Saturday, October 31, 2009

K's First Report Card

Kian is doing very well in school! Jamie and I met with his teacher yesterday and he went through Kian's report card with us. He is meeting his grade level (they can't give marks higher than that unless they go above and beyond for an entire semester). He even got an S+ in music!

All of what Mr. Keepes reported to us was not shocking. Kian does need to work on fine motor skills and might needs to have some occupational therapy - which thankfully will be provided through the school and done there. And he has trouble paying attention - once again not shocking. We are hoping to help him at home as much as we can with these things and continue to be encouraging.

Jamie and I are both very pleased that he has Mr. Keepes for a teacher. He seems to have a passion for teaching these little ones. And even though he has a class of 24 students he really seems to know them all very well - at least I figure that since he really has Kian pegged. Kian is one lucky kiddo!

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