Saturday, April 10, 2010

March Happenings

Our March was somewhat event filled. Of course on St. Patrick's Day we all wore green and had Irish fare for dinner. I prepared for St. Patrick's Day with Kian by checking out a lot of Ireland related stories from the library. It was fun trying out my terrible Irish brogue. And we even came across an ancient tale that has a Cian in it (Cian is the Gaelic spelling of Kian - said the same). Kian thought that was super cool! He kept saying, "So what happened to me?" meaning the character in the book. Super cute!

A few weeks after St. Pat's day Kian's spring break started. Kian and I made a road trip up to Wisconsin to see my family. We got to hang out with my sister a lot during our time there and Kian got in a lot of good time with his Grandpa and Grandma and even their little dog Hannah. We ate Tom's Drive In food at least three times ;) A girl has to get her fill of friend cheese curds! And we discovered the awesomeness of Monkey Joe's. I SO wish we had one in town. It's basically a place filled with different bounce house type deals. We went there two days in a row for 4 hours! Kian had a BLAST! It will be a must-do when we go up to Wisconsin.

Kian also received his report card. He is progressing as normal and the areas that he needs work in are areas that were no shock (paying attention, following directions...of course most of that will come in time). Mr. Keepes told us that Kian is a real joy to have in class. That sometimes he gets in his own little world and starts whistling which gets louder and louder until he's asked to be quiet. And sometimes he starts dancing while walking down the hall - which is a no-no - but pretty darn cute anyway :)

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