Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Costume Time!

Well, at least a search for a Halloween costume.

A few weeks ago we received a catalog in the mail from a costume place online. Kian quickly took over the catalog and has looked at it often in his room.

He informed us that he wanted to be Iron Man.

The next week, he wanted to be an astronaut.

And finally, the last two weeks he's wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Why? I have no idea since the movie was popular when *I* was a tween! The only thing that Jamie and I can figure is that he got the idea from the game that was released sometime this summer. Kian watched Jamie play through the Ghostbuster game and loved it.

So, today, I asked him if he was for sure about the Ghostbuster (which also comes with an inflatable proton pack and yet another reason why I think he likes it). He said he still wanted to be it and I told him to make sure becuase he couldn't change his mind after we got the costume. He was sure so I took him to the Spirit Halloween store and we snagged the last small of the uniform. He's pretty excited about it!

So now we wait for Hallow's Eve to come and see if our little Ghostbuster still wants to take on the job. Hopefully so or he will be going as "Kian" lol

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Priscilla said...

very cute!! Maddie is going to Jessie from Toy Story 3. I got her the costume already from Halloween Express, but I am going to make her some fuzzy cow chaps and a vest too!!