Monday, December 14, 2009


A week ago from Saturday, we brought home a new kitten!

We said goodbye to our Allie a year ago in September. Oddly enough I see "phantom" Allie cats here and there throughout the house - I have since she passed on. I've missed her so much and even after we got Bailey, I wanted to add a cat to our family.

Last week Jamie woke up and the first thing he said to me was, "I think we should get a cat." I didn't need a cup of coffee to wake my brain up! I said, "REALLY?" about 7 octaves higher than I usually speak.

We immediately went to and found our kitty through a group called CATsNAP. They rescue cats/kittens from high kill shelters. Willow and her brothers and sisters were rescued from being euthenized!

Willow is super loving and a very easy going cat. I have yet to even hear her hiss or growl! She loves Kian, loves to cuddle and just loves to be loved. And I have a feeling that with a little more time she will become good friends with Bailey. Right now his big head is kinda intimedating. So far she's found places where he can't go to poke his nose in at her.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This last month has been an eventful one for our family.

We spent Turkey Day with Jamie's side of the country in Kentucky. Kian had a great time playing with his aunts, uncles, cousin, Papaw and Granna. I think that Granna has officially been worn out from playing Monopoly Jr. and Trouble.

While we were in Kentucky, we did a gift exchange. Kian opened a gift every day while we were there lol! He came home with quite a stash of great stuff.

Playing a game with Granna.

Sharing something with Aunt Dreama.

Granna and Papaw Hedrick with their Grandsons (and R2D2)

Halloween 2009

So, I have been slacking in keeping Kian's blog updated! I can't believe I forgot to put up our Halloween photos!!! I put them up on my Facebook profile, but forgot to do it here....oops!

A few days before Halloween, Volition had their office Trick or Treat (ToT). Each office, if they want, has a little bucket of candy and Volition kids walk through, showing off how cute they are and getting a TON of candy.

Some of the staff dressed up too. Kian had a good time greeting "Harry Potter" and "Optimus Prime" among other characters we saw along the way.

The whole office was decorated!

"Batman" spotted "Optimus Prime"

Batman with Pirate Nicholas and Pirate Daniel

Combing through the candy to find the "safe," completely nut free types.

Elevator going down! Time to go home and eat all that candy!

Halloween Day our good friends, The Traficantes, had a Halloween Party at their house. After pizza, all the kiddos went ToTing in the neighborhood.

Poor Kian had a rough time because this year he actually knows what brands are safe and which ones are not safe for him to eat. There were many stops made that he couldn't eat one thing they offered (even 3 Musketeers because it's processed near nuts). He had a good time anyway :)

Batman with his parents

I'm Batman...

Hey Buzz Lightyear, check out all my candy!

Swing Batter, Batter!!!

Most weekends, when the weather is nice, you will find Kian, Jamie and even Bailey out in the backyard playing some sort of sport.

During this weekend in October, it was baseball. Jamie decided to throw the ball to Kian for him to hit - usually he uses a tee. I was inside the first few times he threw the ball to Kian. Jamie said that he hit three in a row! So I headed out with the camera and caught one hit and even go a thumbs up :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Kian's teacher started filling out a chart for behavior during the day. The teacher colors in a square for the day which represents how the day went.

Green: Good behavior
Yellow: One warning
Orange: Second Warning
Red: Third Warning and note sent home

Each color is assigned a disciplinary action like time taken away from recess or having to choose a free time activity last.

Yesterday Kian received a green. I praised him and gave him a high five for doing such a good job.

Today, when we were talking about his day as we headed out to the car Kian randomly said. "I got a yellow today." I asked him what he did. He said, "I have no idea." (That is his response to most things these days.) I talked to him a little bit more about it asking more specific questions. His teacher wrote that he was not following directions.

The most I got out of him was that he got in trouble with another boy he told me he's friends with then he said that he had to sit out of recess for 5 minutes. That sounded very fair to me.

Tonight, when Jamie got home the first thing Kian says to him was, "I got a yellow today." So we went through the whole song and dance of what happened and received an answer of I don't know. I jumped in and said the name of the boy that Kian said he got in trouble with at the same time. And finally Kian came clean. With a grin on his face he said, "for burping"

I was glad i was not the one crouched in front of him talking with him because I started to laugh. I had to actually look away and pretend I was coughing! Poor Jamie had to stick it out.

Kian has this "fake" burping thing he does. We are trying to get him to stop and I am guessing he did this at school after he was asked stop. Kian did seem genuinely sorry that he got a yellow today. We told him that tomorrow is a new day and he starts over again. And hopefully it's done without any fake burps.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

K's First Report Card

Kian is doing very well in school! Jamie and I met with his teacher yesterday and he went through Kian's report card with us. He is meeting his grade level (they can't give marks higher than that unless they go above and beyond for an entire semester). He even got an S+ in music!

All of what Mr. Keepes reported to us was not shocking. Kian does need to work on fine motor skills and might needs to have some occupational therapy - which thankfully will be provided through the school and done there. And he has trouble paying attention - once again not shocking. We are hoping to help him at home as much as we can with these things and continue to be encouraging.

Jamie and I are both very pleased that he has Mr. Keepes for a teacher. He seems to have a passion for teaching these little ones. And even though he has a class of 24 students he really seems to know them all very well - at least I figure that since he really has Kian pegged. Kian is one lucky kiddo!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins, Ponies and Apple Cider

Yesterday we went to a Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins and get some apples. The place also has a kid area which we went through first. We asked Kian if he wanted to ride the ponies - he said no so we moved on.

After we picked up apples, pumpkins, fresh apple cider and of course Curtis Orchard's famous donuts of course Kian wanted a pony ride. lol Jamie brought our loot to the car and K and I headed to the ponies. It was his first time riding any animal!

Here are some photo highlights from our trip.

Seeing how tall Kian is this fall!

We're on our way to the pumpkin patch!
Most of the pumpkins were rotten so we had to head back :P

And picked out a HUGE one from the pumpkins collected by the staff.

Let's get those pumpkins clean! (I wanted a small one for myself)

Kian's first pony ride!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weekend of Fun with Tim and the Woodlee Clan

Last weekend we traveled to Kentucky for the annual Woodlee family reunion. Luckily the time we were heading down, Kian and I were able to meet one of Jamie's good friends for the first time.

When Jamie was in high school Tim was an exchange student from Germany. He was back in the states seeing some NFL games! i have heard a lot about Tim over the years and was so happy to finally meet him. It's too bad he lives so far away! Kian LOVED him - he quickly lived up to being his Uncle Tim.

Then we were on our way back down to Corbin for the reunion. Kian had a blast seeing family again. He played a lot of Uno with his Granna and made many trips down to the playground nearby. Thankfully Aunt Ty Ty, Aunt Dreama and Uncle Rusty (a.k.a. Smack Man - don't ask because I have no idea why he calls him that lol) went down with him.

The weekend was filled with cards, laughter, visiting with friends, walks, and getting reacquainted. Jamie and I had not been to a reunion since I was pregnant with Kian 6 years ago!

If you want to see photos of the fun check it out here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kian's First Soccer clinic!

Last Saturday Kian had his first Micro Soccer class. The kids are just learning the basics of playing and learning to control the ball. Kian LOVES it! Finally I got a slideshow together from last weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Day 10!

Today was Kian's 10th Day of school and to celebrate they all made hats with the number 10 on them. Kian wore his for the rest of the day at home :)

When we were walking in the house after we got home from school Kian said with a big smile, "I love school."

BTW, this was the last day he needed to wear his name tag and it's a darn good thing because it's was in pretty bad shape lol!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Flu Shot

Kian got his shot today (he's had one every year since he was 6 months old). I of course told Kian that he was going to have a shot before we got there. He started to cry when we started walking for the door. So I told him I would take him to McDs afterwords for an ice cream cone.

When we waited out in the chairs there was another little girl who started to cry with kian because she was getting a shot too lol! I told him that no one liked to get shots but they were important for us to get so we could stay healthy. The little girl and Kian quickly made friends and talked about all sorts of stuff. It was a good thing because Kian's mind was swayed from thinking about the shot.

The nurse called him back and Kian was fine. He got up on the table and the nurse asked me to sit next to him. Kian watched her roll up his sleeve and even watched her give him the shot! Then he cried lol! The nurse thought he was so cute she let him have 5 different Sponge Bob stickers.

So we came home with ice cream and Sponge Bob and ready to battle against the flu virus :P

The nurse will just need to do it and it's pretty quick. I also took him to McDs for an ice cream cone because he was upset he had to have a shot :( I told him before we got there. But he did awesome, even watched then cried afterwards lol The nurse thought he was so cute she let him have 5 different sponge bob stickers lol!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tooth Number Three!

When I took Kian to the dentist last month he let me know that four of Kian's teeth were loose. Well, one of them finally gave way! Yesterday he walked up to me with tooth in hand.

Of course the tooth fairy had to come. She gave him $5! Lucky dog! I think it's burning a hole in his Batman wallet ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

This morning marked Kian's first day of school! He woke up this morning SUPER excited! He couldn't wait to go :) Jamie and I brought him to school and walked with him inside. He seemed unsure of what to do (and we were too), but once he was in the classroom he felt much better. We were just there yesterday and his teacher, Mr. Keepes, gave him a tour and shared with him what he needed to do. Kian hopped right to it :)

We said goodbye, he barely looked up from his coloring page. I looked back though. It felt so weird leaving him there for the whole day! I know he will do great though!

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Cousin, A Scooter and Some Bean Bags...

We arrived in Kentucky late last night. This evening we had a smorgasbord of food at Aunt Linda and Uncle Norwood's house - fresh veggies from their garden, BBQ chicken and fried green tomatoes (thanks Jane!).

Right before dinner was ending, Jamie got a text from our nephew Christopher that he was coming up to visit. When Kian heard that he immediately was done with dinner, washed his hands and watched out the window until Christopher pulled up! He adores Christopher!

Earlier that day, Kian's Granna and Papaw bought him a scooter so he would have something to do at the house (and keep it there for when we come next). We brought it along with us to Linda and Norwood's house. Kian and his cousin Christopher had a BLAST with bean bags and the scooter! I think Kian can make a game out of pretty much anything.

Here are some photos from their "game."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Okie dokie artichokie

That is Kian's new favorite thing to say. He's said it quite a bit today. I couldn't figure out where he heard it -we never say it (even though it's pretty cute).

Right before lunch I figured out where he heard it....

Yesterday at registration his teacher suggested having Letter Factory by Leap Frog at home as they would use it some in the classroom. And he kids love it. Boy, he wasn't kidding!!! Kian has watched it over and over again! And yep, they say okie dokie arochokie. Lol

so if you're looking for a fun movie for your preschooler or kindergatner, this is an awsome one :)

15 more days until....

we have an official kindergartner in our house!

I signed Kian up for school yesterday, joined the PTA, met his teacher, and got a TON of paperwork and informational sheets phew! Should take me a while to get through it all.

Kian is now counting down the days until he gets to go to school! I know he will love it :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr. Thirsty and the Squirt Gun

Kian went to the dentist last week. He received a clean bill of health. He also got to test out the Squirt Gun and Mr. Thirsty as we waited for the dentist to come and look at his teeth.

A few days later I had to go in for my teeth cleaning; Kian came with me. He sat in the hygenist's chair as she checked my file then said to him, "If you sit there, you will have to clean your mom's teeth." Kian's eyes got really big and he scooted closer to me LOL I let him know that it was my turn with Mr. Thirsty and the Squirt Gun ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Kian and Mommy having a few moments together after the wedding.

Look at that handsome little guy!

We made it back home today safe and sound! This last week was a whirlwind! But it was a HUGE blast!

I feel bad that I didn't get to see any of my Fox Cities friends, but next visit will be much less hectic and we will have to do some planning before we head down ;)

Wednesday night was Laura's bachelorette party. It was beyond a BLAST! We all had cool shirts that Laura's Matron of Honor, Shannon, made for us all. Of course there were a lot of other **ahem** fun items. The best part was that Shannon hooked us up with a bus that took us bar hopping. Drinks were aboard as well as loud music that Laura burned on a CD and a stripper pole. No, there was not any stripping with the pole but there was plenty of dancing! SUPER fun!

Saturday the wedding was beautiful. My sister was a knock out in her gorgeous dress. The ceremony was filled with music that was recorded by Laura and Brian previously. So very, very special. The cool thing is that we all got to go home with our own CDs of the music!

Kian did a good job as the ring bearer, although, the best man was not able to be at the rehearsal so Jamie stood in for him. So that made it confusing on Saturday of who to give it to. He walked down the aisle and when he got to the front I could see confusion written on his face and the poor guy burst into tears! The best man ran down the stairs and got the pillow from him. Otherwise Kian was SO excited to be in a tux and very proud of himself as in the receiving line he was told by many people of what a good job he did :)

It was so good to see so many friends and family that I haven't seen in such a long time. It's funny how i wasn't able to visit with those people much at my wedding 7 1/2 years ago and this time around I was able to visit.

Sunday was the gift opening at my mom's house. Laura and Brian opened an endless amount of gifts and cards. Kian of course wanted to help. He was asking people what they wanted to drink and asking if he could help open gifts lol He also had a BLAST with his third cousins? (my mom's cousin's daughters - follow that one LOL), Hanali and Camlyn. And my cousin Liz's kids Hannah and Zachary.

All in all it was a great week...and a busy week... it's good to be home :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

On The Road Again!

Kian and I will be heading up to Wisconsin for my sister Laura's wedding on the July 18th.

I will be a bridesmaid and Kian will be the ring bearer. I will post photos when I get them uploaded :)

It will probably be a busy week for us up there! Wednesday night is Laura's bachelorette party (Grandpa will have a bit of man time with Kian :). Friday is the rehearsal. Saturday the wedding, dinner and reception (which will be LOTS of fun especially with my Uncle Steve DJing). Sunday is the opening of the gifts. PHEW! I am not sure when Kian and I will be heading back down home - but I know we will look forward to little activity the next week to recooperate. :)

But we all look forward to seeing family and friends. And Kian has some of the Kesler clan to meet still!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tee Ball Class Finale

Kian's last day of his tee ball class was on Wednesday. All the kids and only a few of the coaches (there was a huge chance of rain so not too many kids showed up) lined up for a group photo.

Then they played through two mock games. No winners or losers. Just practicing all the basics of tee ball.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Kian + Growth Spurts = Mom's need for Calgon

Oh yeah, you know you remember this commercial. Well, this has been my slogan for the last few days.

I am pretty sure that Kian is going through a growth spurt. He's been eating like crazy but with the growth spurt always come bearish, unusual behavior. It has been so hard to get him to tell us what is wrong or help him get out of his funk. I can't say that I don't relate to him, but man it's hard to live with sometimes :P

Hopefully this will all end soon (and hopefully before my sister's wedding!) so he can return to himself and the Beast lol

For now, my only refuge is a stiff drink at the end of the day....or two.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Session 2 Lessons Down and a Visit from KY Family

Thursday marked the last day of Kian's Session of lessons. He will have his last session at the end of July.

He has done so well! He doesn't like to lean back into the water, and below you can see him with a life jacket on floating all on his own - and it was self initiated!

Here's another photo of Kian swimming out to the deep end with one of his instructors. He swam out with the help of the green noodle :)

Wednesday night Jamie's mom, step-dad, and nephew arrived. They were able to see him play at his tee ball practice and came to his last swim lesson on Thursday morning.

Kian had a blast with his cousin, Christopher Race. He always wanted to sit next to him and be near him. It was so cute!

Below are the two guys goofing around after eating dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Race did that first, Kian had to follow - monkey see, monkey do ;)

And here they are after breakfast before they headed back to Kentucky. Kian had such a blast with him. I know he will look forward to the family reunion on October so he can see his "best friend" again :)