Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chirstmas 2010

Sorry folks, no personal photos yet but here is a recap :)

This year was our year to spend Christmas in Kentucky with Jamie's family. Thankfully this year mother nature decided not to bring a blizzard on while we were driving (that happened the first year we went for Christmas)! Since we leave close to Christmas we do our family opening of gifts the weekend before - that way we all have time to enjoy our new "toys" before we head out for a week or so.

This year my top fave gifts were the Ireland hoodie I have been wanting for over a year! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

And my wonderful husband got me the following....

Instead of an angel we now have a fairy on top of our tree :) He wings change colors. She's so cute! I put her up straight away!

And this awesome treeskirt which Jamie had personalized with our family name! Of course that was put on right away as well :)
And this was an early gift from Jamie - not this platter but a set of dinner plates, mugs, and desert plates all done in this pattern! And for Christmas I opened a salt and pepper shaker to match :) These are some dishes I do not mind having to wash (I'm the dish washer, not some mechanical device).

We headed down to Kentucky and the day after we arrived it started to snow....and snow...and snow! The snow was normal for us northerners to see but in Kentucky for it to come down that much and stay is rare! It made for a beautiful Christmas but also canceled our trip to Gatlinberg with the whole clan. We made the best of it by spending the day after Christmas sledding, drinking hot cider, and playing card games. We all had a blast and it was so good to see everyone. Kian really went down a snow covered hill for the first time ever that day. He had a blast! I had not planned on riding down at all but was coerced by Jamie's cousin Caleb to join him on going down - I caved and ended up going a few more times! I had not been sledding since I was a child.

Kian brought home a haul of gifts which included a remote control truck (!!!) Kian had been wanting and a Star Wars At-At (that I live vicariously through Kian watching him play with it) among a myriad of video games, and various cars. He made quite a haul this year! Now we just need to find homes for all the goodies he got from all his family and Santa :)

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