Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Butter face?

All three of us were heading to Kian's piano lesson. Lady Gaga was playing in the CD player and I asked Jamie if he thought she was pretty. He asked why and I said because I heard a DJ on the radio say something about 'butterface' (but, her face).

Kian was in the back and little did we know he was really listening to our conversation in the front.

Kian: Momma, is that Lady Gaga
Me: Yep
Kian: How did she get the butter off her face?

Jamie and I laughed - how do you explain a not-so-nice pun to a 6 year old? lol!

Me: I don't know, Kian. Maybe it has something to do with boogers on her face.

Kian rolls with laughter and thankfully drops the butter to say boogers as many times as he could before we got to piano lessons lol

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