Monday, July 13, 2009

On The Road Again!

Kian and I will be heading up to Wisconsin for my sister Laura's wedding on the July 18th.

I will be a bridesmaid and Kian will be the ring bearer. I will post photos when I get them uploaded :)

It will probably be a busy week for us up there! Wednesday night is Laura's bachelorette party (Grandpa will have a bit of man time with Kian :). Friday is the rehearsal. Saturday the wedding, dinner and reception (which will be LOTS of fun especially with my Uncle Steve DJing). Sunday is the opening of the gifts. PHEW! I am not sure when Kian and I will be heading back down home - but I know we will look forward to little activity the next week to recooperate. :)

But we all look forward to seeing family and friends. And Kian has some of the Kesler clan to meet still!

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