Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on Kian’s Allergy Tests and other things

Update on Kian’s Allergy Tests

Jamie and I went to see Kian’s allergy doctor yesterday. Kian is HIGHLY allergic to peanuts as well as dogs and cats :( The doctor said that these are usually life long allergies.

With the peanuts we have avoid ALL nuts since they might be processed in the same place with peanuts. And ANY products that say they are processed with peanuts or nuts. That might even mean that if Kian goes to a birthday party that we bring our own cake and ice cream for him because we know it’s safe (that is something the doctor said that parents do). :( We are also supposed to not let Kian have ANY fish of any kind until he’s three as that can be a high allergen too. He was not allergic to any other foods that he was tested for.

As for the cat and dog allergy, the doctor gave us ideas of what we can do to keep the dander and things down in our house. We have already done a lot of these things and they have helped A LOT. (those things were keeping the animals out of Kian’s room and keeping the door shut all the time as well as vacuuming more often.) We saw the significance of that over the last few weeks because I got a cold (for the first time before Kian) and Kian got it but did great and had no wheezing thanks to the Pulimcort to prevent that. We are now looking into buying an HEPA air filter and a new vacuum with a HEPA filter too. I will be vacuuming everyday now.

We feel right now that things are significantly better but in a few months we are going to reevaluate everything to make sure that Kian is thriving.

Funny thing that Jamie brought up a while ago is that before Kian was born and we knew he was a boy we called him "Peanut" - isn't that strange! lol! I guess we will need to be careful with a nick name next time...maybe not after a food! ;)

Fall is Quickly Approaching!

Well, this week we started to pull out our long sleeved stuff. It’s starting to get cooler around here. In fact, I just went though Kian’s things and tried on some shirts I thought would still fit him and he only had ONE long sleeved shirt that he could wear! Thankfully last weekend there were quite a few sales so I was able to pick up some stuff for him…and I also won an auction on ebay for some shirts too. I’m trying to gear myself up for a little bit cooler winter than the one we had in San Luis Obispo.

Our New Friend :)

Yes, I made a new friend :) Her name is Angela and she is the girlfriend of one of the guys who worked at Oddworld and went to EA before it shut down (he helped get Jamie’s foot in the door at EA). We have been getting together every week for the last month or so. It’s been nice to have someone to get together with, talk and go and do things with. She is so nice and Kian LOVES her :)

Well, that’s all the update I have so far from our boring little lives here in Sunnyvale.

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