Friday, March 09, 2012

Fake Cookies

Yesterday I offered Kian a oatmeal fig cookie that I brought home from Cream & Flutter. He took a bite and wasn't a fan so it was onto a different snack.

A little bit later I asked Kian if he wanted to have cupcakes or cookies for his birthday this year. He said that he wanted cookies - not sugar cookies but chocolate chip without frosting or any other fixings. My first thought was ah, ok.... how am I going to work this out!

A while after that I thought I would ask him again and make sure he was for sure on the idea of cookies since I was going to buy themed cookie cutters to make cut outs of chocolate chip cookies (yep, there's a recipe for them!).

"Yep, but I don't want those fake cookies."

I was perplexed, "What do you mean? Like those cookies you buy in the store and bake?"

"No, like those cookies in there," he pointed to the kitchen.

Once again I was perplexed until I thought for a bit, "Do you mean the fig cookies?"

"Yeah, those fake cookies."

It was then that my son and I had a discussion about figs being a fruit and no fruit would be involve in the making of his birthday cookies LOL!