Thursday, June 24, 2004

Entries from 5/19/04 - 6/23/04

6/23/04 - New Mommies Class #3 and Eye Doctor

Today was my third New Mommies Class :) This is a class that my doula, Kathy Tuck, facilitates for new moms. Kathy also taught our childbirth classes so there are several moms in the New Mommies class that were in our childbirth classes as well. It's so neat to see everyone's little ones :) The classes are basically a time for us to all share what is going on with our babies that week and ask any questions that we might have and we also have a time of learning about something. Today an eye doctor came in to talk about our baby's vision. It was great to learn about what to look for just in case our child has problems.

I also asked about color blindness since Jamie is color blind as well as his mother. I found out that the gene the carries color blindness is the "X" chromosome - since I am not colorblind and there is not history of colorblindness in my family, Kian will most likely not be color blind (unless I had a relative far back in time that gave me the recessive gene for it). The eye doctor said that unless I have the recessive gene, there is no way that any of our children will be colorblind.

6/20/04 - Father's Day and Kian's Dedication

Today is Jamie's first Father's Day! And Kian was dedicated at church :) Our friends Steve and Lisa came to watch him be dedicated :) It was so neat to have Pastor Tim pray over Kian - for his salvation at a young age and that he would be a blessing to others. Check out photos of the dedication on Week 6 Part 2 - they were taken from far away so they are a bit grainy but we sure are glad we have some photos of the event :)

6/10/04 - Kian's first shot :( and First Visit to Oddworld

Kian had his first spontaneous smile today! He has been mocking smiles back to us for a few days now, but he had his own little smile for Daddy today :) Too bad it was on the way to Dr. Bravo's where he got his first shot :( I felt so bad for our little man - he did so good though. He cried very hard (Mommy had a cry too) and then he fell asleep sucking on his pacifier.

Kian was sleeping so well and Oddworld isn't that far from Dr. Bravo's so we decided to stop by and show our little man off. Everyone thought the newest little Inhabitant was so cute and I even got a few comments about how good I looked (something always welcomed especially since I have a few more pounds to lose).

When we got home our poor little guy just slept on - I think the shot was a little to much for him :(

Well, tomorrow is Kian's due date and by that time he will be 12 days old! Kian is doing great :) We went and saw a lactation nurse yesterday who helped me to get him latched onto my right breast – she is a miracle worker! Kian is now feeding really well and sleeping pretty good too. He really has been quite an easy baby so far.

These past 12 days have been eventful - to say the least! After spending five days in the hospital due to some internal bleeding due to a burst blood vessel, I was ready to come home. We can home Thursday afternoon and that evening my Aunt Lori (who lives about three hours south of us) came up to help out with whatever we needed - she also went to the airport to pick up my mom who flew in from Wisconsin that day. My mom and Aunt were such wonderful helpers and they stocked our refrigerator with food and made some good meals for me and Jamie. We really needed that!

When I first got home it was hard for me to walk up the few stairs to the bedroom area of the house, and it was even harder to get in and out of bed. Now I am doing all of that on my own and I seem to feel better as every day continues. I just take it all one step at a time. My Aunt left on Sunday, my mom left on Monday, and Jamie went back to work on Monday too.

I have found over the last few days that I have had a lot of time to think and process the whole birth situation that I went through. It was not at all what I expected, and even though I kept an open mind to some things, having a C-Section was one thing that I viewed as a last resort. As I think back in disappointment, God has reminded me of this verse: "My thought are not your thought, neither are you ways my ways, declares the Lord; As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts" ~ Isaiah 55:8. God had other plans for our family. And even though I went through a lot of pain and complications I can see that God wanted me to relinquish control over to Him. And now as I look back I can see so many positives that came through all the experiences we all had. God had a plan for Kian's birth - it just wasnÂ’t the same as mine. But all that really matters in the end is we have a perfectly healthy little boy :)

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