Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kian’s New Tricks!

Last week was our last week at Gym Kids and we had a make-up class with my favorite teacher (Vicki). At Vicki’s class Kian started to show signs that he’s catching on to things! Every class is pretty much the same – same structure and everything. When we arrive we play on the equipment for about 30 mins and then the teacher rings a bell to let us know it’s “circle time” and all the kids get a bell to ring for a few minutes. In circle time we sing a song that usually has movements, then we do the Big Bird Song which the kids LOVE and has movements, then we get out a parachute and sing songs and do fun things with that, and then we say goodbye with little Gym Kid Clown puppets and sing a song.

Well, last week Kian heard the bell of a second (Vicki rang it a tad early) and ALL the kids stopped in their tracks! It was amazing to see that Kian knew EXACTLY what was going to be next! After that we sang our song and got out the parachute – the kids are invited to go on top of it when we first get it out and Kian immediately jumped on without my prompting!

Then on Saturday Kian started do the movements to the Big Bird Song! One of the song’s parts says “Dance around in a circle” (I spin him in a circle) “we all fall down!” (and we fall to the ground patting the floor with our hands). Well, Kian started turn in a circle himself! So I started to sing the song and next thing I knew he was down on the ground patting the floor! So now he spins in a circle and then pats the floor hehe It’s so CUTE!

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