Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Happenings

The Simpson's Game

Below is a link to the official website of the game that Jamie is working on. Right now he's working some crazy hours - comes with the territory of the job. Anyway, give it a look! :)

I've Been Inked

Yep, it's true! July 1st I went and got a tattoo that I have been wanting for a long time. It is a Claddagh. It's an ancient Irish symbol that I have loved pretty much forever. It means Friendship, Loyalty and Love. It's on the inside of my left leg, right above my ankle. Here is a photo:

Weird Weather

We have been having some strange weather for our part of the country. We got rain earlier this week! Yes, rain! Craziness! We don't get rain but only in the's kinda like Wisconsin getting snow in July!

We have been enjoying the cooler weather though. We been able to turn the AC off and have the windows open for most the day. Honestly, this time last year we couldn't go outside because it was TOO HOT and the AC would run without turning off once all day long.

This weekend things are supposed to be back to normal with temps in the 90s. that means early morning play times again. But that's ok with us! Comes with the territory of living in Cali :)

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Jamie is in the thick of his project right now. He's planned on coming home at his normal time on Tuesday and Thursdays. Kian has really been missing his daddy a lot and has enjoyed having him around on the weekends. We are hoping that we continue to get him on the weekends for sure though the summer - Jamie has been on call for the last few weekends and **knock on wood** has not had to go in. For now, we are trying to make the most out of family time weather it's 5-10 mins in the mornings or a full day on the weekends.

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