Friday, May 12, 2006

Kian's Second Birthday Party and the Zoo!

This has been a pretty crazy week for all of us! Thursday night Jamie’s Mom flew in for a long weekend. Kian sure did enjoy the time he had with his Granna! Saturday I was in the kitchen literally all day preparing food and baking Kian’s cake for his party on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night Jamie put together the kitchen/grill set Jamie, me, Jane, and Russell bought for Kian. It almost felt like Kian was waking up to Christmas with all the exciting things around! Of course I had everything decorated the night before the party – but after Kian was in bed so it would a surprise. I bought a balloon bouquet for him with a HUGE balloon of Blue’s head. Kian wouldn’t stop talking about BLUE! Hehe He was so cute! After we showed him his kitchen/grill set he was in AWE and wouldn’t even eat his breakfast because he was talking about Blue so much and wanted to get back to playing! He was so cute!

The birthday party was great :) Our friends Steve and Lisa were here for most of the day and later on my friends Ann and Wes stopped by with their little guy Tre (who is 15 months). Kian and Tre had a great time playing together and Kian did a GREAT job sharing!

Monday we were off to the zoo! It was Kian’s first time seeing real live animals like the ones we have always talked about! It took us a little bit to help him see the animals – he was pointing in the air and saying bird and plane – finally he saw the zebra Jamie was showing him and said “Zzzzzeeeeeee” which is his word for zebra hehe I think that the lions were his fav though…he kept saying “rar” in a low, whispery voice while we were watching them. It was amazing! The San Francisco Zoo also has a petting zoo area where Kian got to pet a donkey, feed sheep and goats and see chickens. There was one rooster who kept crowing! It was really neat and I think Kian had a great time :) To be honest, I think we all did!

We did take lots of pictures, they just need to be uploaded to our website. Once they are there, I will send out an email :) Oh! And don’t forget that we also have mini videos on our website too so you can hear Kian’s cute little voice!

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Jamey R. said...

Glad he had such a wonderful b-day! Can't wait to see the pictures =)