Friday, November 23, 2007

Grandma Visits!

My mom made her bi-annual Thanksgiving day trip out to see us. Since my step-dad hunts over the holiday, she is usually at home alone and figures it's a good time to take off and spend the week with us :)

Grandma certainly took this trip as an opportunity to SPOIL Kian! Kian got lots of new cars, crayons and a "magic coloring book" that i think Grandma enjoyed coloring in just as much as Kian did! Every time that Kian woke up from his nap or in the morning he would say, "Where's Grandma Lopas? You wanna play Candyland?" I think my mom played more Candyland with Kian this last week than she has in her entire life lol They also had great fun playing outside, going for walks and going to the park.

It was very hard to say good-bye but her trip was a very good one :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kian Met A Goal!

Kian's speech teacher said she is pretty sure she's ready to write in Kian's chart that he has met his goal of putting ending sounds on words! How exciting after such a short period of time!

We are still working on complete sentences and other things related to speech. I also spoke to the teacher about what her thoughts were on the group evaluation that she told me about when we first started going to see her. It will test all areas of development like fine motor, social, speech (those are a few I can think of). If he is delayed enough they will put him into a special ed preschool until he catches up.

For me personally, I see this as a win-win...either we find out Kian's ok and has a few things work on or we find out he has a delay and it is addressed. I have been so concerned about him lately and I figured this will give me an answer one way or another.

Kian's speech teacher, Miss Denise, will be emailing the person who needs to set up the evlaution. She felt she was going to wait and see how Kian is after Christmas break, but since I mentioned a concern she is goign to get the ball rolling. I will have more of an update on this once I have more information.

Brag on Jamie!

Most of you know that Jamie was working on a game based on The Simpsons. Well, the game finally released a few weeks ago. Full Sail, the school that Jamie went to for game design, has a small article on him. Of course I have to brag on my man for being featured! I'm so proud of him!

Copy and paste the link below into your browser to see the article.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Speech Update and other odds and ends

Grandad and Nan

Jamie's Dad and Step-mom (Nancy - Kian calls her Nan) flew in on Saturday to visit. It was great to have them here as we always enjoy their company. Kian was SO excited to see them and couldn't get enough of playing ball with Grandad or having Nan read him stories.

The cutest thing was when Nancy and I explained to Kian that Grandad and Nan had to go back home to Kentucky. Kian's response to that was, "You stay here." He really liked having them around. Over the last few days he has asked for them, but I think he's realizing that Kentucky is far away.

I believe we all had a great visit - hopefully we will see them again soon.

Speech Update

Kian had his hearing and vision tested today. He is normal in both categories thankfully :)

He is making leaps and bounds of progress in his speech. The last session we went to his teacher (Miss Denise) said that she thinks he's become kinda lazy because she believes the words are there he's just not saying them.

The last few weeks we have been working on ending sounds, making complete sentences and now we are working on looking at the person who is talking. Yesterday Kian had an EXPLOSION in using complete sentences! He's using them almost all the time and it's been amazing to see how much creativity he has and his thought processes! Just today we were on our way somewhere and he saw a cloud big cloud in the sky and we talked bout that for a bit. Then he saw a big truck and we talked about that. then he said as clear as day, "That big truck is going to pick up the cloud." I giggled and I said, wow, that must be a really big truck hehe

Jamie and I are very encouraged with his progress :)