Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sick Central At the Dural Household

Ever since our trip for Thanksgiving Kian has had some stomach issues and wasn’t eating much. Nothing too bad, but it had gone on for over a week. On Friday I decided that if he wasn’t better over the weekend, I was going to take him to the doctor. Well, Saturday that call came to a head Saturday morning with after Kian had his milk – he had a bad case of the stomach flu.

This last weekend we had a lot of plans of things to get done around the house which of course went out the window and piled into this coming weekend. Kian wasn’t able to keep anything down until Sunday morning – we all had a sleepless night on Saturday. Sunday all Kian wanted to do was just cuddle with me and watch “shows” so we watched whatever he wanted and he munched on saltines and sipped watered down apple juice.

The countdown began for me or Jamie to get sick. Jamie is the first casualty. He stayed home sick from work today – this is not something he does unless he’s pretty bad off. Last night when he got home he went straight to bed and has been there pretty much ever since.

I am hoping and praying that somehow I avoid this virus. The EA Christmas party is on Friday and we have already paid for Kian’s spot in the EA daycare for the evening. This is literally the only time that me and Jamie get to go out during the year and thankfully we have the EA daycare to watch him or we wouldn’t get able to do that either.

So, if you are the praying kind say a little prayer for us – that we are all healthy so we can all enjoy a wonderful evening on Friday night.

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