Monday, April 17, 2006

The Easter Bunny and Ice Cream!

The Easter Bunny Came Yesterday!

We decided to skip visiting the Easter Bunny this year to avoid the terror Kian had with Santa Claus. But we still colored eggs together…Kian had such a good time that he was pretty sad there were no more eggs to color :( Poor guy!

The Easter Bunny brought Kian a basket full of goodies! He brought some nut-free chocolate, peeps, sand toys, and a Noah’s Ark with Little People by Fisher Price! The Easter Bunny thought it would be a good idea to give him that no since his birthday is in a few weeks and Jamie and I are taking him to the zoo :) Kian has had a great time with his new stuff! He has been acting like his sand toys are a bowl and spoon and have been feeding mommy and daddy his “meals” throughout the day. He also LOVES the ark and all the animals. When he picked up his toys yesterday he had to put all the animals back in the ark ;) What a cutie!

Kian didn’t really care for the Peeps or the chocolate at first, but I gave him chocolate again on Monday after his lunch and he LOVED it! I guess we will have let Santa know where to buy that special chocolate for this year!

We also had a nice meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and strawberry shortcake. I even made the angel food cake from scratch thanks to my new Kitchen Aid mixer! Yum-O!

WOHOO for Breyers!!!

I just called Breyers ice cream to see if they process their food along with any nuts and found out that they will run only one flavor for a week, sanitize their machines over a weekend and then start a new flavor! It is virtually nut free for us to have the vanilla!

Along with Kian’s ice cream, I plan to make my first layer cake for him! I hope it turns out lol If it doesn’t look the best I am sure he will still love it ;)

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Jamey R. said...

That's GREAT that he can have ice cream! WOW - first chocolate and now ice cream - it's not looking so bad after all =)