Sunday, December 07, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree. All our decor made is safe (well, my angel was about to lose her wings - nothing that a hot glue gun couldn't fix :)). Kian had a blast hanging ornaments on the tree. The only rule was to not let them hang too low so our puppy Bailey woudln't think he could help himself to them.

It's amazing all the memories that come flooding back as we put up the ornaments. There are ones from each of the places we have traveled to, ones that commemorate our First Christmas Together, our new house, and of course Toby and Allie ornaments. Kian hung one that looks just like Toby in a place of honor right in the front. I hung Allie's ornament right next to it. Kian even said a little prayer for Toby and Allie tonight. We still miss them a whole lot.

Speaking of animals, Bailey is growing and growing! Jamie asked me today if I have taken any photos of him recently and I really need to - it's unreal how much he has grown in such a short period of time! We are also finding out that Bailey is very different from Toby. He loves the water (Toby hated it! - yeah odd for a lab to hate water). Bailey actually sticks his head behind the shower curtain so much that by the time I am done showering, his head is soaked! Bailey is also very vocal. He will often bark or whimper at me (while staring me down) when he needs to go outside to "get busy." Bailey also LOVES to be outside. This weekend Jamie was out in the garage rearranging boxes and such and Bailey was in our fenced in backyard just running around, full speed, all on his own lol Bailey is such a little lover and we are so happy we have him in our family :)

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