Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Braeden Thomas Liam

12 weeks before he was due, Braeden Thomas Liam decided to make his way into the world. He was born September 13th at 2:05AM and weighed only 2lbs 11oz. He is doing very well considering he is premature. He does have a long road to go until his due date which was December 4th. He will remain in the NICU until that time.

Oddly enough, on Saturday, September 11 my mom, my cousin, Laura's best friend, and myself threw a baby shower for Laura! In fact, I had been home about 6 hours when I got that call that Braeden had arrived.

So I am officially an aunt! A worried aunt, but an aunt none-the-less :)

A cool side note, that I can't resist sharing, is about Braeden's name. His name is Irish, just like Kian's! Laura asked me a few months ago for help on where to look for Irish names to get some ideas and to throw out some suggestions. Braeden has two middle names to honor both of his grandfathers. Thomas is the name of his paternal grandpa. Liam is the Gaelic form of William which is our step-dad's middle name - our stepdad has always been a dad to us. In fact if we were having any other kiddos I would have used either William or Liam for a boy's middle name for the same honor (no we aren't having any more, not worth the risk to my life!)

Anyway, Braeden not only has a strong name but some good Irish blood in him to help him fight through these next 12 weeks. This Aunt's heart is with him...

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