Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Butter face?

All three of us were heading to Kian's piano lesson. Lady Gaga was playing in the CD player and I asked Jamie if he thought she was pretty. He asked why and I said because I heard a DJ on the radio say something about 'butterface' (but, her face).

Kian was in the back and little did we know he was really listening to our conversation in the front.

Kian: Momma, is that Lady Gaga
Me: Yep
Kian: How did she get the butter off her face?

Jamie and I laughed - how do you explain a not-so-nice pun to a 6 year old? lol!

Me: I don't know, Kian. Maybe it has something to do with boogers on her face.

Kian rolls with laughter and thankfully drops the butter to say boogers as many times as he could before we got to piano lessons lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recap of the last few weeks

Highlighted Events:

  • We traveled to Kentucky the first weekend in October for the Woodlee/Harris family reunion. Kian had a blast with his Aunt TyTy, Granna, and Papaw. We also scored another Jeff Woodlee print that was up for auction to raise money for the next year's reunion
  • Kian's Grandad (Jamie's father) came for a very short visit the weekend after our Kentucky trip. The three guys went on their first Durall Men Golf Outing on Sunday morning. It was so neat that Kian could join them with his own clubs! For more highlights and photos check out Jamie's blog.
  • My nephew's birth and continued card in the NICU (more details below). It's amazing how motherhood has brought my relationship with my sister closer. I'm so thankful for her and that we are able to talk so often!
  • My new job started about a month ago! (see below for details)
  • Jamie shaved his head lol Yep, he did and it actually looks really good. He has yet to post photos on Facebook. I think he's waiting until he gets his new glasses in the next week or so.
  • Planning continues for our trip to Walt Disney World in January! We are all getting excited about it and continue to do our family movie nights to count down until we go to WDW. Jamie has done a TON of research and has made some flippin' amazing reservations for us for character meals and places that just have awesome food. I have never been disappointed at Disney ;)

Yeah, yeah, I've been a slacker with posting. But I have a good excuse! I'm now a working mom! I started working as a froster at Cakes on Walnut. I posted a photo from their website below. You can see that the frosting is one of the most important parts of the cupcake and so is the technique for the swirl. Believe me, I know from all the practicing I've been doing before I frost anything that goes in the store. I have a feeling I will be moving to frosting my own cupcakes very soon. For now I make the frostings and the two owners frost the cupcakes.

Being a froster is part time gig that's 4 days a week from 8-12 so I'm home to help Kian get ready for school and able to pick him up with school is out. It has caused me to have to do some major adjusting to my household work since I usually did that when Kian was at school. Sometimes certain rooms get attention and others look like a tornado ripped through it! But everyone is happy in the house and that's all that really matters. Oh yeah, and we have cupcakes at least once a week in the house ;)

My Nephew

It's now been a full month since Braeden entered the world. He's doing well. Still in the NICU but progressing toward not being hooked up to anything.

The above photo was taken a few weeks ago but it's one of my favorites of my Lil' Irish :) He's such a fighter and I can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving!