Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kian Met A Goal!

Kian's speech teacher said she is pretty sure she's ready to write in Kian's chart that he has met his goal of putting ending sounds on words! How exciting after such a short period of time!

We are still working on complete sentences and other things related to speech. I also spoke to the teacher about what her thoughts were on the group evaluation that she told me about when we first started going to see her. It will test all areas of development like fine motor, social, speech (those are a few I can think of). If he is delayed enough they will put him into a special ed preschool until he catches up.

For me personally, I see this as a win-win...either we find out Kian's ok and has a few things work on or we find out he has a delay and it is addressed. I have been so concerned about him lately and I figured this will give me an answer one way or another.

Kian's speech teacher, Miss Denise, will be emailing the person who needs to set up the evlaution. She felt she was going to wait and see how Kian is after Christmas break, but since I mentioned a concern she is goign to get the ball rolling. I will have more of an update on this once I have more information.

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