Monday, March 11, 2013


Risk means putting it out there.  Exposing yourself and possibly making yourself vulnerable to "attack."

When you have already been under fire and forced to surrender, it's hard to get back out there and put yourself at risk again.  You want to stay in your safe house.  Never leave. 

But what kind of a life is that?  Not one that's worth living.

Life in general is a risk.  We have to decide to take the leap or stay back.   Staying back means no growth.  It means life isn't as full as it can be.  But taking the risk means you can get hurt.

So how do you take the leap?  Put one foot in front of the other.  Baby steps.  The first BIG step is looking inside and finding what it is that is holding you back; what you fear.  The second is recognizing those fears and weighing if they are true, true for only one situation, or not true at all.  Third is the other BIG step - going out and taking that risk.

Could you get hurt?  Yes.  Could someone else you care for get hurt?  Yes.  Will you recover from any pain?  Yes, and sometimes you will be surprised how fast you can recover just by processing  through the situation; acknowledging hurts and emotions.

What if you don't take the leap?  Could you grow?  No.  Could you find something that you never thought you would ever find before?  No.   Why?   Because you have to take that risk.  You can't "stay inside" forever.  You need to open up.  Blossom.  Explore the new you, because after all "war" has changed you. 
But look before you leap.  Gauge if the risk is worth it.  If the person or situation isn't worth the risk, the hold back.  Another opportunity will come; a better one.  If you deem the person or situation worth of putting your neck (or heart) out there, then do it!    You don't have to go off the high dive head first or even take a running jump, taking a risk can mean baby steps.  It can mean baby steps that lead to bigger steps that lead to you dunking your toes in the water and then hopping in waist deep.

Taking the risk can be scary.  There's no guarantee on the outcome.  But if you sit on the sidelines of life, you can miss something or someone important.