Monday, March 31, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus 8

If you haven't watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight you should! I have really enjoyed watching the show. It's about a family that has a set of twins and then sextuplets that are pretty much the same age as Kian. It's fun to see a family interacting with their kiddos and seeing them going through some of the exact same things that we are. If you want a peak into what Kian's like right now, then watch some of their recent episodes and imagine there only being one instead of 6 LOL!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kian's Birthday Wishlists!!!

Kian's birthday is just around the corner! I cannot believe my little man will be 4!!!!

In order to make things easier on everyone, we made a list of things that Kian would love to have. He is set with summer clothing. And since most of you all don't see him very often and do not know what kinds of toys he's into or what he has, we made these lists so that we don't get duplicates and Kian gets what he would like :)

Kian also LOVES to spend money that he is given so giftcards and cash is definately something he would want :)

The links to the list are located on the right column of my blog - under Kian's Birthday Wishlists!!! Click on the link and it should take you right there :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Look and a New Address

I finally realized that I could make my own personal topper to my blog! So, I went a head and did that :)

I also decided to make this blog's web address Life With Kian. So the new link to get there is

Friday, March 21, 2008

Slide Show of our trip to Canada

Unfortuantely we didn't get any shots of that really great snowfall...we just got shots from when it started falling. Kian was so excited :)

The snow started to fall while we were in our hotel room! Kian was so excited!!


Kian in Awe of Snow!!!


Catching snowflakes on his tounge hehe

Kian on a ride at the mall :)


Making music with a new friend

Our little musician :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Preschool Teacher, Health Update, and our trip to Canada

New Preschool Teacher

So, last week I went in to drop off Kian at school to hear that his teacher had to give her two week notice :( Kian was really doing well under her instruction so I am pretty disappointed. They do have someone else who is going to be taking over. She has never taught before, so hopefully it goes well. I know that Kian will benefit from the social interactions for sure. The new teacher will start on Tuesday so we will see how it goes. Kian is so easy going, I'm sure he will love going there :)

Health Update

Kian and I ended up with ear infections last week. We both went to the doctor on Tuesday - luckily both are in the same area so I kind of made the appointments back to back. I wanted to make sure that we were both ok since we were going to be taking a long weekend trip to Canada and be on an airplane. I had some ear pain but Kian had none that I knew of and he had a pretty bad infection. We have both been on antibiotics :P

Our Trip to Canada

Kian did great on the plane rides. I made sure we had lots of snacks and such for him. It definately was a breeze flying with him having Jamie with me to help out. I didn't fare so well on the plane - I still have a bad cold and the pressure from the congestion was very painful on landing and take off. In fact, I am still dealing with a plugged ear from all of it :P

Kian got to see snow for the first time this last weekend! He was VERY excited about it! But going from about 70 degree weather to around 30 was quite a shock to him. I tried to go for a short walk with him outside and he didn't really like the cold - I don't blame him - although it didn't seem too bad to me. For him, that is the first time he felt cold like that!

We got to visit some of Jamie's friends that live in the area and Kian made some new ones too since the friends have children around Kian's age. Everyone is so friendly around there. They seem very stress free - wouldn't that be nice lol

I have to say that one BIG thing I noticed was that people in Canada are VERY allergy aware! Highly!!! There are several local bakeries that are completely nut free and at the one restaurant we ate at, we let them know of Kian's allergy (as usual) and they were keenly aware of what to look for. I am so compeltely impressed and wished that somehow this care could be passed on to Americans too!

We arrived back home on Sunday. It was nice to be home where everything was familiar and warm :)

St. Patrick's Day!

Monday was St. Patrick's Day! I hope you wore green!!!

I wasn't able to do all I had planned since we had just got back from our trip to Canada. But we did have corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage salad. Of course we all wore green, Irish shirts and I played music by the Chieftains as I cooked (ok, I listen to that normally, so I guess it wasn't different lol!). I am longing for March 17th to land on a Saturday or a Sunday to have a big shindig with friends. Ah, I guess someday it will ;)

It's kind of a bummer that Easter is less than a week away from St. Patty's Day. Kian is counting down the sleeps until the "Easter Bunny comes to our door." He's pretty excited about that, and honestly so am I ;) Having a child really brings back some magic that was lost as we grew and stopped believing in those things. Now that we ARE those "things" I guess it makes it fun ;)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kian is sick :(

I think that Jamie is battling the flu right now. Kian is running a fever of 102 - I have started him on motrin. He's in good spirits but i can tell he's congested. Please send some prayers his way...with his asthma he's high risk :( He had his flu shot this year, but it may have worn off by now...not to mention they apparently predicted the wrong strain of the virus.... Just please keep the prayers rolling.