Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stain Removal Recipe

Wow! An online friend of mine shared this receipe for stain removal on our message board and IT REALLY WORKS! I used it on some of Kian’s clothes that I was unable to get stains out of and they were gone right before my very eyes! I also used it on a shirt I got for him from ebay that had a very small stain on it and now it’s gone!!!

The reciepe is as follows:

You need Oxyclean powder and Boiling water (yeah, I know it’s weird).

Wet the stain
Rub some powder on it
Pour the boiling water over it and let it sit for a while
Wash like you normally do

That’s it! No fading or anything! I actually did this in my kitchen sink and I saw the stains disappear right as the boiling water hit them! I let the water cool down until I could handle the clothing…not only did it get the stains out but it also gave me a clean sink LOL

I will be using it on EVERYTHING! This even worked on some clothes I had put through the dryer! Amazing!

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