Saturday, February 27, 2010

45 minutes v. 10 minutes

Yesterday, as I was headed out the door to get Kian from school, I was grabbing things as I headed out the door. A bag of trash, a snack, my purse, my drink... I had just enough of a hand to be able to close the door - without my keys! GAH! Thankfully I had my cell phone and I called Jamie at work. Since I leave about 20 mins before Kian gets out of school (so I can get a good parking spot in the pick up drive way), Jamie had enough time to get to Kian's school and pick him up then come home and unlock the door.

As I waited outside for about 40 minutes I thought about a lot of things regarding this situation.

First, if we still lived in San Francisco area, I would be waiting at least 45 minutes for Jamie to get home. Jamie returning to work would be pretty much impossible (and silly since he would have to pay the bridge toll again). Now Jamie's work is about 10 minutes from home and Kian's school. After he dropped Kian off, he was able to return to work.

Second, in the last year and a half I have shed my Cali skin for the thick layer I was born with as a Wisconsinite. When I frist called Jamie I asked him to come and let me in so I could get my keys. Then a few minutes later I realized that I would be SUPER late so I called Jamie and told him it wasn't that cold out so I could wait for him to let me inside, I would rather that he gets Kian first or he might not thing someone is coming :( The temperature was around 30 degrees - yep, not that cold especially if you stand in the sun.

Needless to say everything worked out just fine. Kian came home asking about what I meant to be locked out of the house - I had to explain it about 5 different ways and I'm still not sure he understands. (I wasn't willing to show him at that point lol). I also made a decision - I'm getting at least one more house key made and putting it in my purse!

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