Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

This morning marked Kian's first day of school! He woke up this morning SUPER excited! He couldn't wait to go :) Jamie and I brought him to school and walked with him inside. He seemed unsure of what to do (and we were too), but once he was in the classroom he felt much better. We were just there yesterday and his teacher, Mr. Keepes, gave him a tour and shared with him what he needed to do. Kian hopped right to it :)

We said goodbye, he barely looked up from his coloring page. I looked back though. It felt so weird leaving him there for the whole day! I know he will do great though!


Keranphipps said...

YAY Kian for having such a great drop off! How are you doing, MOM?

Sarah said...

I survived :) It was odd to leave him, but he had a blast and i got a TON of stuff done. The day was over before I knew it!