Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Reality and School of Choice!

After living at the Disney All Star Music Resort for the last week, we returned home at about 3AM on Mother's Day. We had an AMAZING trip to say the least. I will be blogging about it later on, right now there are many other things to attend to :P

Today we received our mail that was on hold for us during vacation. I quickly rummaged through it to find a letter that was from the Champaign school district. I opened it in a hurry and scanned the letter to see that Kian is attending the first school we chose!!!! We are super excited at this great news :)

I am hoping to have blog posts and photos of our WDW trip up sometime next week. As well as Kian's Preschool Graduation photos and info :)

See ya real soon!

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