Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas at the Durall's

This Christmas was very nice :) Jamie's Dad (Grandad) and Step-mom (Nan) came for a few days and spent Christmas with us! It was very nice to have family here for Christmas :) I made a nice dinner for us all (that gave us A LOT of left overs) and I think that everyone really enjoyed the ham with my special glaze (I was pretty proud of that - even Kian loved it!)

Kian had a great time opening gifts - although he really wanted to look at and play with each one so it took a lot of coaxing for us to get him to open them one right after another. We asked Santa to put all the gifts outside of the gate (we have a gate surrounding our tree) so that Kian could get to them. Kian didn't want to drink his morning milk on Christmas morning because he wanted to get to his gifts! Also, Santa brought him a basketball hoop that was Santa assembled and had under the tree. Kian LOVED that an still is enjoying it :) Grandad and Daddy sure liked it too ;) He got so many toys that we decided to open a few at a time so he could really enjoy each one - I am about to go into his stash to open another box for him tomorrow :)

Kian also had a bit of a language explosion of sorts over the holiday. He is now saying "please" among other things (I can't think of exacts but he's really trying hard to say everything we ask him to). I sure wish I knew what he was saying most of the time hehe but I know that we will in time :)

Right now we are all recovering from the holidays. Jamie has had off for the last two weeks which has been great! Me, on the other end I have been sick so I have been in bed most of the time :( Jamie sure has been a great help in that department though! He's been really keeping up with the house and with Kian wonderfully! I wish I had words to thank him for being such a great Dad and Hubby!

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I can get back into the weekly updates - it's a New Years Resolution ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kian didn't like Santa :(

We took Kian to see Santa today...he's been a bit cranky lately from the last of his teeth coming in, so part of me wondered if he would cry.

This Santa was awesome! He had a real beard and everything! When I sat Kian on his lap, Kian bawled and bawled! So Santa told ME to sit on HIS lap with Kian LOL So, we have a photo of me sitting on Sant's lap with Kian on mine with a binky in his mouth and screaming bloody murder...the lady taking the photo wanted him to look at her...I was like...we took 5 photos already! This is like torture! So, we ended up picking the best one (considering the situation lol) and I figure it will be good for Kian's scrap book....

On a side note, I am on a message board for Mom's who had babies in May 2004 and there were several kids there that freaked out at Santa. I felt good knowing we was not alone! Although, you have to admit it is a little strange to tell you kid that it's ok to sit on this oddly dressed man's lap lol!

Sorry we don't have any photos! We could not take any with our own camera but Jamie did get some video of it. I plan to take a photo of the picture and see how that turns out to post.

Hopefully next year it will be better.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome to the World, Cambria Dawn!

Jamie's best friend from High School (Michael) and his wife Jamey just had a little baby girl on December 4th! She is so cute!

Congrats Michael and Jamey on your new little addition to your family :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kian has more signs!

Kian is on a roll with being able to do sign language! He did the sign for I Love you not long ago (see previous post) and now he's doing the sign for "Hot" (we do as blowing - like on food) and "Thank you" which is .

The other day Jamie was said, "say thank you" and did the sign to him as he handed him a wagon wheel and he did it back! Then a few days ago I warmed up some food and put it on his tray..I said it was hot. He touched it and then started to blow on it! He's so smart!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Jamie always shows Kian the "I Love You" sign when he says I love you and he does it at least several times every day. Well, a few days ago we noticed that Kian was trying to do it too! He was just using his index finger and thumb though...but this morning Jamie said I love you and showed him the sign and Kian had his thumb, index finger AND pinky up! I said to Jamie, "Did you see that?!?!" Jamie agreed that he had done it! And later on Kian did the sign again! I didn't think he would be able to do the sign right for a long time because it's kind of difficult lol!

In case you aren't familiar with this sign here it is:

Also, on a side note... My mom has always used that sign with me and my sister. When I would go away on long trips to places instead of waving we would show the "I Love You" sign. I used to travel a lot by plane and when I would get in my seat I would put the my hand right up to the window and do the sign so she could see where I was and she would know I could see her too (our hometown has a VERY small airport). It's something that is special to us and I am proud that Kian can now do it too :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Update a month overdue!

Well, it’s been a while since my last update! Our home became grand central station over the last few months! Jamie’s sister came to visit for 9 days then his cousin Martin was here for a weekend soon after that and a week after that my mom arrived to spend Thanksgiving with us PHEW! lol! We sure have loved having the company though! :) I have been trying to do Christmas shopping and get our Christmas letter ready so my time has been pretty limited. All of that on top of taking care of a household and a toddler along with trying to do my warranty company work has left me with little time to spare. So, needless to say I haven’t had a lot of time lately to bring my blog up to speed :)

We are all staying well (for the most part). Kian’s wheezing is pretty much under control thanks to the steroid he’s using when he’s sick. We did have to pull out the Albuterol (for wheezing) a few weeks ago but we didn’t have to use it for very long which was great!

The Godfather: The Game is wrapping up soon and Jamie is getting ready to head to a new project – I don’t think I can say what it is yet but everyone will have an idea of what it’s about once it’s revealed. You can also take a look at Jamie’s blog for other interesting news at EA or just daddy stuff hehe

Kian is doing great! He seems to be learning more and more everyday! He finally did the “dance around in a circle” dance at gym kids on Monday! He was quite the little show off too because he was the only one doing it by himself! He even does the part where you kick your leg and hop hehe He’s so cute!

He also can point to his belly, head, hand (he gets those mixed up sometimes though!), foot and nose! He still enjoys playing with his cars – which he plays with ALL the time. He also applies the “finished” sign to pretty much everything – stories, songs, dances, playing or when he’s just plain done with a toy or going to stop something you told him “no” about a million times lol And at times I believe he’s becoming more of a toddler everyday lol A trip to the grocery store can become Mom’s worst nightmare! In general he’s very well behaved – I think this is all apart of him discovering where the boundaries are and how far he can push.

Kian’s new tricks include standing in his highchair and being able to reach things on the counter – even though he’s a small fry he can still reach things pretty easily!

Kian’s Stats!

I forgot to post Kian’s stats from his last visit to the Ped for a well check! It was for his 18 month appointment (at the beginning of November). Kian’s height was 30 ¾ which puts him in the 10-15% and his weight was 20lbs 15oz. and that puts him in the 3-5%. The Ped was not concerned though and said that these are the right numbers for Kian and his growth is making the proper curve. I figure someone has to be in those percentiles – it just happens to be our little guy!

Winter is here!

Yeah that is a little exciting because it means that things are finally cooled off and we can bring out the long sleeves! Our winter consists of rain pretty much and things get cooler. Today it is POURING outside – Thank God we don’t have anywhere to go. The last few rains have brought my flowers outside back to life – yeah, I know that sounds strange but its true! I have kind of neglected watering them toward the end of the summer (forgetfulness combined with a doubled water bill when I was watering them several times a week).

And with winter comes Christmas and decorating for the holidays :) We have our prelit tree up already and we will decorate it this weekend.

Kian is up from his nap now and I need to go and spend some time with him :) Signing off for now but hopefully I will be back to weekly if not biweekly updates ;)