Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween 2009

So, I have been slacking in keeping Kian's blog updated! I can't believe I forgot to put up our Halloween photos!!! I put them up on my Facebook profile, but forgot to do it here....oops!

A few days before Halloween, Volition had their office Trick or Treat (ToT). Each office, if they want, has a little bucket of candy and Volition kids walk through, showing off how cute they are and getting a TON of candy.

Some of the staff dressed up too. Kian had a good time greeting "Harry Potter" and "Optimus Prime" among other characters we saw along the way.

The whole office was decorated!

"Batman" spotted "Optimus Prime"

Batman with Pirate Nicholas and Pirate Daniel

Combing through the candy to find the "safe," completely nut free types.

Elevator going down! Time to go home and eat all that candy!

Halloween Day our good friends, The Traficantes, had a Halloween Party at their house. After pizza, all the kiddos went ToTing in the neighborhood.

Poor Kian had a rough time because this year he actually knows what brands are safe and which ones are not safe for him to eat. There were many stops made that he couldn't eat one thing they offered (even 3 Musketeers because it's processed near nuts). He had a good time anyway :)

Batman with his parents

I'm Batman...

Hey Buzz Lightyear, check out all my candy!

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