Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Well, we are moved to our new place in Sunnyvale. We are not completely unpacked yet but I hope that we will be unpacked by the end of the year (just kidding! – but it sure it taking a long time!). It’s been pretty hard unpacking with Kian at my feet. He doesn’t want me to be out of his sight at the moment so it makes it pretty hard to do much of anything while he is up. Right now he’s napping so I have a few minutes to type (where our computers are is not a safe place for him to cruise around in at the moment.) Tomorrow my friend Ann is coming with her 3 month old son Trevan (Tray-vin) to help me watch Kian while I unpack…even if I don’t get much done I will be so glad to see a familiar face and have some adult conversation…not to mention this will be the first time that I get to meet little Tre :)

When we get more settled I will take some photos of our place. We have a very roomy living room that Kian’s toys are scattered all over! hehe Although he seems to like playing with our shoes or the boxes more than his toys at the moment! He’s having a grand time exploring our new place. We had him pretty confined at our other place for safety reasons. We have pretty much made the living room a place where he can cruise around. I am hoping to get our place baby proofed soon so he can have pretty much free reign. The kitchen was a fine place for him to be until he saw me open a cabinet door and now he loves to open and shut them – he pinched his fingers this morning and there are cleaning supplies in there so how the kitchen is off limits to him unless I am right there watching him closely.

Toby and Allie are enjoying the new place. Allie meowed a lot before our stuff got here…woke us up at about 5AM every morning! I was about ready to give her away! Toby love our little fenced in patio area. Yesterday I just left the door open for him (while Kian was napping so wouldn’t be temped to out the door) and Toby was just sunning himself. When I went out to get him I noticed Allie was outside too! So now anytime the screen doors are open (we have three in the house) she goes outside. If Jamie hadn’t have had to take some boxes out to the garage last night Allie would have been left out there! We have to be a little more careful with that now that she wants to get out too!

Well, I need to get back to unpacking/eating lunch before the little man gets up! I will try to write more later :)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Moving Date is Set!

We hired a movers a few days ago. They are coming to pack our stuff on Wednesday, Thursday the truck is going to come and pick it up all up and Saturday morning it will be delivered!

It's kind of strange not to do really any packing other than what we need to bring with us for the day or so we will be at our place without our things! But it has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders - we are getting everything else ready that we know we won't be able to attend to for a few days. I have also been printing off directions from our place to other places around town like Target, Toys R Us and Ikea (woot!). I have also been doing some research on baby proofing stuff so we can get that done pretty much right away. Kian didn't have freedom to roam here because we didn't want to baby proof seeing we knew we would be leaving soon. He will have a lot to discover when we are all ready for him :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Oprah Show Called Me!

Yep! They called while I was gone! (I forgot to put this in my last blog entry - tells you how crazy things are here that I forgot about something like this!) I listened to the messages on the machine and this lady said, "This is Erin from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Please give me a call at .....as soon as you can" I called her back and she said that she already had what she needed lol! She told me it was in regards to my response to the show about pathelogic liars. I didn't remember until then what I wrote them about...but after I hung up with her a remembered and I knew why I actually wrote them! I was LIVID! The show about about this lady who lied that her 6 week old baby had stopped breathing and they put the baby through a bunch of tests including a spinal tap! I have heard those are VERY painful and I was so mad! Kian was just getting over being sick for the 17th time (or so it seemed) and it was painful for me to see him need and IV, a feeding tube and other things that I wrote to the Oprah Show and told them that I thought this lady should be brought up on child abuse charges for what she did to her daughter.

Anyway, I missed out! Bummer! But I was surprised to get a call from them. I have a feeling that they maybe wanted me to read my letter over the phone or something. If they wanted me to be there with that woman they would have had to put me across the stage from her because I would gave given her more than just a spinal tap! LOL

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Have Returned to SLO from the Bay Area...

Our New Place!
Jamie, Kian and I just got back from the Bay Area today. After some searching we found a great place! It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse with a small backyard but big enough for Toby to roam in and to have a grill (YES!!). It also has a two car garage with a lot of storage space. We are excited to get the move on the way. Right now we are just securing movers, but we hope to be up there by next week this time.

Here is our new address:
1205 Blackberry Ter.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2064

We will have a home phone hooked up when we get there. So, while we are between houses we will be using our cells.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts for us! Now we just need to be praying we can get the movers in here and packing us up and up to Sunnyvale by this time next week! :)


Jamie, Kian and I went to EA to get Jamie’s paperwork signed and we also went on a bit of a tour of the place. WOW! I seriously don’t know what else to say! I was amazed at the size of this place! It reminded me of being on UWEC campus! There are a several buildings, two cafeterias, a gym that is run by Gym One and is free for us BOTH to use any Gym One in the area!, a store where Jamie gets some good deals on EA games and other stuff like shirts of Kian hehe. They also have services like they have someone come in a detail your car for about $20, dry cleaning pickup….there are just SO many things! lol It’s so big that when I come to visit Jamie I need to get a visitor’s pass and have him meet me in the lobby!!!! EA is a great company to work for and the project that Jamie is working on is HUGE…I will actually say what it is when I can (we are still trying to find out if we can say anything or not yet).

Friday, April 08, 2005

Job Hunt is Over!

We accepted an offer with EA in Redwood City, CA! Jamie’s start date is April 25 so we are going up to the area Monday to look around for places to live. Thankfully EA gave us a LARGE sum of money to move with so we are kenneling Toby at our vets (which is will be like heaven for him from what they tell me – I am going to check it out tomorrow). I just hope that Kian does well with the travel. We hope to get a suite room so that Kian can have a dark, quiet room to sleep in for naps and we can have a microwave and things like that to prepare his food.

We are excited about the move and Jamie is excited to be working on this BIG project (I’m not sure I can say what it is yet, but it’s HUGE). I am sad to see my friends go and to leave Dr. Bravo (Kian’s amazing pediatrician) but a new adventure is ahead of us.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Job Hunt Update Part 2

Stresses are running pretty high in our household. I have started to clear out the freezer and started cutting back on spending money on groceries and whatnot to save up for our big move. Jamie already has an offer on the table with a company in the Bay Area and is going up to Seattle tomorrow morning (5AM!). We are just trying to keep our options open. We will probably have a decision on Friday afternoon!

I will post more when I know it :)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Traveling for Interviews

It’s official. Jamie has an interview in the SF bay area on Monday. They are flying him up there! It’s only a 3 hour drive! Anyway, he will be gone ALL day long. Then he leaves super early on Thursday for Seattle and won’t be back until late on Friday. Please keep us in your prayers as this is a huge step in the interview process. We are praying for offers and that Jamie gets a feel if this is a place he should work and where we should move. Pray for safe travel and for protection for me and Kian as we will be home alone on those nights.

The neat thing about Seattle is that Jamie gets to see Steve and Lisa – our friends that just moved up there in February! I am SO jealous!