Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas is in 6 days!

I cannot believe how fast Christmas came this year! It feels like just yesterday we were wearing shorts and spending our weekends at Great America!

This weekend we are finally all well and spent all day Saturday cleaning and straightening up the house. Today we are going to have our friends Steve and Lisa over for her birthday and to exchange gifts. And in less than a week my Mom and Randy will arrive :)

This Christmas is an exciting one - at least for me. I remember as a kid being so excited that Santa was coming. I couldn't wait to see what presents he left me under the tree. I looked forward to our big family celebrations where I could hang out with my cousins I hadn't seen since the last holiday and goof off with them (which also meant being teased a lot by our Uncle Pat). Making cookies, eating cookies, helping my mom make some yummy candy for Christmas. Decorating the tree and putting only MY ornaments on it.

As I got into my teens the magic went away. Yeah, all those things were exciting but they weren't as special as they were when I was five. Over the years the magic became less and less with each passing year. Sure, I looked forward to spending time with family, eating great food and getting new stuff...but it never really felt the same.

This year the magic is back! This is Kian's first year of understanding what Santa is all about. His eyes got wide when we bought the tree out. He has enjoyed the bit of candy I have made (completely nut free - even the chocolate!) I cannot wait to see him open pretty much all those gifts under the tree! :) This is going to be a fun Christmas for the entire family :)

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