Thursday, February 24, 2005

Update, Anniversary and Milestones

Update on Kian

Kian gained 13 ounces from last week! Last week I didn't get a chance to feed him lunch before we had to weigh him and he was down 2 ounces...I wasn't worried as the amount of food he would have had in his tummy would have been a 6 ounce gain. Dr. Bravo thinks he's doing well but we are going to go ahead with testing on March 9th. I'm not exactly sure what they will do - I am guessing a blood draw and I think they said they will do it in the office. Hopefully Kian's favorite nurse, Stacy, can do it (she’s a Packers fan too :)

Our Third Wedding Anniversary (February 23rd)

Unfortunately I have felt kind of sick since Monday (the day we decided to celebrate since our anniversary was on Wednesday). We had dinner brought in from Tahoe Joe’s – a great steak house here in SLO. It wasn’t much of an anniversary but I did have Jamie home with me since he was off for President’s Day on Monday which made that nice :)


Kian started to sit from crawling (which he still mainly does backwards) and pull up to standing all on Monday! Needless to say he didn’t sleep well on Monday night (from all the new stuff he was doing). But he’s back on track with sleeping through the night. He’s also sleeping in his crib! We are so excited to have our room back to ourselves! Now we just need to work on naps once he gets this all down over the next few weeks.

Kian also is starting to crawl forwards but he does a strange little scoot where he puts one leg out to help him get across the room! hehe

Dr. Phil

Thank God for TiVo! I am able to watch shows that I want to watch when I can watch them. One of those shows is Dr. Phil. I am not sure if anyone has watched it over the last few days or not but it was about a family who thinks their 19-year-old son is a sexual predator. Here is a link to the show:
The family thought that he might be abusing their 4-year-old daughter. He denied doing any such thing at all to her or to anyone else. After taking a polygraph test it was revealed that he did sexually molest his sister and other girls he came into contact – girls not women. He finally admitted he did it (he actually said that he thought he passed the poly - unbelievable) but I question if he really is sorry he did it or sorry he got caught. He has molested several young girls that his family knows of, he’s a pathological liar, looks at porn and calls the 1-900 numbers. I have seen these same signs in some other cases I know of with sexual predators…scary how they have a pattern.

There has been some discussion on one of my May Mommy boards about this show. Some ladies feel bad for the kid. Others were victims of abuse and applaud Dr. Phil’s work. For me, I am glad that this subject was brought out into the open. At least it’s now known what this man did to his sister and now she can be protected. I guess it goes to show that these people can do hurtful and sick things to someone they love and are close to. I am thankful that I have never been in contact with any such person and I pray that Kian will never encounter anyone of this nature either.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Kian gained weight!

Kian gained 6 ounces this week! He weights 15-7 (which is below the 5% for weight). This is the first weight we have had since he has been on whole milk and having Yo Baby yogurt as well. It was great to see the gain :)

Kian was also tested for anemia – I guess they do this test for all babies that are 9 months of age and his iron was very low so is on an Iron supplement again. They suggested Fer-in-Sol but we already had some of a different brand at home that they said would work. We were giving him the iron supplement after he got out of the hospital.

We also talked to the Dr. about having tests done anyway for CF and growth hormone deficiency and he actually said he was going to suggest it anyway. He wants to do it in March because they get more accurate tests in older babies plus he wants him to have more weight on him and he suspects he will be close to 16lbs by next week!

They are going to test for CF here in town. I guess they are going to do a DNA test first and then if CF shows up they will do a sweat test. The Dr. doesn’t think he has it but feels we need to rule it out as a possibility.

Anyway, that’s what is happening here with us! Kian’s a little cranky now…not sure if it’s from the shot and the toe prick he had today…he usually doesn’t cry unless there is something wrong. Right now in his Jumperoo having a grand time hehe

Monday, February 07, 2005

Sleeping through the night and waiting for weight check


That was the first time ever! I didn’t get much sleep as I am used to him waking up and needing me so I was worried about him breathing and stuff hehe He has been waking up and putting himself back to sleep lately too. It’s been SO nice that we don’t have to go in to comfort him! Not to mention, he’s showing me that he doesn’t need me to feed him in the middle of the night now. I am wondering if it’s because he’s getting more calories from the whole milk and Yo Baby Yogurt that I have been giving him. (Yo Baby is made with whole milk and is organic). Whatever it is I am just happy that he’s doing much better at night and hopefully I will be able to get some sleep soon too :)

Weight….waiting and wondering…

I am really curious as to what Kian weighs now after being on whole milk. I sure hope it’s made a difference! He doesn't take much from a sippy cup but I knew he probably wouldn't seeing that he won't take much of my milk in it either. I am continuing to breastfeed but a lot of times I don't have anything to give him so I offer him the sippy with whole milk. I can’t believe the weight that has been taken off of my shoulders with the introduction on whole milk! I am not as stressed as I used to be because I know that if I don’t have enough to give him there is another source that he will accept and his belly is ok with. Even so, Kian does get a good meal of breast milk in the morning (seeing he’s pretty much cut out eating at night) and he gets at least another good one sometime during the day…usually after he wakes up from his afternoon nap.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Weight Check and Mom's Thoughts

Weekly Weight Check and Appointment with Dr. Bravo

Well, yesterday I started to really lose my milk. Kian is not getting enough to eat breast milk wise and we weren’t able to get in to see Dr. Bravo until today. Kian HATES formula and has gagged on it when I have tried to give it to him – he is known to vomit things out of his mouth and everything else follows afterwards. So, Dr. Bravo told us to start him on whole milk early – I know they used to put babies on whole milk earlier than one year but studies have shown that babies can have milk allergies so they prolonged putting babies on milk to at least a year old. Kian did take some whole milk from a bottle today – not much be he did take some. I am just praying that he takes well to having it in a bottle or sippy cup because I have a feeling I won’t have much left to give him in a while.

Kian’s weight today was 15lbs. 1 ounce. So he only gained an ounce from last week. Dr. Bravo said that since he’s more mobile (he’s scooting around but backward) he is burning more calories. He said that I just need to feed him high calorie foods like avocados and things like that. Kian actually ate a whole avocado with dinner tonight! I was so proud of him! Dr. Bravo also said that he wants Kian to gain a pound a month and to be 3lbs. more by the time he’s a year old. He talked once again about doing tests at that point for CF (cystic fibrosis) and for growth hormone deficiency.

We will go in next week for Kian’s immunizations and Jamie and I plan to ask if we can just go ahead with the tests just to give us peace of mind or be able to start treatment right away.

Some Thoughts from Mom…

When I was pregnant I never thought that anything would go wrong – even that having a c-section would happen. I certainly never thought that anything could be wrong with my child. This year has been a tough one. Starting with Kian’s birth being rough, me almost dieing afterwards, then on to breastfeeding issues, weight problems, illnesses, hospitalizations, more weight problems, more breastfeeding problems. Sometimes it’s very hard to see the glass as half full instead of half empty! The one thing that I am thankful for is that fact that Kian is a pretty happy little guy now and doing fairly well accept for his weight. I keep reminding myself that God never gives me more than I can handle but I have to honest that I am pretty close to my limit…I am just hoping that there will be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel soon.