Friday, November 23, 2007

Grandma Visits!

My mom made her bi-annual Thanksgiving day trip out to see us. Since my step-dad hunts over the holiday, she is usually at home alone and figures it's a good time to take off and spend the week with us :)

Grandma certainly took this trip as an opportunity to SPOIL Kian! Kian got lots of new cars, crayons and a "magic coloring book" that i think Grandma enjoyed coloring in just as much as Kian did! Every time that Kian woke up from his nap or in the morning he would say, "Where's Grandma Lopas? You wanna play Candyland?" I think my mom played more Candyland with Kian this last week than she has in her entire life lol They also had great fun playing outside, going for walks and going to the park.

It was very hard to say good-bye but her trip was a very good one :)

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