Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kian's Personality and Update on His Cold

Kian's Supersensativity is Getting Better (Even Despite a Cold!)

I am loving being a Mommy and it gets better as time goes on :) As I have said in previous posts, Kian is what they call a high-needs baby. His personality or temperament is one that requires a lot more attention then other babies (believe me I have seen it in my mom's group how much more needy he is). After finding out he was a Supersenative baby who doesn't adjust well to new environments and scares easy (even just picking him up from the changing table without letting him know will scare him) has really helped me and Jamie learn how to help him out. One very encouraging thing that the leader of my mom's group told me was that her daughter was also a high-needs baby. She told me her daughter would scream so much that everyone thought that she would never have another baby! She also told me that she wishes she had the tools and knowledge that we have out there now to help babies cope with adjusting to life outside the womb along with their personality. She encouraged me also by telling me how wonderful her daughter is and how great of a relationship they have (her daughter is in her early 20's).

Kian's getting better and better everyday though. Yesterday was his first trip to the grocery without crying! And today we went out for a bit (had to pick up my rings from being resized) and I had him in the stroller for about a hour for shopping in the area and no crying again! He actually smiled the entire time we were out! I thought I had someone else's child with me! He usually gets upset in new situations but he was fine as long as he saw my face every once in a while and could play with the links-a-doos I attached to his car seat. The stroller part is amazing because he always cries on our walks and always has to be in the front carrier when I go grocery shopping or head to Walmart. I might just be able to keep him in his car seat when we go in the store (that would be very nice on Mommy's back).

Update on Kian's Cold

Kian does still have a cold :( The poor little guy didn't want me to put him down at all Saturday so Jamie and I decided that church wasn't a good idea. We spend most of the time in the cry room and I wouldn't have liked it if someone brought their sick child in the cry room so I thought it was best we stay home. I have brought him into the bathroom and sat him in his bouncer when I showered to help to clear out the congestion and that has really helped a lot. He sure does hate that bulb syringe! I think he might have nightmares about it when he's older! hehe

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