Sunday, November 02, 2008


Since we lost our Toby we have been wanting to get another dog. But we knew a move was possible for us so we put a search on hold. Today Jamie and I were talking about getting another dog. We wanted a yellow lab for he was looking on craigslist and found this CUTE puppy! We emailed the lady who had him, drove an hour, and picked him up!

He is a 9 week old white lab (his parents are a white lab and a yellow lab). He weighs about 18lbs right now. We decided to name him Bailey (yup, just like the yummy Irish liquour lol!)

He is so sweet! He loves to give kisses and follows Kian all around :) I know they will be best friends! He is actually pretty mellow for a lab puppy - which is nice although I am not sure if it will last lol He is a lab ;)

The photos below are the ones that we saw of Bailey that drew us in :) I will take some more later on for sure. But we wanted everyone to meet our new family member!

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Kathleen said...

Awww... so cute!