Saturday, July 04, 2009

Session 2 Lessons Down and a Visit from KY Family

Thursday marked the last day of Kian's Session of lessons. He will have his last session at the end of July.

He has done so well! He doesn't like to lean back into the water, and below you can see him with a life jacket on floating all on his own - and it was self initiated!

Here's another photo of Kian swimming out to the deep end with one of his instructors. He swam out with the help of the green noodle :)

Wednesday night Jamie's mom, step-dad, and nephew arrived. They were able to see him play at his tee ball practice and came to his last swim lesson on Thursday morning.

Kian had a blast with his cousin, Christopher Race. He always wanted to sit next to him and be near him. It was so cute!

Below are the two guys goofing around after eating dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Race did that first, Kian had to follow - monkey see, monkey do ;)

And here they are after breakfast before they headed back to Kentucky. Kian had such a blast with him. I know he will look forward to the family reunion on October so he can see his "best friend" again :)

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Priscilla said...

very sweet! Simon and Madelyn are like that. Madelyn follows him around and makes sure he is okay!! Phil and Danielle and Madelyn are coming here on Thursday and Simon is here now so it will be neat to get more pictures of them. They haven't seen each other since Christmas!