Sunday, August 07, 2011

U2 360 in the (RED) Zone!

Tuesday, July 5th my husband and I headed up to Chicago to see U2 for the second time this tour. We were supposed to be at this very show last year, but the tour was postponed after Bono injured his back. Thankfully our tickets (purchased 18 months prior to this date) were still good! So all we had to do was show up :)

Our tickets were in a very special area; the (RED) Zone. If you're not familiar with Product (RED) here's a short explaination. Companies provide (RED) products for people to buy and a portion of the sale goes to (RED). The consumer gets a product and also buys AIDS/HIV meds for women in Africa. (RED) has saved so many lives over the last 10 years or so - you should check it out! Everyone uses something that is provided through Product (RED) :)

Anyway, our tickets were (RED) Zone tickets which put us on the outside ring of the stage. And not only that, it helped to buy quite a bit of AIDS meds - it was a major feel good purchase for me in many ways :)

Wonder how close we were to the stage? Check out the photo below. The outter ring was just feet away from us.

And here I am with my wonderful husband who puts up with my crazy U2 fandom :) The "Claw" is right behind us. Pretty cool self photo!

After the show started I could barely believe my eyes. This was the 7th U2 show I had been to and the closest I had ever been to the stage. I was able to see the guys without having to look at the screen (and they weren't as big as ants when I did lol).

Since we were on Adam's side of the stage, he came out on the outter ring more than any other band member. And he usually stood in our section for a few minutes rather than just walking by which is what everyone else pretty much did. Check out the super cool photo my hubby got for Adam.

Bono took his time coming down from center stage to our area. He only walked by (ok, he slowly swaggered in his Bono way) but you better believe I reached out as far as I could trying to touch him! I could not believe I was that close to him!

Below is a photo of Bono as he walked past us for a second time :)

I honestly could go on for days about how amazing the concert was. One very special thing happened that I will never forget. When they played Where the Street Have No Name, it started to rain...just a short rain... But even Bono acknowledged how special it was saying that something special always happens at their concerts in Chicago - and even highlighted saying during their Popmart Tour that their stop in Chicago gave them a confidence in what they were doing.

It was an amazing night of music that also touched my soul - just as every other show I have ever been to has done.

Enjoy the video below. It's of Bono walking by and making eye contact with my husband as he was filming (hence the crotch shot by accident lol)