Monday, August 31, 2009

Tooth Number Three!

When I took Kian to the dentist last month he let me know that four of Kian's teeth were loose. Well, one of them finally gave way! Yesterday he walked up to me with tooth in hand.

Of course the tooth fairy had to come. She gave him $5! Lucky dog! I think it's burning a hole in his Batman wallet ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

This morning marked Kian's first day of school! He woke up this morning SUPER excited! He couldn't wait to go :) Jamie and I brought him to school and walked with him inside. He seemed unsure of what to do (and we were too), but once he was in the classroom he felt much better. We were just there yesterday and his teacher, Mr. Keepes, gave him a tour and shared with him what he needed to do. Kian hopped right to it :)

We said goodbye, he barely looked up from his coloring page. I looked back though. It felt so weird leaving him there for the whole day! I know he will do great though!

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Cousin, A Scooter and Some Bean Bags...

We arrived in Kentucky late last night. This evening we had a smorgasbord of food at Aunt Linda and Uncle Norwood's house - fresh veggies from their garden, BBQ chicken and fried green tomatoes (thanks Jane!).

Right before dinner was ending, Jamie got a text from our nephew Christopher that he was coming up to visit. When Kian heard that he immediately was done with dinner, washed his hands and watched out the window until Christopher pulled up! He adores Christopher!

Earlier that day, Kian's Granna and Papaw bought him a scooter so he would have something to do at the house (and keep it there for when we come next). We brought it along with us to Linda and Norwood's house. Kian and his cousin Christopher had a BLAST with bean bags and the scooter! I think Kian can make a game out of pretty much anything.

Here are some photos from their "game."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Okie dokie artichokie

That is Kian's new favorite thing to say. He's said it quite a bit today. I couldn't figure out where he heard it -we never say it (even though it's pretty cute).

Right before lunch I figured out where he heard it....

Yesterday at registration his teacher suggested having Letter Factory by Leap Frog at home as they would use it some in the classroom. And he kids love it. Boy, he wasn't kidding!!! Kian has watched it over and over again! And yep, they say okie dokie arochokie. Lol

so if you're looking for a fun movie for your preschooler or kindergatner, this is an awsome one :)

15 more days until....

we have an official kindergartner in our house!

I signed Kian up for school yesterday, joined the PTA, met his teacher, and got a TON of paperwork and informational sheets phew! Should take me a while to get through it all.

Kian is now counting down the days until he gets to go to school! I know he will love it :)