrate with us :) It was very nice to have them there :) Kian and I didn’t really do much with them outside the house that week. Kian was just getting over a cold and I wanted to make sure he didn’t skip any naps. So Jane and Russell did touristy things on their own mostly while Kian napped. We did all get to go to the Winchester House in San Jose. Kian did great despite starting to get sick again.

After they left Kian’s cold got worse and I had to take him to the doctor. Kian started to wheeze toward the end of my in-laws trip and I was getting concerned.

We met Kian’s Pediatrician for the first time last week. He is very knowledgeable and explained things to me that was happening with Kian’s breathing in a way I could understand. He also gave me things to look for with Kian getting worse. He gave me a prescription for Albuterol to use with Kian’s nebulizer two times a day (morning and before bed). Basically the medicine is put in a machine and it blows a “mist” into Kian’s face and he breathes in until it’s gone. It’s not fun because it takes a while and Kian wants to play with it. Thank God that I TiVoed Sesame Street a few days in a row because he loves to watch the puppets and colors. Having him watch it makes the treatments a lot easier on us both.

The Dr. told us that if the he continues to wheeze with every cold he’s had he might have asthma (wonderful!). I have exercise induces asthma as well as my sister and my mom’s cousin has it really bad….so hopefully he doesn’t have it at all. It sure is scary when you aren’t sure what’s happening with your child’s airway and breathing.

Good news (so far anyway) is that Kian woke up this morning without any wheezing! I didn’t give him a treatment this morning but hopefully he will be good to go for the rest of the day :) So, almost a week of treatments and he’s doing better. I am hoping that both me and Jamie can have a full night’s sleep tonight – we have been up a lot with Kian after he goes to bed at night. I am also hoping that Kian is well enough on Friday to have his immunizations so he doesn’t get too far off track with them.

Other Visitors

On Sunday our friends Steve and Lisa came to visit. They live in Seattle now and were here to visit Lisa’s family in San Jose (it’s about 15 mins from here). We were so glad we were able to see them. Jamie and I were talking that it was amazing how we just felt like they had never left when we haven’t seen them for about 3 months! The last time they saw Kian he was crawling backwards so he got to show them some new tricks :) We sure miss having them near us but we are very glad that they try to see us when they are in town.

Moving Update

Yes, we are still unpacking….seems like it will take FOREVER! It’s amazing how little I can do during the day with a 12 month old at my heels. Overnight he as seemed to become a toddler – demanding more of my attention and thinking that he can touch and do everything he wants…if you tell him no he has a tantrum. I guess this is great prep for the terrible two’s – I sure hope they aren’t too bad though because sometimes I want to yank all my hair out LOL

Well, the little man is up from a nap so I better sign off….I will try to write more later.

(I have returned to add more now that Kian is in bed)

Waving and signing!

Kian has started waving recently! It has taken him a while to catch on. On Saturday Gina from Mom’s Group in SLO was in town with her daughter Danielle and she waved at Kian and I think he thought…’hey I can do that too’ and waved back at her for the first time! He has waved a few other times to cashiers in stores, but not too often. I am just glad he finally caught on!

Also, recently I discovered that Kian has been doing the sign for “finished.” I have been doing this sign with him since he started to eat solids and just now I realized he was signing it to me! The sign is putting your hands up and then moving them at the wrist in a circular motion (I hope I am describing them right! lol) I usually can only do it with one hand because I have something in the other and Kian does it with one hand too!

Today he also gave me a kiss after I asked for one. We were playing and he wanted to cuddle a little and I asked him, “Can I have a kiss?” And he did! Kian’s kisses pretty slobbery but they are cherished :) He basically just opens his mouth and puts it on yours. He doesn’t do it very often but he gave me several kisses this afternoon and gave Jamie some too after he asked for them! I guess he was just being a lovey guy!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Second Mother's Day and other odds and ends...

Since Mother’s Day is the same day as Kian’s birthday, Jamie decided to give me my gifts tonight and celebrate a little today. He got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card that had a gift certificate in it for a one hour massage! I can’t wait to use it!

Thinking back to about last Mother’s Day, I was knocking on the door to heaven….I am so glad that I am here to celebrate another one.


Will it ever end! lol Well, I have my kitchen unpacked finally but we still have boxes covering the other half of our two car garage! We are working on it slowly but surely. It will be nice once it’s all done and we can finally feel like this is home. Unpacking takes a long time when you have a one year old at your feet!

Our First Visitors

Our first visitors to our place were Peter and Priscilla Rynning. They live in SLO and Priscilla’s parents live about a mile away from us and they were going to visit for Mother’s Day. It was so nice to see them :)

We will also have some other visitors coming tomorrow afternoon. Jamie’s Mom and Step-dad (Jane and Russell) will be here until next Tuesday visiting and seeing California some. Unfortunately Kian’s not at an age where he can do much site seeing he would be skipping naps and he’s still getting over his cold so that’s not an option. We will be able to do some site seeing close to home though – the Winchester mansion is in San Jose and it’s not that far of a drive for us.

Kian’s Birthday

We have got several cards in the mail and gifts as well. I have decorated with the things I bought a while ago – I have a table cloth, plates, napkins, #1 candle and hats for us all toe wear. I also put up the card holder and sign that my Aunt Lori had specially made for Kian that says “Happy Birthday Kian.” I will take photos of it all and hopefully we can get it all loaded up soon.

Also, Safeway (a grocery store here) gives free cakes on your baby’s first birthday so we have a beautiful cake decorated for Kian and waiting for us all to dig into tomorrow. I have a feeling that even though Kian’s not eating whole foods real well yet that he will be eating that cake! Hehe


Ok, it's mainly big for me....I didn't want to tell anyone about it until he was doing it for more than a week...Kian goes to sleep without any rocking from me (also unswaddled)! In fact he wants me to do limited rocking with him! I used to have to rock him for about a half hour before every nap and before bed. Now I just do our routine and then lay him down and he's off to sleep! At least now I can enjoy the rocking and cuddling we get in before I lay him down...before it was a chore now I look forward to those snuggles. :)

Reminiscing about Kian’s birth…

Well, about now I was in labor and had contractions for over 24 was contractions every hour but it didn't start getting closer until later on at night...we went to the hospital at 4AM and at about 8PM I was taken in for an emergency c-section. Kian was born at 8:58PM on May 8th :) I remember feeling the C-Section so I was in pain but when I heard him cry that pain lessened by about joke! I remember feeling my heart jump with love as I heard his first cries.

Even though the birth experience was not at all what I wanted, I got my little man :) Here's a photo of me and Kian meeting for the first time:

I cannot believe that a year has gone by already! It seems like yesterday I had a big belly and was having a hard time getting shoes on my feet!

This year has been very eventful...mostly not in a good way
with all of Kian's health issues and the colic that he had during the first 4 months of life. I was just looking at some old photos on my computer and saw this one:

Yeah, you can guess that the only one having a fit is my little guy...I think he was about 3 months old at that time. At least now we mainly see smiles on Kian's face. He sure turned out to be mostly a happy baby :) If you would have told me that back at the time that this photo was taken, I would have thought you were CRAZY! hehe

Though all the rough times we have had this year, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so proud of my little man. It's bitter-sweet to watch them grow want them to grow and be their own person and have freedom but at the same time I want to seal up the moments I have rocking Kian and things in a time capsule to open when he's 18 and graduating from high school. Right now I am going to enjoy every cuddle, hug, and kiss that I can.

What a precious gift God has given me. Happy birthday, little man :) I love you so much!
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kian and I are sick :(

Well, Thursday Kian started to show signs that he was getting a meeting with Ann was called off as I don't want little Trevan to get sick (with how young he is he can't have any meds at all). Well, Friday I started to feel really sick too. Kian and I have been battling this nasty cold and stuffy nose for a while now....I'm run down and he's whinny which makes it very difficult to get through the day....not to mention do the unpacking that needs to get done! Our house is still in shambles.

We would appreciate your prayers!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Well, we are moved to our new place in Sunnyvale. We are not completely unpacked yet but I hope that we will be unpacked by the end of the year (just kidding! – but it sure it taking a long time!). It’s been pretty hard unpacking with Kian at my feet. He doesn’t want me to be out of his sight at the moment so it makes it pretty hard to do much of anything while he is up. Right now he’s napping so I have a few minutes to type (where our computers are is not a safe place for him to cruise around in at the moment.) Tomorrow my friend Ann is coming with her 3 month old son Trevan (Tray-vin) to help me watch Kian while I unpack…even if I don’t get much done I will be so glad to see a familiar face and have some adult conversation…not to mention this will be the first time that I get to meet little Tre :)

When we get more settled I will take some photos of our place. We have a very roomy living room that Kian’s toys are scattered all over! hehe Although he seems to like playing with our shoes or the boxes more than his toys at the moment! He’s having a grand time exploring our new place. We had him pretty confined at our other place for safety reasons. We have pretty much made the living room a place where he can cruise around. I am hoping to get our place baby proofed soon so he can have pretty much free reign. The kitchen was a fine place for him to be until he saw me open a cabinet door and now he loves to open and shut them – he pinched his fingers this morning and there are cleaning supplies in there so how the kitchen is off limits to him unless I am right there watching him closely.

Toby and Allie are enjoying the new place. Allie meowed a lot before our stuff got here…woke us up at about 5AM every morning! I was about ready to give her away! Toby love our little fenced in patio area. Yesterday I just left the door open for him (while Kian was napping so wouldn’t be temped to out the door) and Toby was just sunning himself. When I went out to get him I noticed Allie was outside too! So now anytime the screen doors are open (we have three in the house) she goes outside. If Jamie hadn’t have had to take some boxes out to the garage last night Allie would have been left out there! We have to be a little more careful with that now that she wants to get out too!

Well, I need to get back to unpacking/eating lunch before the little man gets up! I will try to write more later :)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Moving Date is Set!

We hired a movers a few days ago. They are coming to pack our stuff on Wednesday, Thursday the truck is going to come and pick it up all up and Saturday morning it will be delivered!

It's kind of strange not to do really any packing other than what we need to bring with us for the day or so we will be at our place without our things! But it has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders - we are getting everything else ready that we know we won't be able to attend to for a few days. I have also been printing off directions from our place to other places around town like Target, Toys R Us and Ikea (woot!). I have also been doing some research on baby proofing stuff so we can get that done pretty much right away. Kian didn't have freedom to roam here because we didn't want to baby proof seeing we knew we would be leaving soon. He will have a lot to discover when we are all ready for him :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Oprah Show Called Me!

Yep! They called while I was gone! (I forgot to put this in my last blog entry - tells you how crazy things are here that I forgot about something like this!) I listened to the messages on the machine and this lady said, "This is Erin from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Please give me a call at soon as you can" I called her back and she said that she already had what she needed lol! She told me it was in regards to my response to the show about pathelogic liars. I didn't remember until then what I wrote them about...but after I hung up with her a remembered and I knew why I actually wrote them! I was LIVID! The show about about this lady who lied that her 6 week old baby had stopped breathing and they put the baby through a bunch of tests including a spinal tap! I have heard those are VERY painful and I was so mad! Kian was just getting over being sick for the 17th time (or so it seemed) and it was painful for me to see him need and IV, a feeding tube and other things that I wrote to the Oprah Show and told them that I thought this lady should be brought up on child abuse charges for what she did to her daughter.

Anyway, I missed out! Bummer! But I was surprised to get a call from them. I have a feeling that they maybe wanted me to read my letter over the phone or something. If they wanted me to be there with that woman they would have had to put me across the stage from her because I would gave given her more than just a spinal tap! LOL

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Have Returned to SLO from the Bay Area...

Our New Place!
Jamie, Kian and I just got back from the Bay Area today. After some searching we found a great place! It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse with a small backyard but big enough for Toby to roam in and to have a grill (YES!!). It also has a two car garage with a lot of storage space. We are excited to get the move on the way. Right now we are just securing movers, but we hope to be up there by next week this time.

Here is our new address:
1205 Blackberry Ter.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2064

We will have a home phone hooked up when we get there. So, while we are between houses we will be using our cells.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts for us! Now we just need to be praying we can get the movers in here and packing us up and up to Sunnyvale by this time next week! :)


Jamie, Kian and I went to EA to get Jamie’s paperwork signed and we also went on a bit of a tour of the place. WOW! I seriously don’t know what else to say! I was amazed at the size of this place! It reminded me of being on UWEC campus! There are a several buildings, two cafeterias, a gym that is run by Gym One and is free for us BOTH to use any Gym One in the area!, a store where Jamie gets some good deals on EA games and other stuff like shirts of Kian hehe. They also have services like they have someone come in a detail your car for about $20, dry cleaning pickup….there are just SO many things! lol It’s so big that when I come to visit Jamie I need to get a visitor’s pass and have him meet me in the lobby!!!! EA is a great company to work for and the project that Jamie is working on is HUGE…I will actually say what it is when I can (we are still trying to find out if we can say anything or not yet).

Friday, April 08, 2005

Job Hunt is Over!

We accepted an offer with EA in Redwood City, CA! Jamie’s start date is April 25 so we are going up to the area Monday to look around for places to live. Thankfully EA gave us a LARGE sum of money to move with so we are kenneling Toby at our vets (which is will be like heaven for him from what they tell me – I am going to check it out tomorrow). I just hope that Kian does well with the travel. We hope to get a suite room so that Kian can have a dark, quiet room to sleep in for naps and we can have a microwave and things like that to prepare his food.

We are excited about the move and Jamie is excited to be working on this BIG project (I’m not sure I can say what it is yet, but it’s HUGE). I am sad to see my friends go and to leave Dr. Bravo (Kian’s amazing pediatrician) but a new adventure is ahead of us.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Job Hunt Update Part 2

Stresses are running pretty high in our household. I have started to clear out the freezer and started cutting back on spending money on groceries and whatnot to save up for our big move. Jamie already has an offer on the table with a company in the Bay Area and is going up to Seattle tomorrow morning (5AM!). We are just trying to keep our options open. We will probably have a decision on Friday afternoon!

I will post more when I know it :)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Traveling for Interviews

It’s official. Jamie has an interview in the SF bay area on Monday. They are flying him up there! It’s only a 3 hour drive! Anyway, he will be gone ALL day long. Then he leaves super early on Thursday for Seattle and won’t be back until late on Friday. Please keep us in your prayers as this is a huge step in the interview process. We are praying for offers and that Jamie gets a feel if this is a place he should work and where we should move. Pray for safe travel and for protection for me and Kian as we will be home alone on those nights.

The neat thing about Seattle is that Jamie gets to see Steve and Lisa – our friends that just moved up there in February! I am SO jealous!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Job Hunt Update

As of right now Jamie has some good leads on jobs. He will be going up to Seattle on Thursday for an interview and hopefully will have another one with a different company in the San Francisco Bay area earlier in the week. Things seem to be moving pretty quickly for him in the job area which is a HUGE blessing.

We also found out that we will have insurance through April. That was a huge stress off my shoulders with how easily Kian gets sick.

Also, some friends from my Mom’s Group have volunteered their services to pack or play with Kian while I pack…either way I am SO grateful for those ladies! Right now I am overwhelmed with the thought of packing…but I better get a move on it very soon as we don’t know when we will be leaving.


The teething fiasco seems to be over for the moment anyway. Kian cut his fourth tooth yesterday or the day before. He was much less cranky today. It was sad to see those little bare gums go but he does look really cute with his little teeth :) I will take a photo of his new teeth when I get a chance. I have to say, I am so very glad that I am not breastfeeding anymore…those teeth are sharp!

Kian ate mashed potatoes tonight!

While we were eating we put him in his high chair and gave him a blob of potatoes. I wasn’t quite sure about them at first and we tried to put them in his mouth but he didn’t want anything to do with that and spit it out. What a little turkey! hehe Kian just played with them but eventually some made it to his mouth and he really liked them :) I am hoping he really starts making leaps and bounds toward eating whole type food. Right now he doesn’t even eat the Gerber puffs. He just puts one in his mouth, crunches a little, then spits it out. Then he puts another puff in. Needless to say there are a lot just barely wet puffs in the lip of is bib when I pick him up hehe

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our Bad News….

Oddworld is closing down in two weeks. We heard last Wednesday that this might be a possibility but not likely. Jamie started to look for a job right away though just in case. He has a few leads with several different companies thanks to friends he’s made through Oddworld that are already gone or leaving.

We could use a lot of your prayers and positive thoughts right now. We are praying that Jamie gets a job soon…but the stress of moving will be even greater with a baby (not to mention the truck load of stuff that will be all his!)

I will post if I have more news.

Test Results, Real Food and Crappy Easter...

The Test Results Are…

ALL NEGATIVE! I have had this information for some time but haven’t had a chance to get it up in my blog. Jamie and I were pretty sure Kian was fine but we wanted to have those results to confirm it.

Crappy Easter :(

No, that is not a typo…it was pretty crappy. We went down to see my Aunt Lori, Uncle Dave, and cousin Maggie for the weekend. We decided to go down on Friday during Kian’s first nap – which is between 10:30 and 11AM. He decided not to nap at all during the 3 hour drive. We stopped right outside of Santa Barbara to give Kian a rest and feed him lunch (that’s about the half way mark). It was pretty nice – we found a place where we were up top a cliff that over looked the beach. We even saw a school of dolphins go by!

After we got to my Aunt’s I hoped Kian would nap…but he wouldn’t. I think that he was very over stimulated by his surroundings. All he wanted to do was look around…I didn’t realize until then that I usually have Kian in a low lit room when he naps and the room we were had a lot of light in it. I hoped that night Kian would sleep well. He did go down well but disaster started at about 1:30AM. My iPod decided to stop working and woke me up. Jamie came in to figure out what was wrong (he was playing a video game with Dave) and Kian woke up the second he came in. He wet through is overnite diaper in just 5 hours of sleep! When I changed it him it was like he had been in it for about 12 hours. I think he wasn’t relaxed all day with no sleep that it just all built up. I changed his PJ’s, his blankets and luckily I had a quilt he was used to over the sheet in the pack ‘n play so he would have a dry place to lay. I tried to get him back to sleep and once again he was over stimulated. I left the room and let him just work it out on his own…he usually does this at night and just plays quietly before he goes to sleep. An hour later Jamie and I came back up and the door woke him up…apparently he was not in a deep sleep. After he woke up that time he wanted to be up. I tried several times to get him to sleep…I tried rocking him, standing and swaying, bringing him to bed, but nothing was working. This kid was used to sleeping a total of 16 hours a day and he only had 5. Once 3:30AM rolled around Jamie and I thought it was a good idea if we left for home. We didn’t foresee things getting any better….he was just too over stimulated and didn’t have conditions that he was used to at all in his own room (there aren’t any blinds in the room we were in so it was fairly well lit at night as well as during the day). We were on the road by 4AM.

Needless to say, Saturday was pretty rough for us all. Kian didn’t nap but only a half hour the entire way home. I was shocked as about half of our drive was done in the dark. I guess he just continued with the over stimulation or curiosity of wanting to see what was going on outside. Jamie and I switched off throughout the day where one of us would nap and the other would care for Kian. I have to say I had memories of sitting in the ER when Jamie had his kidney stone as I was up all night for that too…at least now I had Jamie’s help with Kian.
I fed Kian when we got home after I let him crawl around for a bit and stretch his legs. Then he went down for a nap with pretty much no effort from me….minimal rocking. He only napped for a half hour to 45 mins. He was a crank throughout the day. He did take a second nap that I had to wake him from so he wouldn’t sleep too long. He slept about 2 and a half hours.

So, needless to day Kian’s first Easter was pretty much non-existent. I didn’t have any food to prepare for the holiday. We didn’t even have an Easter basket for Kian. We did get him gift though – the bunnies from the Guess How Much I Love You book that we read to him every night before bed. Also, my Mom sent him some things for him to play with that he loves :)

Anyway, Kian’s still a little off schedule, but doing a bit better. Right now I think he’s having some teething pain so he’s been a crank all day again.

Kian Ate Some Real Food!!!!!!

Yeah, it’s a miracle! I thought he would be 17 and I would have to feed him baby food (not really but it almost seemed that way! lol) He has seemed very interested in my food and I have thought about giving him some but hesitated. Sunday I was eating a corn puff snack called Pirates Booty. It has a cheese coating and it salty. I figured that it might encourage him to eat…not to mention it pretty much dissolves in his mouth. So, I gave him a bite and he just spit it out! That’s leaps above him vomiting it out lol! Soon he got it gooey enough to swallow! I gave him one more and Jamie asked me if I wanted to try to feed him some Gerber puffs. I bought some that are Sweet Potato flavored at the suggestion of my friend Samantha who said they dissolve easily (thanks Samantha!). So now Kian is eating some puffs before I feed him...I put him in his high chair and give him some while I get his food prepared. He will put one in his mouth and then keep his hand there because he spits it right back out! But he does put the puff back in and does this repeatedly until it's ate or falls out of his reach (there are a lot on his seat when I pick him up after the meal! hehe) I feel like this is such a HUGE step for Kian! Way to go big guy! Maybe you will be able to eat cake for your birthday after all! hehe

One more Tooth…for now!

Kian is cutting his fourth tooth (one of the top front ones). I think it just poked through today (3/28). He didn’t want me to leave his sight all day long so needless to say there was quite a bit of whining going on in our house which drives me crazy! lol We just kept giving him Tylenol and Oragel. Hopefully the worst is over…well that is until another set of teeth decide to make an appearance.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Forgot to Post This!

I honestly think that over the last few weeks my mind was fried…ok, it’s been fried since before the birth with pregnancy brain, then Mommy brain…what is it called when it gets worse LOL

Anyway, I realized that I forgot to post about some of Kian’s milestones! I would say right around the time that he had bronchitis he started to crawl forward and pull up on things! I remember at the time wondering how he had the energy to that stuff when he didn’t feel good! He is all over the place now. We have had to set up barricades in the living room – a storage container and a laundry basket with blankets and a ream of paper to weigh it down keeps him jailed in and away from the tile floor and Toby’s dish. He’s getting better and better on his feet and he’s cruising around a lot. It’s bitter sweet to have him doing all these things…sad because it means he’s growing up and bitter because he’s more of a handful now! lol

Kian’s Birthday!

Kian’s Birthday is quickly approaching! I can’t believe that in about a month and a half he will be a year old! Jamie and I were looking at some video from when we were in the hospital…it seems like yesterday that he had that sweet smell about him and was so warm and cuddly…now he smells like the yogurt he likes to put in his hair when I feed him and he squirmy! hehe

This weekend I went out and bought party things for his birthday. We won’t have a big celebration. My Aunt Lori and Uncle Dave will be coming up from Moorpark (about 3 hours away) to celebrate with us. Even though it will be a small crowd, I wanted to have some special plates and things that said he was turning one :) I can only hope that he will be able to eat some cake and not vomit it up! lol

More Teeth - He's Up To Three Now

Kian cut his first top tooth today. I knew they would poke through any day now…today was the day :) I can see and feel the little sharp thing…boy am I glad we aren’t breastfeeding anymore! hehe

Oh yeah, that’s another thing I didn’t post about…Kian pretty much weaned himself when he had bronchitis. He didn’t want anything to do with the breast. We were just breastfeeding at night before bed and in the morning after he wakes up so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but still we are all through now.

Anyway, Kian has been a SUPER crank or what I like to call him the Crank of America lately. I know his teeth are bugging him but sheesh! I was thinking about putting him up for auction on ebay lol (not really, of course!) Today he was such a crank that he decided he wasn’t going to nap for more than 15 minutes for both naps today. Let’s just say that right now I am spent! At least he’s sleeping right now…but I barely got anything done all day today….I was having flashbacks to the days when he wouldn’t let me put him down AT ALL and I never got a thing done (back then I couldn’t even put him in the infant carrier and put that on the grocery cart – he wanted nothing to do with that so I had to carry him in the front carrier).

Up a Clothing Size – Almost lol

Kian started to wear more of his 6-9 month clothing now :) Yipee! Pants are still a problem for him. The 6-9 month stuff still just falls right off his body but the 3-6 month are still working for now. I am hoping that he puts some meat on around his waist before his legs get too long for the pants he can wear now!

Mom and Dad’s Date Night :)

Jamie and I got a night out last night :) I had seen a commercial for a live performance of the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I told Jamie about it and he looked into getting tickets and we are lucky we got them! The troop was only performing one night and it was sold out!

For those of you who don’t know, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my favorite musical. I have watched it countless times! The movie version stars the late great Howard Keel who passed away last year (he was in Show Boat and Kiss Me Kate as well). I think it was filmed in the late 1940’s. So needless to say, we were probably part of the 5% who were below the age of 40! Most of the people there were older and I even heard a lady behind me saying that the last time she saw the musical was in the movie theatre! Wow!

The show was amazing! It was put on by a troop from New York City and had some GREAT dancers in it. There is a HUGE dance scene that I wondered if it would rival the one on the movie and it sure did! They did an amazing job…so much so that I would have seen it another time if they were there another night!

My Great Aunt Connie introduced me to this musical when I was about 10 years old and I have loved it ever since. She passed away a few years ago…I have to say I thought about her a lot last night and feel like she was looking down on me as I watched the show.

Kian had a good evening too with Granna Priscilla :) (For those of you who don’t know, I used to live with Priscilla when I worked with the Navigators at Cal Poly.) He was up for another hour after we left for the play and Priscilla said that he did great. At least he’s not having separation anxiety yet! It would make it a lot harder to leave him if he was upset when we left. Priscilla said that he had a great time playing and went to sleep rather quickly – how nice that he does these things when I am not here! (do you hear the sarcasm in my words lol) Anyway, thanks Priscilla and I look forward to having that Monte Cristo at Madonna Inn after the holidays!

Lab Results Aren’t In Yet

I called today to see if the results are back yet and the person I spoke to said she didn’t see it. There are some new people in Dr. Bravo’s office. I know that Kian’s favorite nurse, Stacy, will be working tomorrow so I will give a call then and ask to speak to her to see if I can get some answers. The CF (cystic fibrosis) test is suppose to take 3-5 days to get results…tomorrow it will be 7 days. I feel in my heart that Kian is fine but it sure would be nice to have some results to back that gut feeling up. I will post as soon as I know anything.