Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Littlest U2 Fan :)

Well, today Jamie installed my early Mother's Day gift. It's a radio/iPod dock for me to listen to music in my kitchen. Today Jamie and I were wanting to make sure the sound was right on it so I told him I wanted to turn on music I knew...which of course is U2. I turned on the song Mysterious Ways and the moment that the chorus came on Kian sang the words EXACTLY in tune and the correct words! Jamie found the camera and was able to catch Kian in action enjoying the tunes...we are trying SO hard not to laugh!

Here's the video ;)

The REALLY funny thing is that after we took the video we went to Target. Jamie was walking around in a completely different section from me. All of a sudden I could hear Kian singing at the top of his lungs: "It's alright, it's alright, it's alright. She MOVES in mysterious ways" ROFL! He's been singing off and on all day lol

I guess he's for sure the littlest U2 fan.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

M – I – C – K –E – Y M – O – U – S – E


We just booked our trip for the end of September! We are all so excited about it! It will be our very first family vacation…and well our very first vacation really that we have had since Jamie and I took our honeymoon 5 years ago!

Jamie will be very busy with work until the project is over mid September. We really wanted to take Kian to Disneyland for his 3rd birthday this May, but really it’s impossible for Jamie to get time off. So, we did the next best thing :) We booked a trip for after the project is over.

We are going to be staying at a “good neighbor” hotel which gives us an invited to the early entrance into Toontown where we get to see the Mayor opening up the town for the day. Kian will be able to meet all the characters and get autographs! He will be COMPLETELY beside himself when he meets his girlfriend Minnie for the first time hehe. We will also have VIP seating for a talk with Crush – the turtle from Finding Nemo.

We are really looking forward to spending some time as a family and really enjoying ourselves on our FIRST vacation…what better place to do it than at Disneyland :)