Sunday, April 17, 2011

And this is the craziness of our lives....


The last month or so has been one big whirl wind for all of us!

St. Patrick's Week:
Jamie's Mom, step dad, and sister came up to deliver our new front loading washer and dryer :) They all had corned beef for the first time :) But earlier in the week I had convinced Jamie that we should try to look for a larger place to live - our place was just way too small. So we had appts to see places while his family was in town - and so Kian could hang with them while we were out doing stuff that was boring to a 6 year old.

Last week in March:
We sign our new lease and start preparing for our move - painting, slowly bringing things over to the new place.

Week of April 3th:
Jamie heads to LA to do an interview on X-Play for RFA. The stinker got to see my favorite aunt and her family for the second time in a year! :p Jamie is home a few days before his dad arrives.

Kian has his first soccer practice with his team on Tuesday. And thus the craziness of activities begins for this kiddo. His first game on Saturday is rained (well lighteninged out).

Week of April 10:
Jamie's dad arrives to help us on Sunday and Monday move the big stuff over to the new house. Jamie works hard to get things set up for Kian and I so we are comfortable while he's in Ireland.

Monday, Jamie leaves for Ireland having only spent one night in our new place!

Tuesday, soccer practice again. Saturday is super cold and rainy but they have their first game - they lose but Kian had a great time!

The rest of the week is filled with me working. And then packing, loading, unpacking, shopping, rearranging, cleaning....phew!

Saturday night Kian and I pick Jamie up at the airport YAY!

Week of April 17:
Jamie and Kian set out for Kentucky to pick up a brand new truck! Jamie worked out all the details (it's a place his step-dad buys from all the time and Jamie bought his last truck there) before he left for Ireland and got a great deal. They agreed to hold the vehicle for him until Monday. Which means, Jamie slept one more night in our new house before taking off again!

This time he took the little man with him so he could have some time with him - Jamie has been gone so long that I agreed it was ok for him to miss school on Monday to go along for the ride.

Let me tell ya, the house was so quiet that I had to turn a TV on to feel more comfortable lol!


Phew! Just thinking about all that makes me tired! Thankfully after Jamie gets back with his new truck, things will calm down for a few weeks...that is until Kian's big birthday party arrives.

Apparently life just never slows down - just seems to get faster at times. But boy have we enjoyed the ride :)

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