Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Toby's Not Doing Well Again :(

Here’s a bit of an update:

We were given carafate to give him and Pepcid AC (the human stuff lol). I forgot to give him his meds on Sunday and Monday he seemed fine – no vomiting although he did seem like he was a little off (lethargic a bit and just depressed looking). So, this morning he vomited bile. I started his meds back up. About 4 hours later he vomited again and it looked bloody to me. He hasn’t eaten anything all day (although that’s normal for him). I called the vet and told them about what was going on. A tech talked to our vet and we were told to not give him food at all today and to continue the meds. If he vomits again we need to bring him in and he will need a scope.

So, I asked about how much a scope will cost. Total it would be $1050-1250! That’s just to figure out what is wrong with him! That is so not something me and Jamie are able to afford. I had some more questions and left a voice mail for the vet. She got back to me this evening and said the scope was more of an investigative thing (and a money maker in my opinion lol) so it was not necessary. She said if he was older they would wonder if he had stomach cancer...which he could still have...but if the antacid meds are working to just continue on those. She refilled his script for two weeks and said she will call us back in a week and see how he is. She said she has no problem just keeping him on the meds if he's doing well. She also told me she has ulcers and didn’t do a scope herself (because you are awake when it’s done she said) so she just stays on top if her meds and she’s fine. So at least she understands! I really like our vet a lot – she is mater of fact and caring too.

WHAT A RELIEF! Jamie and I don't mind giving him the meds. Although they are a little bit of a pain because he has to have an empty stomach! But we can make due with that! We would rather have Toby around :)

So, at least that is good news - for now at least.


Jamey R. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Toby =( Poor baby! I know how tough it is when one of your furry babies is sick - it was hard when Dakota broke his leg. They had to special order a plate for a human pinky finger and seven pins and it cost us $1200 when all was said and done - whew - it was a real fiasco, but we would do anything for them!

Oh - and that is NOT true about being awake for the scope (for humans at least) unless she was talking about dogs - which I know nothing about. HA! But if she meant for HER - then she must go to one MEAN Dr. b/c I have never seen them do a scope without sedation! ACK! How cruel! HA!

Sarah said...

Yep, she was talking about HER being awake for the
scope! The dog they put out and that's why it costs
so much....I guess she has a mean Dr.! LOL